Monday, February 12, 2007

Pay Attention HEADS UP!

We are home again, here in Atlanta! Safe travels for both of us on Friday, thanks to all your good wishes for journey mercies.

We even have a working furnace, at least partically so! The two-zone apparatus needs a part, which will supposedly be installed this week. Right now the heat is not coming on downstairs and is staying on too long upstairs. So it was like a sauna (Donica's word) our first night in bed. By the second night, we figured out how to regulate it better, but it's still too cold downstairs (62 F). You'd think the right part would have come with the furnace but let's not go there!

Switch gears now.

These are 2 of 3 faces up under the first floor in the front of our apartment building in Hannover. For 100 years they have been looking out onto the street, paying attention.

Believe it or not, I had never seen them until landlady Uschi pointed them out to me the other day. Man! Talk about NOT paying attention. I felt so DUH!

All of which is to say (drum roll, please), Mercury is slowing down for its retrograde stint from February 13 - March 7. I've talked about this before, so this shouldn't be news to you any more, right? It happens 3 times each year.

The point is: PAY ATTENTION. Look around you to make sure you haven't missed anything. Don't be hasty. Check for your purse/wallet and car keys. Save stuff on your computers. Don't be surprised when you have transportation snafus, etc., etc. Yes, I'm forewarning you. Try not to be caught off-guard!

Mercury Retrograde (MR) dates for 2007:
February 13-March 7
June 15-July 9
October 11-November 1


  1. Darn! Blogger lost my first comment!

    Happy to hear that you and Donica made it safely.

    LOL. I often realize that when I look up in the city center, I keep finding new details on buildings that I've never noticed before.

    Thanks for the forewarning :) I hope it doesn't mess up too much!

  2. My mother has a well-travelled friend who always says, "Wherever you are, look UP! You never know what you might see." She's right.

    Very glad the new furnace is working safely - hope the temperature thing gets sorted out soon, but much better than what might have been, right?

    And whew! I guess we got finished just in time for Mercury retrograde. I'll be extra watchful.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! Always good to know why things are messing up. :)

  4. CS: HA. Losing your comment is very typical of MR...but also of Blogger!!! I wish I'd always remember to look up. Makes me wonder how much I miss everywhere I go! Anyway, HEADS UP!

    Christina: I'm gonna change my title to HEADS UP! Yes, we're very thankful the furnace is at least working in a house that's still here. For sure. The nice thing about your kitchen project is that MR would have helped you and not hindered because MR is always a great time to finish something that was started before!

    Ruth: Because of you and the others, I'm changing my title to HEADS UP, which is much more appropriate. :)

  5. Ginnie/Christina: LOL! I'm sooo confused. My Mom always said: "Watch where your stepping/going!" No wonder I miss so much today. ;)

  6. LOL - those faces would be something I'd notice on day one, point them out to my mom 1001 times with her saying I believe you really I do, but I just can't see them... Until one day she finally get them... And see the light... LOL....

    Thanks for the advanaced warning!

  7. CS: I think I always look down when I'm walking but that's probably because I've tripped too many times. It's hard to look down and up at the same time!!!

    ET: HA! You're a swimmer and probably don't worry about tripping. :) I'll really try paying more attention to the whole world above me!

  8. Ok. ok, I'm warned. I'll work from home until Easter to be on the safe side. And have the grocery-store to deliver what's absolutely necessary to survive.

    Ha - you haven't noticed to three spies in Hannover. They have been modernized, with buildt in cameras and microphones and warnings directly to XYZ.

    It's very unconfy with lack of heating these days. But don't burn down the house (some people in fact do that, by fire to hard;D)

    And, so glad to hear you both are save back home.


  9. That sounds ominous!! Thanks for the warning, I will let you know what wacky things transpire out here at sea!

  10. Definitely interesting faces on your Germany apartment building. Great pictures! :)

    It's snowing here tonight threatening to turn to freezing rain.

  11. Tor: 3 spies indeed. I was so surprised when I finally found these faces and then realized they had been there all along while I went pass them over and over again!

    Our furnace is now fixed! YAY!

    RRD: I want to find out if you have port delays or bad/no Internet connections. That's the kind of thing you can expect. :(

    Tim: I've been seeing the news of NY and I realize you aren't that far away! Stay safe and warm!!!

  12. Thanks for the heads up on good ol' Mercury! I'll pay attention.
    Fun and oh so very crisp photos!

  13. Mad: You're welcome, of course. And good to see you again. :)