Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Oldest is OLD!

This past Friday, true to form now, Christina and I met "under the tail" in front of Hannover's hauptbahnhof (train station). It's a plan that works out so well for both of us. We then spent the rest of our time in City Center.

After our prerequisite latte machiatto, we went off to find Hannover's oldest church: Kreuzkirche (Holy Cross Church), completed in 1933. The Marktkirche (Market Church) nearby is the most famous. But the Kreuzkirche is the oldest. Its Passion Altar and collection of icons in St. Anne's Chapel, neither of which I have seen, supposedly make it outstanding.

Here it is from the back because it's very hard to get the entire front in a pic:

Now, look closely at this section of the church's tower (below). If it wasn't drawn to your attention, you'd probably totally miss it--as I did when I first saw it two years ago. Do you see the tile-like flap to the right of the lower window?

That "tile" is a carving/drawing of a dove ("duve" in Low German) that Johann Duve donated when he had the baroque spire erected on top of the church tower in 1652. It is considered to be Hannover's first advertising sign!

Granted, our style of advertising today may be light years ahead of this. But I think this is pretty cool. And to think I had totally missed it until I read about it in one of my Hannover books while getting pics ready for my Shutterchance blog.

Even Christina learned something new and she's lived here for 15 years! :)


  1. Now, see?? At first glance, I would have thought it was a sun dial! Learn something new every day :)

  2. What a beautiful Church, Ginnie! And thank-goodness for tour guide books, we would be lost without them! There are so many things to look at in/on old churches.


  3. CS: Isn't that the truth. I never even noticed it at all until I read about it the other day in my Red Thread book. Then I looked at my photos. And THEN Christina and I went to find it with our own eyes!!! :)

    RRD: Awww. Thanks for finding me, Stacey, while on your cruise ship. Sure hope you're doing well.

    Yes, it's the tour books we buy at each important place that help us go back and make sense of all the photos!

  4. Totally thought you were going to say something about the clock! But way cool stuff we find out... Like my relevation last night.. ;-)

    PS - I'm still craving nutella!

  5. Hello, due to other activities today, I'm very late commenting your very interesting spot. It seems Sunday is a good day for learning.

    Must leave for bed.

    PS. Got Green Fever. It's posted.

  6. ET: Well, the clock speaks for itself, of course. But whoever would have known about the dove, right?!

    HA! Go get you some Nutella!

    Tor: Yes, indeed. Sunday, Monday.... I'll go check out yours. :)

  7. It'll be 17 years this July, but who's counting? ;-)

    Your photos came out beautifully and it's so nice to have the background information as well. Yes, I certainly did learn something.

    And now back to trading in the old for the new...

  8. Oh my, Christina. How could I possibly forget! HA! Two years ago, when I first started blogging and met you, it was 15 years. I think I forgot to add! But yes, who's counting, except to say you've been here a long time! :)

  9. I love bits of information like this. Makes every community more interesting. That's a pretty, old church!

  10. Guide books are full of interesting titbits of information that other wise we might miss, great photos, and if I'm ever in Hannover I will definitely look for Herr Duve's ad!

  11. Ruth: Very old indeed! I, too, like finding out the interesting facts about things we see. We buy guide books everywhere we go but sometimes don't read the tidbits till much later (or miss them the first time and catch them later).

    Joan: Saludos to you as well. :)

    Ex-S: Glad you like the pics. If ever you're here, just go to City Center and you'll find your way around quite nicely, I'm sure.

    I think it's time to add you to my sidebar. :)

  12. You really have an eye for details Ginnie and thanks for sharing this curiosity with us and so well documented by your lovely pics!
    You really do your sight seeing well and get a lot out of it. Thanks for taking us with:-)

  13. Renny: You're a sweetheart! I'm guessing I've learned from the Pro! :)