Friday, April 20, 2007

To P or Not to P

I can't resist this!

It also happened in Hannover--needing to watch where you stepped on the sidewalks because of, well, dog poop (P). But in Amsterdam, these signs are everywhere on the sidewalks, reminding you (in case you forget).

In case you can read Dutch, I guess this version is for you! My Babel translator says "dog to the line." HA! I'm guessing one of you (CS or O-X?) can give the less literal translation.

For the rest of us, this is as clear as you'll ever need.

Then, to bring the big LOL, Donica and I saw this sign on the side of a building near private steps going down to a basement apartment.
Do you think the dogs can "read" it?!

Anyway, you know I love this kind of thing. It doesn't take much to amuse me. :)

Donica returns home from India this afternoon. The lawn is mowed and errands are done. I'll do one last-minute load of wash after she comes home and we'll both basically repack for our flight to NYC tomorrow morning. VACATION! Music to Donica's ears in particular (because I'm always on vacation, right?!). She is so ready for this week.

Did I tell you that my dear sister, Ruth, will arrive in NYC from Michigan within half an hour of us! She will stay with us and her daughter, Lesley (who lives there and whose 26th birthday is on the 30th!), until she flies back home on Monday morning. So it's not just NYC we're excited about. RUTH and Lesley! Yaaaaay!

This will be my last post here on Blogger till we get back on the 28th. But if you want to see a photo-a-day of more A'dam pics, please go to my photoblog.


  1. It amuses me too and since the pics on the signs are so obvious, I'm sure dogs can read it too!

    It reminds me of a joke from a dog expert saying: 'If your dog is missing there is no reason to put up an advertisement in the newspaper since there are so few dog's who can read!' LoL

    Glad to hear you are all safe and sound back home and I do wish you a great time celebrating the reunion and wish you a nice blogging brake!

    Btw: The pics where great as usual - thanks for sharing:-)

  2. LOL. That was a fun post. I love those signs - that you can find in Switzerland, too, although there isn't half as much dog poop on the streets as there isanywhere else in Europe.

    BTW, "Hond aan de lijn" means to keep your dog on the leash. I'll have to ask OX why (don't thik it has to do with the dog poop). Because it's a busy street perhaps and don't want dogs running freely? I wonder where the photo was taken.

  3. Oh. And have a great vacation in NYC!! Can't wait to see it through your eyes (lens) ;)

  4. Renny: HA! I love your story! Signs can be so fun/funny. And thanks for the best wishes on our reunion tomorrow with Ruth and her daughter in NYC.

    CS: Glad to get the translation, which makes sense. That first one has nothing to do with dogs pooping, I see! DUH! That one, BTW, is on the sidewalk at the end of our street near the Johnny Jordaan Plein, so, yes, it's at a busy intersection just before the Prinsengracht canal. It all makes sense now. I KNEW you'd come through in a pinch!

    Thanks for your NYC wishes as well. :)

  5. Ha ha, that's so funny. My parents used to have a sign like the last one on their lawn and the neighbourhood dogs seemed to get the message. :-)

    Yes, "Hond aan de lign" literally means "(keep your)dog on the line". A leash is also a "Leine" in German so it would be "Hund and der Leine" where I live.

  6. That last one just sent me into fits of giggles! I've never seen either of them. Of course, haven't seen the first one since I haven't been to Amsterdam (yet!).

    Pleasant holidays! Looking forward to your recap when you get home.

  7. I laughed out loud at the last one too! This is a good warning as we had to the Wig and Bicked City, eh? I hadn't been thinking about dog poo. :) In Paris people are fined if they are caught not picking up their dog's leavings. I have been one of the many who stepped in some there.

    I'll see you in a few hours!! :D Happy flight!

  8. Christina: Of course you'd know as well. BTW, don't thay have those dog-poop icons (2nd pic) on the sidewalk in Hannover as well? It looks so familiar.

    Mad: Maybe one day I can show you!! Wouldn't that be fun. Thanks for your holiday wishes.

    Ruth: Uh-oh. I guess we have to be on the lookout everywhere!

    I'm now shutting down my computer! I'll see you soon!

  9. Heeehhheee I'm giggling about the doggie poo signs. Clever dogs in Amsterdam, they can read! Not many signs about dog poo here in Canada, as most people pick up after their dogs. But now there is some controversy about where to dump it once you have picked it up.... Toronto doesn't want it dropped in their public garbage bins, they want you to take it home. But it's still going to end up in the grabage.
    Have a good stay in NYC. Stay safe.

  10. Ex-S: I'm guessing big cities in particular need these regulations. And they DO have pooper-scoopers that are easily taken when you go out on walks. I remember that from years ago when we had a dog.

    We have had a fantastic time here in NYC thus far! What a city!!!

  11. this is too funny! I was wondering what the P meant at first... hehe

    Yes I love that European signs are multilingual!

    Ah already on vacation!

  12. Have a blast in New York!!!!

  13. Well, our bike path has a scooping bylaw, but many people ignore it (though most people do clean up after their pets, I must say). Unfortunately, through the winter the neglectful people think the snow will hide it, so early spring -- when the snow melts -- is not very pleasant around here.

  14. Cant WAIT to see the NY pics!! Have a great time, Ginnie!

  15. ET: Don't you love it! The vacation has come and gone and we leave for Atlanta now in another hour. Am getting ready to close down the laptop. But it has been a fantatic trip! Can hardly wait to tell you all about it.

    Rachel: We did! Thanks!

    Karen: I have noticed here in NYC that we haven't had to worry about it anywhere! I've been very surprised!

    RRD: I can hardly wait to show the pics. We've had a blast. Thanks, Stacey.

    Jeff: I should have known you'd perk up your ears! :D Glad to see you again.

  16. A funny sequence of photos. In the UK you're expect to clear up after work. We don't have such amusing signs though.