Friday, May 18, 2007

When it Rains, it Pours!

In the space of 4 days, I am meeting up with THREE (3)--count them--bloggers! Two of them are from my Hart&Soul photoblog, and one is from In Soul, whom I've already met!

Yesterday, I met up with Ade Adeyemi who's Nigerian, living in London, but just finishing a 6-month work contract here in Eindhoven, Holland (1 hr. and 20 min. away by train). I had the chance to meet her by the skin of my teeth, before she heads back to London next week.

We spent a fabulous 4-1/2 hours together near the Central Station area of town, walking around, taking pics, eating Chinese, and getting to know each other.

And yes, we walked through the Red Light district (something Amsterdam is famous for, of course!) because Ade (pronounced ah-DAY) had not seen it before. I'm guessing it doesn't matter how often one sees it, it's still pretty shocking. And of course, the ladies absolutely will not tolerate any photo-taking. In the same area are also a lot of the also-famous Coffee Houses where pot can be legally smoked. In this pic, I loved the irony of the no-smoking icon against the cannabis seeds displayed.

At one point I asked Ade if she had a tattoo (we had just gone by a tattoo store) and she said Yes. There on the side of her stomach are these words: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." Doesn't THAT tell you something about this very wise 26-year-old!

I noticed that in almost all the pics I took of Ade, she closed her mouth. When I drew attention to it (because her open smile is beautiful), she pointed to the gap between her top front teeth. I then proceeded to tell her that she needed to embrace her open smile! We had been talking earlier about how Nigerians as a people are just now learning to embrace the arts (like photography and literature) and that this is changing the face of their culture.

These are precious times for me. I felt I met a friend for life. You can click here to see how she documented the day with pics on her site. Click here to see mine.

Tomorrow both Donica and I will meet James and his partner, Matt, whom I met last July in Germany, remember! They have since moved here to Amsterdam and are within easy walking distance from our apartment. We'll be meeting up for brunch tomorrow. It'll be Donica's first time to meet them and vice versa.

Then on Sunday I meet up with another photoblogger, Petra. She is Dutch and lives outside of Amsterdam, not too far away. Donica will join us for lunch.

Isn't it amazing how small this world is! Don't you just love it!!!!


  1. Absolutely love it Ginnie! Thank you!

  2. Ginnie, Aww what a sweet post, Ade is such a warm and wonderful person, she has not stopped going on about just how cool Ginnie is though :)

    Really glad you guys had fun, she is an amazingly talented woman (all single men do not be blown away by an indep[endent thinking succesful woman), now after seeing that tattoo I have to keep her awy from my wifey as she has been threatening to get one (I don't really mind but fdopn't tell her I said that lol)


  3. So cool! Isn't it great the opportunities our screens give us to share?

    My kids used to tease me about my imaginary friends on the internet.

    After travelling to maine to meet MP and Clo they didn't say that anymore. lol.

    I am going to meet someone from my town because of blogging- how funny is that?

    Enjoy your next two meet ups Ginnie!

  4. LOVE it!! And your photos of Ade are great. She is so beautiful, and I agree, her open smile is lovely! Tell her I happen to be married to a man with a gap, and I don't "mind the gap" one little bit! :)

    All your rendezvous must have your head spinning. What total fun. So glad Donica can join you for some of it at least.

    All my love.

    Now I wish I were one of the rendezvous-ers! But we did have NY and Paris. And one day Amsterdam.

  5. I can see why you guys cannot stop praising're both sweet human beings. And Ade, i think your gap tooth is absolutely gorgeous, my big sis and bro have them as well and i used to have a small one but for some strange reason it closed up, i miss it...You're a beautiful person and i'm sure u know that by now ;)
    I'm jealous now, i wish i was there too.

  6. Ade: Thank you much. I'm so glad. :)

    Suby: Some guy will fall madly in love with her for exactly who she is, and will be the better for it! I wish that for her! Thanks for being part of her support system!

    Jozee: It's a wonderful world, this blogging, because virtual reality really can become REAL!

    Ruth: The day you and Don come here will be Heaven. And yes, I told Ade all about Don's "gap" and that we all love him/it to death! And now two more rendezvouses (is that the plural?) to go, with Donica included!

    Joju: What a sweetheart for finding us here as well. Thank you so much!

  7. I just love bloggers gatherings and have had a few posts about that you know.
    Ade looks and sounds like a really good and wise girl and I'm glad you had such a great time together.
    That goes for your other blog friends too!
    Blogging connects people you know and makes the world even smaller - and with more understanding among people:-)

  8. The Internet really is making the world a much smaller place isn't it? I'm so lucky to be a part of the growing 'community', and to have been able to share your pictures of your wonderful meeting with Ade so quickly.

    Thanks Ginnie.

  9. What a lovely post about a beautiful young lady. Bueautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside. What fun to meet her after you have been in blog-contact for a while. Thanks for posting the pics, they are great. It's a small world really, isn't it?

  10. Renny: You of all people are the blogger extraordinaire! "Make blogs, not war!" I'll never forget you for that!! Thank you.

    Ellie: You have made my day, crossing over to here from SC. Thank you. Some day it'll be our turn to meet. I look forward to that more than you know! :)

    Ex-S: Yes, beautiful all the way around. She really is. And yes, the world keeps getting smaller with almost every day! The day I get to meet YOU may be the day I find out your real name. :)

  11. Exactly why shutter is a richer environment with you in it Ginnie. You have the love and personality that can bring people close to you and unite others to. This is a special quality Ginnie. All the best. mal

  12. Ginnie AND now Donica too - Shall we add this to the list of "best of times". Oh my - am so enjoying "meeting" all your special friends. Makes me feel a part of it too. Thank you! ENJOY!!

  13. Mal: Your words greatly humble me. Thank you, kind sir.

    Judy: You ARE a part of this, my friend! That's what's so wonderful about blogging and this virtual community! Thank you for being involved with me/us!

  14. Wow Ginnie!. yOU MENTIONED aDE'S GAPPY TEETH. In some parts of Nigerian and African culture its a symbol of beauty. As a dentist i find it amusing that some Africans actually request the gap to be created for them. I have never obliged and never will . She looks a beatiful lass though. I hope to meet you both soon although i think i will meet her preety soon.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Im pleased to have finally seen your face. You are as beautiful as i envisioned you to be. God bless.

  15. She looks like an amazing lady and I can't wait to go and spy on her SC blog!! It looks like a great day was had by all!

  16. What a great meet up. For a moment there I thought you went to Eindhoven. I loved visiting that town while I was there...

    Love the pics!

    and so many people to meet! lucky you. ;-)

  17. Ginnie - I so enjoyed this post and the photos of you and Ade - thank you! I absolutely love all of the friendships that you have made as a result of the positivity and joy you bring to your blog. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

  18. Busola: Wow. I had no idea you were a dentist! How cool is that! I'm quite sure you'll meet Ade soon, so kiss her on the cheek for me (like I for you!). You are such a sweetheart!

    RRD: Yes, Stacey. It was a wonderful memory!

    ET: So you've been to Eindhoven. Wow. Do you recommend it as a place to visit? We're thinking of going to nearby Leiden this coming weekend.

    Dennis: Thank you! You always bring a smile to my face! :)

  19. This post makes me want to meet you and Donica even more. Lucky you! Ade looks so sweet!

  20. I know, CS. I feel exactly the same way!!!