Monday, May 21, 2007

Again and Again!

Remember when it rains, it pours? Again and again!

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch nearby the apartment with James and his partner, Matt. I still can't believe that we're within easy walking distance of each other. Since it wasn't my first time to see them, I didn't take any more pics. But yes, we had a lovely time together and I wanted you to know.

Yesterday WAS a new blogger (like Ade), from my photoblog: Petra (pronounced PAY-tra, different from what we both thought, Judy!). And here we are after first meeting each other at the art market at the Spui square near the City Center of Amsterdam. (Here's her pic for today.)

From the art market, we decided to go rent bikes and ride out to North Amsterdam away from the canals, across the bay behind Centraal Station. A 5-minute, free ferry ride took us across the Ij bay to a lovely, non-conjested area north of the city. Because we were riding bikes and yakkity-yakking the whole time (2 Gemini!), I didn't take many pics. I told her and Donica that I will definitely go back again on my own when I can stop any time I want and take as many pics as I want!

What a beautiful lady! Yes, another redhead (by choice, though--ha!). We talked on my phone to Donica, my chance to take pics of her. At the end of the day, Donica met us back at the Spui where we had a coffee, with Donica and Petra meeting each other. At 5p, we said our Good-Byes, just as it started to rain.

You know these are times I cherish! I feel so very lucky...and grateful! I AM!


  1. Ginnie - Thanks for the pronunciation correction. Oh my - what a weekend you've had! How do you ever follow this up.......unless you get a REALLY BIG GROUP of your Shutterchancers together. Ahhhh yes, that is what I seen in your future. Loving it from a (great) distance! Glad Donica could finally join you too!!

  2. Wow, it's like you have your own welcoming committee everywhere you go! And all because of blogging - isn't that fantastic?

    Sounds like Amsterdam is a very easy city to get around in.

  3. Judy: I often thought of you throughout the day as I said her name. "Judy will want to know this!" I kept saying to myself. :) Actually, in Germany the bloggers DO meet up every year and each year the group gets bigger. I somehow keep leaving before the meet-up happens and then miss it. But maybe one year I'll make it, even having moved to A'dam!

    Christina: I also thought of you several times yesterday because you, too, are a Gemini. That's so funny! Yes, A'dam IS an easy city to navigate. When are you coming to spend time here! You know there is a standing invitation. (Speaking of which, we go home on June 1st but come back right away on June 4th through the 14th. Any chance you're free that middle weekend?)

  4. What a super duper time you're having, meeting up with all those blog/internet friends. Petra's picture of you (it IS you isn't it?) on the bike is quite stunning. Isn't life interesting?
    And if you ever meet me, it's not likely to be in Amsterdam, I have no plans to travel that far away from home in the near future. Not that I wouldn't like to, mind....

  5. How lucky you are! I know, however, that our time will come soon ;)

  6. the bike things sounds like so much fun! And your meet up, just amazing. I'm glad I got to catch up and read it!

  7. Moi: Yes, you may say that. I feel very lucky!

    Ex-S: Yes, that was me on the bike. :) You have been many places in your own lifetime, so who knows, you MAY end up in A'dam some day!

    CS: Yes, meeting Petra only made me want to meet YOU all that much more! Soon!!

    ET: Thanks for catching up! :)