Monday, February 19, 2007

A Circus of a Different Color

[The entire series of 4 pics is now published below.]

After all the circus discussion last week, here and on my Shutterchance (SC) blog, I've decided to show you another "circus" that wipes all other circuses off the map. Well, except for Cirque du Soleil, of course. But then, they don't have animals.

Two days before we took Nicholas to the circus last week (last post), I stopped at the side of the road near our house after errands to watch these 2 fillies have the time of their lives. The pasture is huge and has a sign saying they board horses, so at any given time there may be 10 or more horses to watch. Horse heaven!

But these 2 were having a heyday! I am showing this as a 4-part series on my SC site, starting today, and was gonna show all 4 pics at once in this post. Instead, as each day comes (7p Atlanta time is when the SC site publishes the next day, midnight UK time), I'm gonna add the next pic to this post so that by Wednesday evening, the entire series will be here in one load.

In this first pic (above), the fillies are racing at breakneck speed, side by side. If you look hard enough (or click to enlarge), you can see that both horses have only one foot on the ground! As I said on SC, pretend that they're running into this frame from one on the left, Harry Potter movie style.

Stayed tuned here for the circus/dance of your life.....

#2 of 4: As these two fillies raced around the pasture, side by side, they'd slow down to give each other love pats and then would tear off again.

#3 of 4: The Kiss

#4 of 4: The Grand Finale Hug, after which both fillies went off on their own to calmly graze in the pasture. I'm sure they worked up quite an appetite!

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I've shown this series day by day (coordinating it with my Shutterchance site). It was such a splendid experience for me as the observer. I'm glad you've enjoyed it as well!


  1. What beautiful and lively you have captured those horses. Breath taken - literary:-)
    Looking forward to more circus/dance of my life as I just love it you know!

  2. Horses are mesmerizing, and you must have had a ball watching them. You've really whetted my appetite for more! I wonder if they have an equivalent of catnip that sets them off. :)

  3. Love the pic! And yes the update is up, mind you I'd love to update earlier. Eve is best by the time everyone reads or I usually have to wait a day for everyone to see.. :)

  4. Renny: Thanks a million! Yes, I think you're really gonna like this. :)

    Ruth: I really couldn't believe my eyes! Wait till the last picture which I didn't even "get" till I uploaded it. Catnip? I don't know but they sure had something. Maybe it was the sun!

    ET: I'm guessing you're talking about SC--which for you on the west coast would be 4p every day. WOW! But if you already have the date assigned, it'll pop up on my screen at 7p. So it should work!

  5. Ruth! They have horsenip!!!Hehhehe Nonono! I'm joking! :) THIS IMAGE HAS TO BE SEEN BIG! Colours are wonderful! And if you look closely, each horse has only ONE feet (paw? leg?) on the ground! This is really fantastic! :)

  6. Oh wow, I can't wait to see all the images together.

  7. Ive been dreaming of riding a horse probably this coming summer. Talking about circuses, honestly I havent been to one yet. That is one of my must list soon.

  8. MP: HaHa. Horsenip. That's a good one! I also was amazed at both horses being on one leg each. Thanks so much for stopping by, dear friend.

    Christina: You're a sweetheart! :)

    Chase: Thanks a million for stopping by and commenting, Charles. Get on that horse! And go see a circus, if you dare. :)

  9. Beautiful, Ginnie. Exactly what I meant. Isn't it beautiful to watch?

  10. Horsenip, see, now why didn't I think of that?

  11. I forgot to look for the second photo! Then as I was moving to another blog I noticed it. Wow, they are really in sync! Almost wrapped around each other. How cool.

  12. I wonder how they could be synchorinized like that! Maybe they have a way to communicate that we can't see, or understand! :)

  13. Hi Ginnie,
    I live with horses but mine are fairly sedate being mature and all.
    However, Ruth asked if there was an equivilant to catnip for horses and the answer is YES:
    Springtime and an open field!
    and if you throw in some rich feed like sweet oats, Watch Out!
    Even my "mature" horses will get goofy. Its alot of fun to watch, I haven't got tired of it yet.

  14. such beauty! how i miss living in the country, driving on abandoned roads with animals an arms length away.
    you've captured something so breathtaking. it looks like you're in the field with them, running along side!

  15. Ruth: Horsenip. HA. The horses were in synch like this the entire time. It was beauty in motion.

    MP: I agree. They certainly WERE communicating!

    THR: That must be it because that day got up to 60 F and as you see, the sun was brilliant. They had a heyday! So glad you've gotten to see this, too. It's so beautiful to watch.

    LesleyAnne: Awww. Thank you, sweet one. NYC has its own charms, I know, but it's just not the same. Well, at least when you go home, you have have the best of both worlds!

  16. Ginnie, this is out of this world. I'm so happy you stopped and shot these incredible pictures. Hoch Klasse. Premium Photos. I'll click on the link to see moooore.

    I grew up close to "The Royal Farm" in Oslo, and as children we used to go and watch all the Royal Horses. Horses have something majestetic in it's power and movements and looking.

  17. Tim: Yes, indeed!

    Tor: Thank you so much! I totally agree. I was in the right place at the right time to see this. It was wonderful.

  18. Hi Ginnie, I have found you here on Blogger. What a great blog you have!

  19. I love the last shot and I can't wait to see the last of the series :)

  20. You had a stroke of brilliance to post these photos gradually . . . like a very slow motion film. :) They do keep getting better. The anticipation is building. I can't stand it . . . can't wait until tomorrow!!

  21. Karen: You are such a sweetheart to come visit me from SC. Thanks a million!

    CS: This 3rd shot may be my favorite but the last shot is definitely the most interesting! I have never seen anything like it!

    Ruth: I'm glad you think so! I knew that some of you check out both blogs and I didn't want to give it all away up front. :) I must say that since I'm not around horses that much, this was a new experience foe me. I still feel like a little child, full of glee.

  22. Amazing! How wonderful that you were able to capture this on film, Ginnie. I've never seem horses playing together like that.

  23. Haha! This really is a site! BTW, I saw a lone horse tearing around his yard yesterday. Maybe it's the sunshine! As THR said, warmer weather.

  24. Christina: Neither have I, but for those who are around horses, apparently this isn't that uncommon. Glad you liked the series. :)

    Ruth: I'm sure it's the sunshine and warmer weather that day. A few weeks from now we'll all be doing the same thing. :)