Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lord of the Realm

YES! I'm alive and well. I'm still on Planet Earth. And as of a few hours ago, I am now back in Amsterdam in our apartment (while Donica is in Hannover on business before flying back to A'dam tonight)!

The last week is a bit of a whirl, after our trip to Michigan. But instead of starting there, I want to start with what we did for Nicholas' 7th birthday on Sunday evening, after arriving back from our all-night drive that morning...and before we left for Europe the next day (yesterday).

When we were in Brugge, Belgium, for my birthday back in June, we bought a medieval knight's outfit for Nicholas. And once back in Atlanta, we reserved seats for the Medieval Times show held at the mall near his home. While we stood in line to get in, he wore his helmet.

Once inside and at the appropriate time, he was knighted by the King himself.

It actually was a big deal and nearly brought tears to my eyes because he took the whole thing so seriously. Well, so did they, which helped!

Once inside the arena where we ate a feast, the show began. Because we were in the green section, our own "personal" knight was this Green Knight, standing in front of us to welcome the festivities.

Our table happened to be in the very front row, so when this horse and rider approached our section, we could have reached out to touch them. I think the horse knew I had a camera!

At the end of the evening, the King's right-hand man read off all the important celebrations of the evening, among which was Lord Nicholas' 7th birthday!

During the entire show, for almost 2 hours, Nicholas was totally transfixed. I don't think he ate more than a few bites. This is one of those experiences you only do once, but you remember it forever, as I'm quite sure he will.

And as you all know by now, that little fella is definitely Lord of Our Realm! We are so privileged to have him in our lives. Privileged and thankful.

Throughout this week I plan to work on my Michigan photos. But if you'd like a head start, PLEASE visit my sister Ruth's post with all HER pics! As I told her, I hardly need to do a thing. She did it for me!

Now I need to go visit YOUR blogs...after I take a nap, I think. It was a very nice flight but never enough sleep!


  1. Oh wow, that looks FABULOUS. What a lucky little boy. You can see how much he enjoyed it. Happy Belated Birthday, Nicholas.

    And welcome back to Europe, you jet setter! :-)

  2. This looks like such an amazing experience, as you said, so serious! A kid's dream made real for a couple of hours. It makes me wonder if he'll really get into medieval lore and history now! You all do the coolest things.

    Thanks for the mention of the cottage post on my blog. I welcome all your visitors. But I do want to see your photos, because you always have a different perspective.

  3. Christina: Don't you wonder what these memories do to/for kids! Donica said he was totally absorbed in everything each time she looked at him (and while I was taking pics). Surely he's old enough to remember for a long time. And thanks for the welcome back to A'dam. As you know, Donica was in Hannover today but is on her way to A'dam as we speak.

    Ruth: It really WAS an amazing experience. I was trying to see it through his eyes and couldn't imagine what that would feel like for a little boy who loves to play Pretend!

    I will definitely work up some kind of post on the cottage time. But I LOVED what you did about all the people involved. So wonderful!

  4. I think those pics brought me to tears too! But I think you are the coolest grandparents around!!! Really If I were 7, I'd have to say so myself. My gma took me to where I got knighted!!!

    And the pics, I'll have to peak but I'm just as busy trying to do mine...

    And by the way, I'd love a nap, but I have to figure out which day to do that on!

  5. We have this Medieval festivals in the neighborhoods to our vacation home in Sweden too. I might post about it later on this summer.

    Nicholas look like a real knight - thanks for sharing these story and pics!

    Btw: Hope you had a good power nap (thats what my MIL calls it:-)

  6. Looks like such a cool experience! Thanks again for making this possible -- what a great memory for him! I, too, will be interested to see if he begins taking a special interest in medieval folklore. So far he's still spending his time chasing bad guys with imaginary machine weapons, guns, etc. :-) But he did say he had a "medieval problem" last night, and it was a completely random phrase as the "problem" was neither medieval nor a real problem! :-)

  7. That is so cool! I've always wanted to see a show like that. I'm sure he'll remember it for a looooong time AND he'll have the pictures to prove it to his children :)

    I know that there are quite a few restaurants in Europe that offer Medieval dinners. That must be fun, too.

  8. Ginnie - Thanks so much for sharing! What a fun time for all of you. I am sure he'll remember for all his life - after all how many times is a person knighted?

  9. ET: I know that Nicholas will have many memories of things he has done with us and all his other g'parents! He is one lucky boy. BTW, I never took a nap on Tuesday. Didn't have time and then got over the hump!

    Renny: Nicholas IS a real knight, as far as we're concerned! :) And as I told ET, I ended up not taking a nap at all! I was way too busy. :)

    Amy: I almost totally lost it over the "medieval problem." Just ask Donica. I'm still laughing out loud.

    CS: Oh yes! We went to one of those at a castle in Salzburg in 2005! How could I forget.

    Judy: HA! You are so right. I certainly have never been knighted!

  10. awesome..am sure Lord Nicholas loved it and will remember all his life....

    and checked out Ruth's collection of the family pics.....beautiful. I love large families ...my mom's family is like that...every festival or family get-together is loadsa fun and lots of beautiful memories to look back at and draw happiness from in trying times.

  11. That's a lot of fun for all of you, not just Nicholas. There is a Medieval Times here in Toronto, but I've never been there, but I hear that it's very entertaining. I've seen part of their "jousting tournament" at the Canadian National Exhibition when they advertise their restaurant and show... great fun.
    Good to have you back blogging, Ginnie, thanks for all your kind comments, I see you went back in posts to find out what you had missed.... hehehe you must be a glutton for punishment!

  12. Moi: I'm quite sure Nicholas will remember everything! Glad you saw Ruth's pics. I hope to get mine up soon.

    Ex-S: I love your blog, Ex-S! I just HAD to see what I missed. Thanks for visiting me again here. :) And you're right--it was fun for all of us!

    So Hum: We're all lucky, Rachel! But we sure missed YOU at the cottage!!!

  13. That was fantastic,i would love to take my grandkids to one of those shows. He surely was one happy little boy. You bet he is going to remember that birthday.

  14. If that was half as fun as it looks!! Wow, just like in the movies :) What a lucky little guy!

  15. L&N: It really was fun! It's pretty costly once you add every little thing (like the knighting), but well worth it all, we thought. Once in a lifetime!

    RRD: Yes, it was, Stacey. We'll never forget it!

  16. that looks like so much fun! And how cool is that to be knighted!!! He'll definitely remember this forever. Especially since he was so intent on watching every detail. He'll cherish these photos, that's for sure!