Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St. Nicholas Day

Since this is St. Nicholas Day in Germany and other parts of Europe, I would be totally remiss to not have a pic of my own St. Nicholas! Not to be sacreligious, of course.

Donica and I had an errand at our bank on Saturday morning and took Nicholas with us. While he waited, he read from his Barnum & Bailey circus book. So cute to watch him actually read the words now and not just the pictures!

Later this afternoon or evening, after we return from the doctor's appointment (at 3:30p), I'll update you on The Plan for Donica's pain. Let's hope she's been a good girl and everything nice so that St. Nick can shower her with good gifts. :)


DONICA UPDATE: The doctor's appointment was short, sweet and to the point. Surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow, Thursday, December 14, at 1:30p. He will not only remove the ilioinguinal nerve but the nearby "cousin," the iliohypogastric nerve, as well. And if he sees anything remotely resembling something that doesn't belong (like a tiny hernia too small to palpate or be seen on the CT scan), he'll fix it or cut it out as well. We really like this guy and totally trust him. We feel good that he tried everything else before surgery.

So, on the way home, we celebrated for supper by eating out. We both feel relieved by the thought that this will soon be over. As the nurse says, the pain from surgery shouldn't be any worse than what Donica's experiencing now. Then it will be gone (barring anything we still don't know about!).

Thanks again to each and every one of you for living through this with us. You have been superbly supportive. We love your care!


  1. Everything's crossed for Donica!

    Nicholas looks like a saint to me!

  2. Hope the best for Donica too!

    Happy St. Nicolas Day too! Not many celebrate it in Norway since it's a catholic tradition (and mostly we are protestant) but for sure it's a nice tradition.

    Btw: Please come over if you want to get some Advent mood:-)

  3. Happy St. Nicholas Day! Nothing sacreligious about a darling little boy. :-)

    Waiting to hear all about The Plan...

  4. Ruth: Thanks on the Donica account. And for sure on the Nicholas account! :)

    Renny: Thanks to you, too, for remembering Donica. I would love to visit Norway at this time of the year! Wouldn't that be nice!!!

    Christina: I'll give the update in a minutes, after I respond to these very kind comments from y'all.

    Dixie: Awww. You're just saying that 'cuz it's true! :)

  5. That's a great picture of Nicholas. It's neat to keep seeing how much you love him. Kids and adults need that.

    I'm praying for Donica and you during this time. And it good to know Donica has a doctor that you really trust.

  6. Nicholas is as cute as ever!

    I'm happy to read that Donica could get an appointment that quickly and that it will put an end to her pain, soon. Our toughts will be with the two of you.

    But, did you have to mention the iliohypogastric nerve? I just learned how to pronounce ilioinguinal without making a knot in my toungue! ;-)

  7. I hope all will be well to Donica!

    Happy St-Nicholas, too!

  8. Tim: I certainly agree about the importance of loving kids. We all need that!

    Thanks for your prayers for us. We can feel them!

    CS: HA! It's been fun getting my tongue around both words and figuring out how to spell them. :)

    As always, thanks for your caring thoughts.

    Mei: Thanks to you, too!

  9. love the pic of little Nicolas..

    And good to hear on the update...

    Yesterday I came when blogger was down and so a day later I return. :)

  10. ET: Shutterchance also gave us problems yesterday! UGH. Thanks for coming back to get the good-news update. Donica actually went to work today!

    MP: Yeah is right. We can hardly wait to have this over.

  11. Aaaargh!! Not again. I tried to comment twice before on different days and no joy with blogger, and today it tells me I'm not logged in and hops to another page deleting my comment.

    What I said...Great shot of Nicholas, I like the angle, and don't they grow up fast.

    I also said that I am so glad that Donica will be getting help soon!

    OK, holding thumbs...I'm going to try posting this now.............

  12. Ohhhhhhh! So sorry you've had blogger problems, DW. Your comment just means all that much more!

    Yes, they grow up fast--too fast! And yes, Donica will get help soon, we pray! Your thoughts mean so much and I'm glad your comment came through!