Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Long Girlie Birthday Weekend

As in FOUR WHOLE DAYS! Has it really come and gone already??!!

I told you in my last post that Dennis' mom, Judy, was here with us as a 65th birthday gift (from Dennis--awwww!). Since Atlanta is new to her, we made sure she saw as much of it as possible, starting soon after I picked her up from the airport Friday morning.

We shopped (yay for Trader Joe's being here in Atlanta!), we ate, had ice-cream treats, drove all over tarnation, attended a Josh Groban concert, and even went to the GA Aquarium. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Judy!

While driving all over tarnation, even Donica and I had a chance to see housing developments in our own neighborhood that were new to us. It also gave us a chance to see what kind of construction is going up in wooded areas with spring-fed lakes. Atlanta really does have something for everyone's tastes.

Judy wanted to see where Nicholas and I play in the woods, so, yes, we went off traipsing through the woods before going off to the GA Aquarium yesterday morning.

As we came back from the woods to get in the car, we both started pulling last year's "sticks" from the day lilies starting to bloom for spring. HA! We're much more alike than we realized. Once we got started, we couldn't stop till we were finished!

Our aquarium really is spectacular! Even though I have already taken hundreds of pics there, I took many more, several of which were of Judy taking pics. A nice twist for me. :)

Last evening Dennis treated us all to a birthday dinner for Judy at Outback Steakhouse: Dennis, Amy, Nicholas, Donica, myself and Judy, of course. Topped with two birthday ice-cream sundaes on the house! Since I'm the only one of the bunch that likes Maraschino cherries, I got both of them and felt like it was MY birthday.

But it wasn't. It was truly JUDY'S birthday weekend. One we will remember for a loooong time!

As I write this, Dennis and Judy are on the plane back to LA. Life will get back to "normal" for all of us. I'll now get back to blogrolling and finding out what's going on with all of you. But it was a very nice interlude for us. A nice break for celebrating an important milestone for a special lady.


  1. I'm glad you got the comment thing figured out.

    This is a very beautiful post, the photos are great, and the text about what you did together with Judy is a nice update. I love seeing all these scenes with her (and Donica!) in them. Very fun.

    It cracked me up that you two had to pick up the sticks! Two type A's? :D

  2. It seem's you gave J a wondeful Birthday present in GA. Walking in your own childhoods wood in spring. What on earth brings more memories. To see and feel all nature awakening to a new season of life and joy. The smell of moist soil, the first sign of wild flowers, trees folding shy and carefully out what will be leafes, the singing spring creeks and small ponds. And the birds, so lucky praising the mild temperature and the inspiring light.

    Thanks to join the cruise. Have a Look at RennyBA's. Our Welcome "speach" to the cyber-cruise.

  3. Awwww Ginnne - what a great capture of our wonderful weekend together. I had the BEST time! Thank you to you and Donica for making me feel so welcome. Great to finally meet Nicholas too - and to see Amy again. Dennis - your'e the best! Thanks for sharing and making my birthday so special!

  4. Oh, that sounds wonderful. I'd have been right there with you in the daylilies lifting the sticks. I hope you will take photos of those flowers when they bloom. You might not know this (yet) but I am a bit of a daylily fanatic. ;-)

    I'm so glad you guys all had such fun. Happy Birthday, Judy!

  5. Lovely post, Ginnie. I'm glad you all had such a good time.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Judy!

  6. So glad you all had such a great time togehter, Mom! It was so meaningful to both Dennis and me that you and Donica took so much joy in sharing that time with Judy and made this such a special trip for her. It was great to have her here and I love seeing the photos that capture some of those moments. Looking forward to next time! :-)

  7. Ruth: Thanks for your kind words, Sis. We really did have a splendid time together, and to try to condense it into a post was not easy. There was so much more that could have been said, of course! Type A's? Who, us???

    Tor: You're such a sweetheart! And you clearly know what's important. :) BTW, I DID look at Renny's blog and saw your lovely "speech" to us all. LOVE THE ACCENT. :)

    Judy: It truly was a great time! Couldn't have possibly been better, as far as I'm concerned!!! Now we'll have to plan for our next visit, here or there. :)

    Karen: Those "sticks" slide right out of those daylilies, don't they, Karen! That's why picking them is so addictive. Yes, I've already taken scads of pics from when they last bloomed. So gorgeous.

    Christina: Thanks, dear lady. It was everything we could have wanted it to be!

    Amy: It definitely was a memory to re-enact at another time/place. :)

  8. There is an aquarium on the Rhine not too far from where we live... I posted about it once but can't remember the name just now... anyway, in one part of it you walk into a tube surrounded by water and the fish swim on all sides of you. The light shining through the water's surface down to where you stand reminds me much of what I think heaven will be like. Anyway, I love the ocean and this experience is as close as I'll get to being a permanent inhabitant. I wonder what it means for a Gemini to love the water...

    Happy belated birthday to Judy and I'm happy you all had such a good time. :)

  9. how much fun! Yes I feel like I've missed so much since I'm so busy lately...

    But one thing is for certain, you had fun..

    And guess what???
    I love Maraschino cherries too!!!


  10. That sounds great!
    OMG, Josh Groban... :O)

  11. Ginnie and Donica, what an AMAZING time we all shared! Thank you, thank you for all of the hospitality and love you showered on my Mom. She had such an incredible time with you both and, like Amy said, it was so very meaningful that we could all enjoy it together!!! What a memorable birthday ~ and we'll continue the celebration this weekend. :-D Beautiful pictures and wonderful memories!

  12. A lovely weekend to remember, I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves... lots of chatting and eating and exploring and just having a laid-back relaxing time. Super!

  13. Lisa: Oh, yes. We have that tube here as well. All the sharks and stingrays and extracurricular fish swim right over our heads. I love it.

    Gemini is just before Cancer (water sign), so I'm guessing it's like we have one foot already in. :)

    ET: HA! That means you and I would have each gotten one! :) No fighting.

    Clo: I know. Josh was a delight!

    Dennis: You are so very welcome! It was our own pure delight and you were just frosting on the cake (that we never had, I just realized!). She still has several days to go before her actual birthday. The 65th NEEDS to be a long celebration like that, don't you think?! :)

    Ex-S: Yes. It was exactly all of that!

  14. That's definitely a birhday to remember! I'm glad you all had a great time.

  15. Sounds like a great weekend! It's great to have fun with friends like that. :)

  16. DW: Yes, it was and we did! Thanks. :)

    Tim: Yes, it is. The older we get, the bigger they need to be, as far as I'm concerned. :)