Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Here!

This is just a quickie to let you know I made it over the pond safe-n-sound! Thanks again for all the travel wishes. I feel so very loved and cared for. :)

Some of you know by now that I "collect" these airport control towers. This one is from yesterday's stop at NYC's John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport around 5:30p. I was so glad I saw and captured it. If you click here, you'll see ones from NYC's LaGuardia, Amsterdam, and Atlanta. I also showed you Hannover's awhile back.

As I rolled my suitcase around the corner from the tram stop and started up our Elandsgracht street, I stopped in amazement to see this Welcoming Committee just 4 storefronts away from our apartment door. OMG! Talk about a soulful welcome back to this fabulous city! Don't you just love it!

When Donica was here last week it rained almost the entire time. But today the sun was out in all his glory. And it's pleasantly cool in the mid-upper 60's. My kind of weather.

That's all for now. Time for a walk!


  1. Yippee! Welcome home! The tower is so cool, but I have to say there is such a contrast between that photo and the next one! :) Love the cute doggie, and the flowers. That makes a fantastic picture and welcome. Is Donica there too? (I know you've told me, but I just can't keep it straight. You're so good to keep us updated about your whereabouts.)

  2. No, Ruth. Donica is in Zurich until tomorrow night. She left Atlanta on Sunday; I left on Monday. Sometimes it's all I can do to keep us straight (so to speak).

    There is a contrast between the 2 pics, isn't there. I hadn't thought about that but you'll so right.

    It feels so good to be "home" once again. Home away from home!

  3. Glad you made it and what a cute welcome comity - and of course you deserved that!
    We seams to have the same kind of weather and are hoping for the same at the 17th of May in Norway you know:-)

  4. You're making me dizzy with your mad dashes here and there. First you're in Hannover, then Amsterdam, then NYC, then up a ladder painting your house... or at least watching someone else up a ladder painting your house, and now you're back in Amsterdam. I don't think I can keep up! My life seems so dull and boring next to yours!

  5. That pooch is so cool. I'm sure enjoying the sun on it's fur, enjoying the warmth among the pretty flowers. Looking forward to seeing the pics from you walk!

  6. That is such an incredible photo! And such a cute dog!!!

    Ah that sounds so wonderful... Now only if I were walking in the NL too..

    (by the way I'm looking to get a small cam so I keep taking pics in my travels when I don't have my nikon with me)

  7. Renny: Glad to hear you're having nice weather, too! Apparently it's still raining in the UK. Now I'll have to find out what happens for you on the 17th, tomorrow!

    Ex-S: I know, I know. You just can never keep me put. But it totally fits me, so I feel very lucky.

    Mad: It was too bright for the pic but I couldn't resist it! I'm sure I'll have lots more pics to come from many walks! :)

    ET: Cool about the small cam. I always carry my pocket Sony with me in my purse in case I don't have my Canon with me. Good idea.

  8. I visited ur shutterchance blog and then i followed u here ..:)
    great blogs ....:)

  9. I am glad the sun came out fo you, Ginnie! Have a greta time in Amsterdam!

  10. That welcoming committee photo is fantastic! Glad you arrived safe and sound.

  11. What a cute photo of the dog welcoming you. I wonder if he will greet you regularly... Enjoy your walk through Amsterdam! Such a wonderful city.

  12. Moi: Awww, Thanks a million.

    RRD: I HAVE been having a great time, Stacey! Thanks.

    Tim: Thanks a million!

    CS: I haven't seen him since, but maybe I need to go home first and then come back again. :)