Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anne Frank's Diary Computer

Okay, folks. Here's my consciousness-raising for the day!

First, we need to start with Amsterdam's Westerkerk church, which is just a handful of blocks away from our apartment. Here it is, smack-dab in the center of stores and canal houses on the Prinsengracht canal (one of our street's bookends, remember?).

Here's a view of the clock tower as seen, I imagine, by Anne Frank from the hide-away during her WWII captivity. She says in her diary that the clock's chiming was a source of comfort for her during that time. When Donica and I visited the Anne Frank House 9 years ago, I remember reading that she could look out of her attic window and see just the tip of the tower.

So, on Monday this week I was passing by the Westerkerk and saw this huge exhibition around it's walls, all about the ecology and the part we play in bringing Mother Nature back to balance.

If you could enlarge this poster enough to read the last paragraph, it says: "By not putting electronic equipment on standby but turning it off completely, or by buying energy-efficient technology, we save not only the climate but also money--sometimes as much as 100 Euros per year."

Right then and there, on the spot, I made a decision to start turning my computer off completely every night, and not leaving it in hibernation mode. That's been two nights in a row now, and it is definitely my commitment. Maybe the rest of you have already been doing this. Good for all of us and the world.

I'm now calling my laptop "Anne Frank's Computer," a constant reminder of doing the right thing for Mother Nature!


  1. Yes! Good for you . . . and me! I do turn my computer off. It's comforting to know it makes a difference.

    When I think of how Anne and her family, and all the others, suffered, I give thanks for my life.

    Beautiful tower and photos. What an environment you have there.

  2. Ahh, I wanted to say the same as Ruth - good for you! Every little bit helps. We've been doing that too lately and have a main switch for our computers that turns everything off completely at night.

    Anne Frank's story is so amazing.

  3. Me too, everything that consumes power is off at night except the fridge, the furnace in the winter, and a timer on a table lamp. Oh, and a night light in the bathroom for those occasional midnight stumbles to the loo.
    Your Amsterdam neighbourhood is so lovely. So different from anywhere I have lived.
    BTW Ginnie, I'm painting the chairs the same pink and purple, just smartening them up and getting rid of all the peeling paint! I would NEVER get rid of those super summer colours!

  4. Ruth: It looks likes others of you are ahead of me! I'm so glad. And yes, the environment here is unique. I am so blessed to be here.

    Christina: Anne's story IS amazing. So glad I now have this added connection to her (and that it's not using up our precious energy! :).

    Ex-S: You are so good! I need to check other things at home that can be turned off! You are so right about our A'dam neighborhood. It is totally unique!

    And I'm glad to hear you're keeping the same color for your chairs!!!

  5. Anne Frank's Computer - a great name. I wish mine could run by solar cells.That day might come. It's a question about how much energy needed by the processor. I just read about something called Power6 - which need half the energy as its predessor.

    By the way, I have tagged you. Don't kill me. It's about Eating outside home - restaurants I mean. And since you are travelling so much, you might have some hints?

  6. What a great idea and contribution. I'll call mine Anne Frank's Computer from now on too!
    It's a small step for me but if everyone does it, it's a great step for Mother Nature:-)

  7. Beautiful pictures, Ginnie....I am addicted to your blogs ....Amsterdam being one of my fav. place son earth. :)And that was a sweet dedication "Anne Frank's computer"..:)

  8. What a beatuiful Russian-type dome on the church spire! It did not occur to me to turn the computer off at nights. Good idea, though I wonder if I can live up to it!

  9. Tor: Oh, I love the idea of solar cells running our computers! Or even if we could have a "hybrid" idea where we use part sun and part electricity. Wouldn't that work? Now I'll have to go look at your tag!!

    Renny: One person at a time is what it's all about!

    Moi: Awww. You are such a sweetheart to say that. Thank you!

    RRD: It DOES look very Russian, doesn't it! And re: your computer, try it and see if it makes you feel good. :)

  10. I've taken on the habit of turning off my laptop when it's not in use for a longer priod of time, too.

    Thanks for le lovely pictures of the Westerkerk. Last time I saw it was last summer.

  11. love the pics! And yes wee are quite conscious of this energy stuff here lately. I think our best thing we have is the skylights which produce so much light that we don't turn on lights unless in the washroom...

  12. CS: Last summer isn't very long ago! Maybe you'll see it again soon, if you and Mark make it to our apartment! And good for you on turning off your laptop. I've been a good girl all week and am getting into the habit!

    ET: I remember your skylights so well! What a great energy saver!!