Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cupid's Arrow

Okay. So this isn't Cupid, but it's pretty darn close, if you ask me. Say Hello to The Archer, who points his arrow at the front door of the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) in Hannover. Pretend that he's pointing his arrow at YOU, if you need him!

Do any of you remember my post the day after Valentine's Day last year when beauless Amy had a special, surprise treat from her dad, visiting her at her company with his barbershop quartet? He wanted her to know that she was deeply loved by many and was not alone!

Here's that same Amy, a year later, struck by Cupid's arrow straight to her heart. Beau Dennis still lives in LA (Amy lives here in Atlanta with 6-yr-old Nicholas) but is here this very day, celebrating this special time of the year. Tonight he'll take Amy out for dinner while Donica and I take Nicholas to the circus. Sounds like a deal, right?!

See what can happen when Cupid sets his mind to it!


  1. Awww. What a beautiful picture of the three. Cupid certainly was succesful there ;) And you two have a great time with Nicholas this evening.

    Happy Valentine's day to you and Donica!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! (I'm planning to post but have a million other things to do beforehand)

    Looks like everyone is getting a good deal today, and what a difference a year makes, eh? Lovely to see those smiling faces.

  3. What a great pic! Yes I remember last year! It's all about the law of attraction... And setting your mind to it...

    Which reminds me, I've got things to do.


  4. CS: Thank you so much. We all are very happy campers! And yes, we are really looking forward to the circus again! :)

    Christina: A fun day for us, yes. And Donica has been in jury duty all week thus far! Happy V-Day to you and your family!

    ET: It amazes me what can happen in a year and this is a great example of it! We knew it would eventually happen but just didn't know when and how. We couldn't have planned it better.

  5. A nice picture of happy people. Have yourselves a lovely evening at the Circus, it's always fun when accompanied by a youngster. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Lots of joy and celebration all around. I know Amy will be a knock-out in her new red dress. And I can't wait to see what photos you will have of Nicholas at the circus! Have a blast. Eat some cotton candy for moi!

  7. This is a great follow-up! It prompted a "chicken-soup" moment we have occasionally in choir at school during stressful weeks. Considering our performance load this weekend, we were due! I printed off your post from last year this morning and read it to our Mixed Choir today. It inspired our director to then take the Men's Choir down to the Administration Wing and sing for the women in that department!! So, at Riverview HS, others were serenaded with "Viva L'Amore" by 24 men!!

    One p.s.: "I will repay you for the years the locusts have will praise the name of the Lord your God who has worked wonders for you." Joel 2:254, 27

    With so many in our family who have gone through pain and then blessing in relationships, I cling to this verse. All my years alone have been reversed in blessing from God through Garland. And Rodger for my mother. And Dennis for Amy. And Donica for you.

    The years have been restored in a way that only God could accomplish.

  8. Ruth: Total joy and celebration!

    Mrs. M/Shari: OMG. Truer words were never spoken. You have brought tears to my eyes! Thank you.

  9. Thanks, Mad. It is very awesome to me and all involved. :)

    Hope you had a great day with Jimmy.

  10. hello, listen. Hannover is in Old Europe, thus Cupid is old as well. He is still young in the New World. Can the explanation be more obvious?

    Great post again.


    PS. I'm turned into a Bird.

  11. We think so, MP! They clearly have met their match in each other, after each having been previously married. I'm so glad for them! Thank you for your comment!