Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Buck Stops Here

Yesterday was my second time in two years, since walking Hannover's nearby tiergarten (zoo garden), that I saw a buck. The first time was last September. Both times it was late in the afternoon when all the deer start congregating in groups, lying down together. Sun-downing time!

The buck in the first pic was sitting to the right of these foreground trees. Little by little, all the deer started lying down. I felt privy to a very sacred ritual!

We had a long, 45-minute phone conversation with Amy and Nicholas (6-1/2) right after this walk. I told Nicholas all about the deer and the buck. I asked him if he knew what a buck was? Oh yes, of course. He said the buck rubs the bark off the trees! HA! How did he know that? So then I told him about the wire fences they have to put around some of the trees.

I'd give just about anything to have him here, doing show-n-tell in person about where the buck stops!


  1. I'm sure that Nicholas would love to travel with you and Donica and I'm sure he will have the opportunity one day. Only, then you'll have to write a full report about it with many picts. You know that, don't you? ;-) Because there's nothing like seeing the eyes of children brightening up at new discoveries.

  2. Definitely I'm sure Nicolas would love to travel too!

    This is so cool because it reminds me of a tiergarten in Switzerland near Schywz in canton Zug (I have to pull out the map to remember the city), which I visited a few times. I loved it every time and if we had more time on our last visit we would have made it back as it was on top of the list of places to go..

    Next time I hope

  3. CS: I think you're right! It's possible Nicholas will visit with us here before my own kids do, unless they protest too much. Who knows! And oh, yes. I'd be seeing everything through his eyes. I think he'd have to be a bit older, however, to appreciate many of the things that are different from America, especially the architecture. Maybe 12?

    ET: Nicholas is a good traveler, actually. He'd have all that time on the plane to play with his Nintendo DS. :) So glad I could remind you of a place that is dear to your heart!

  4. How serene they are. Their features are quite different from the whitetail deer in MI, aren't they? The shape of their heads is different, and the antlers are more like elk's. An honor to behold them, that's for sure.

  5. Beautiful photos and I'm sure your Nicholas would enjoy being there if only it was possible.

  6. Majestetic deers shot with respect and love. Great.

    And Nicholas, yeah, I see why you wish him with you.

  7. Those are beautiful shots of the deer. That sounds and looks like a wonderful place, and I have no doubt that Nicholas would love it!

  8. Ruth: I knew there was something different about them but wasn't quite sure. I think they're also darker in color than ours in Georgia. That point when they all start lying down is so very serene, as you say. They all seem to be watching out for each other.

    Tim: Thanks for your comment! Maybe some day it WILL be possible for Nicholas to come. We'll see.

    Tor: Even the littlest of the fawns are very majestic, aren't they, but definitely the bucks!

    DW: You would go crazy, wanting to take a walk there every day on your lunch break. And I would go with you!