Saturday, January 27, 2007

Eat Dessert First

While Amy is in LA celebrating Dennis' birthday this weekend, G'ma got some special time alone with Nicholas! I picked him up from school yesterday afternoon and took him to the mall to see the Eragon movie. Now, of course, all he wants to be is a dragon rider. So do I!

But before we saw the movie, we had over an hour to waste. What to do? Eat dessert! DUH! We'd be eating supper after the movie and, as you know, life is short .

On the way back to HIS house for a G'ma overnight (my first) before taking him back to school this morning, I asked my usual questions:

G: So is math still your favorite subject?
N: Yes, and science!
G: Science?! What are you doing in science????
N: Making potions.
G: Potions!! What KIND of potions?
N: Gatorade and something else to make steam. [I forgot to add: And we get to wear goggles!]

Oh really, I thought. Whenever did I get to do potions in school (mind you, I cleverly avoided high school and college science and/or chemistry)??!!

G: So what do you like best about math now?
N: Facts.
G: Facts! What kind of facts?
N: Like 30 + 50 = 80. Big numbers.
G: Ahhhh.

G: And do you like spelling?
N: Oh yes. That's easy.
G: What's your favorite word to spell?
N: "OF"
G: "OF??" How come "OF?" Because it's a little word?
N: No! Because I get to make a perfect circle!

Okay, then! And if he can be a dragon rider as well, he'll have it made. See why we eat dessert first? Nothing can top what comes afterwards!

Two things:

1) Donica had her 6-week check-up after surgery this afternoon and got a clean bill of health. She can continue on with life as usual as she is able. The probability of ever getting another hernia on her right side is 1%, he says. On her left side (the opposite of her surgery), it's 5%. That sounded real good to my ears. Not that she'll be stupid, mind you!

2) We both return to Hannover on Monday, so this will be my last post this side of the Big Pond. See you soon from over there!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, how much the little guy has grown since your last post! Must be all that ice cream :) I'm glad Donica got a clean bill of health, that must be a such relief for you both! Have fun in Hannover - I am returning to the sea on tuesday!

  2. LOL! That child is so funny! Well, if he ever drops the idea of becoming a dragon rider, he can always become a druid ;)

    I'm happy to hear that Donica's check-up results were so positive. Read you again in the same time zone soon!

  3. Wonderful pictures and it sounds like you had a great time with Nicholas. I can see that he is a great bundle of love and fun to be with. :)

  4. RRD: I was wondering when you'd be back at sea, Stacey. Now I want to know where and on what ship. Maybe you'll be on ours when we do the Mediterranean cruise next October?? Wouldn't THAT be a riot!

    CS: HA. Better a druid than Darth Vader!

    I must say I do like going back-n-forth between time zones, being closer in time to my different sets of friends! :)

    Tim: You know what this is all about, don't you, because of your darling nieces! What would we do without them!

  5. Our adorable little man! I love it when you include these convos. I really feel like I've just sat with him.

    Great news about D!!

    How long for this next Hannover visit?

  6. What a great post.
    Dessert before dinner, I thought that was normal. I have heard, lot's of people buy some chocolade or other sweeties on their way home after work - BEFORE dinner. Don't they? Just a little something to damper their hunger.
    "I've after all worked so hard to day, I deserve a tiny "stroke". And besides: it's my money" ;D.

    To have a little dessert snack, while waiting for the movie, it's absolutely fair. Special when going with Grandma. The contrary would be unjustice.

    The Breakfast conversation: Just hillarious what kids can express.

    I'm happy to hear is checked out to a normal life. What's normal by the way? Average? Like a grey mouse, we say over the pond.

    Yeah, wellcome back over. It seems the winterstorms have taken a break - for the whole season I hope.

    Have a safe flight

    Brake the code: HOSB ACDB on my blog

  7. Hurray on Donica's news!

    What a clever gson you've got there, Ginnie! And he has good taste in ice cream, chocolate, my favorite! ;-)

  8. Ruth: I just eat that little guy up, as you know. I'm glad you indulge me. :)

    Yes, good news about Donica. We'll be in Hannover until Feb. 9th, almost 2 weeks again.

    Tor: HA! I guess we make good Norwegians! :) So glad to hear you approve.

    I hope there's still a bit of winter left for awhile, since I'd like to see snow in Hannover before spring. I'll be in heaven if/when that happens. Thanks for your travel wishes.

    Your code reminds me of my mom, who always had such codes for Dad that all us kids would try to break. OK. I'll go check it out. :)

    Mad: Yes, hurray for Donica. And yes, chocolate is his favorite ice cream. So much fun.

  9. I finally got around to buying the two Eragon books back in November, Ginnie, but I've still not read them. Nor seen the movie, for that matter. I'm glad your son enjoyed it so much that he wants to be a dragonrider himself.

  10. So glad to hear that Donica is completely recovered.

    I have read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially considering the age of the author at the time of writing. My daughter (who has also read the book) advised me not to see the movie as she feels they have omitted vital bits, but others have told me that they loved it. I'm torn about this one...should I go?

    Great shots of Nicholas :) Of course dessert comes before Dinner!!

  11. I'd become a dragon rider too if I could fly back and forth from Europe ever so quickly and frequently...

    Can't wait for your next post in Germany again...

  12. Utenzi: I've not seen the books but am quite sure I'd like them, as would Donica, who reads that genre all the time for relaxation. I've seen the movie twice now and can see why my g'son enjoyed it as much as he did (the second time I saw it through his eyes!).

    DW: I think I heard that about the author's age, now that you mention it. Here's a
    to him--an amazing story. Now that I see this is the first of a triology, I am quite assured what I told Nicholas is right. There will be a sequel or 2!

    About whether you should see the movie or not? Did you see the LOTR movies? I think every movie from a book leaves out things but whether they are vital or not is the issue. Sometimes yes. But I LOVE movies and am willing to put up with any omissions or discrepancies.

    THIS movie is spectacular to me, knowing it was NOT put to the same grinding workmanship (I assume?) as LOTR. BUT there were many things that reminded me of LOTR. The main evil guy also has the Emperor-type transformation (from bad to worse) as in Star Wars. The dragon effects were very believable. AND I adore Jeremy Irons!!! For kids, the boy/young man who played Eragon will surely be a heartthrob!

    All that to say, I'd take you myself to go see it! :)

  13. ET: HA! Now wouldn't that be fun, flying back-n-forth to Europe. Maybe harder on the body but cheaper (except for dragon upkeep!) and more exhilarating.


  14. Ginnie - I LOVE this post. Imagine my delight at being able to run Amy upstaris to take a quick look at it when she was here for Dennis' birthday. How fun is that?!!

  15. Now, Judy! That's the frosting on the cake!!! How fun indeed. You are just way too much and I love it. :) (So does Amy.)