Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Ugly Ducklings

Yes, after a whirlwind weekend, we are back in Amsterdam, safe-n-sound. Well, at least I am, because Donica flew off to Belgium this morning, where she will be these next 3 days, arriving back on Friday. Thanks for all your travel wishes!

A week ago I took one of my daily walks here in Amsterdam and headed off to nearby Vondelpark and the Museum district. First things first, this was just the cutest thing I'd seen in a long time. (Ironically, the very next day, I saw something similar when we were in Leiden, but that's another post!)

Here's the overall context of Mommy and Daddy duck with their clump of 5 children there in the middle (click image to enlarge), that close to the edge of one of the ponds in the park. Mommy and Daddy were like sentries, guarding their kin midst the comings and goings of myriad park lovers.

Mind you, I have no clue what kind of ducks these are (can anyone help me?) but I do think this one is Mommy. Don't ask me why. Instinct, I guess.

And this one is Daddy (or the other way around). Back-n-forth, back-n-forth, the 5 ducklings waddled between Mommy and Daddy.

Sometimes they stuck together.

Sometimes they didn't.

This one was in its own world, I think.

I'm guessing they explored this area for half an hour while I crouched patiently nearby, mesmerized by the entire scene.

Then, as if on cue, all 5 ducklings started waddling to the bank of the pond, with Mommy (I'm still guessing) closely watching...

...and nudging.

The next thing I knew, they were all in the (full of flower-blossom fuzz) water, swimming off. Daddy (I'm still guessing) took a minute to join them before they sailed off into the wild blue yonder. Actually, they paddled over to the other side where humans started feeding them bread crumbs. Hmmm. Don't know how I feel about that but I guess ducks aren't dumb.

Anyway, I had my show for the day. Not something I get to see that often, mind you. So, yes, I was tickled pink. Welcome to a day in the life of Ginnie in Amsterdam. :)


  1. Isn't it a delight to watch tender love and care? Be it humans or animals, it just warms the heart!

    Personally, I'm not fond of humans feeding wildlife. I think it leads to a slew of troubles. However, if they're already human tamed, then it's a whole lot of fun for kids and kids at heart for sure!

  2. I like how the spots on the babies' echo the wildflowers!

    Cute. :)

  3. Mad: Oh yes. This was pure joy to watch. Mother Nature at her best. And I know what you mean about feeding the ducks. They were doing quite nicely on their own, thank you!

    Ruth: It's kinda hard to picture from what they look like now how they will look as adults. So cute, is right!

  4. That was such a nice post. What a joy to see. get along wonderfuly with my Dad. He loves ducks!

    You'd I'll give you a hint, though: In the bird world, the males are more colourful than the female, so you were right.

  5. Those Ducklings are so cute, I am almost lactating! That's a pretty colourful Mummy duck. I have never seen that species of duck before!

  6. there's always one wayward amongst them...right ??
    cute they are .in our earlier apartment complex they used to be a part of our lives ...i miss them now in our new place as it has no lake in its campus...once am done with school i'm making sure i move to a place with tons of greenery and a water-body within the campus...:)

    a delightful post, Ginnie ..:)

  7. Thanks for taken me on tour in Vondelpark. I was really peaceful to see the ducks. Blog for peace.

    Sitting on the platform, this sunny morning looking out over the fiord. Anna starts late at schoool to day. Still 5 minutes to go.
    Have a great time in beautiful Amsterdam

  8. CS: How can anyone not like ducks like this, doing their own thing and not bothering us or pooping on our lawns,right?! And that's what I figured about Daddy Duck--the more colorful of the two.

    RRD: HA! You're so funny, Stacey! I haven't seen this species before either, which is why I have no clue what it is!

    Moi: Yup, always one! The ducks do seem to appeal to almost everyone. Nature at its best! Thanks.

    Tor: HA! Blog for peace. You and Renny are the best! And I AM having a great time in A'dam. Thanks.

  9. oh now they are sooooo cute! Love the photos, I must post a few of mine also....

  10. You do that, ET. We all love ducks! :)

  11. Didn't have time to read, but how cute!!!

  12. Beautiful ducks and ducklings! Makes me recall when as a kid I used raise ducks and ducklings as a hobby. It was fun!