Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blending Kids

Hold the Farm Day thought for a minute. There's still more to show but you'll understand why I just have to take a break.

Dennis (Amy's fiancé) flew into Atlanta from LA with his two girls this weekend. It was Donica's and my first time to meet the girls. Nicholas had just spent a week with them at the beach in CA back in July.

Straight from the airport on Thursday evening, we all met up at Kobe's for Japanese, followed by this photo op outside afterwards. (There are 75 of these turtles, BTW, all over Atlanta, kinda like Berlin's Buddy Bears.)

Then on Friday morning, I was invited to join Dennis and the kids at our GA Aquarium, while Amy and Donica worked. Nicholas was already in his first week of second grade but his teacher gave him permission to miss school. When Amy left it up to him, his first response was that he'd rather learn than walk (he is totally loving school)! But as the days passed, he got very excited about showing the girls his aquarium.

So introductions are in order. You already know Nicholas, my 7-year-old one-and-only grandson. This is a spot at the aquarium he always runs to and then says, "G'ma, this is a perfect spot for a photo, remember?!" It's serious stuff!

And of course, now everyone has to have their picture taken there!

But wait. More introductions!

Here's Daddy with Noelle, the eldest. She's 13 and in 8th grade.

And Daddy with Brooke. She's 9 and in the 4th grade.

Okay, I did some Tom-foolery to get this pic like this (my first experiment, to blur everything but the girls), but here they are together, the two girls. I understand they can squabble with the best of them, but I guess that means they're ALIVE. I saw lots of TLC throughout the day between them and fell in love with them.

And now blended! It's good Nicholas is a boy, I think, because they have quite taken to him. No sisterly competition, in other words!

That's pretty cool to have a big sister who can ride you piggy-back, don't you think?!

Even Deepo thought it was all pretty darn-tootin' cool!

So, Dennis and Amy have their parenting skills cut out for them as they blend this family! The girls live with their mother in LA, so they won't be together all the time. However, both before and after the wedding, June 1, and once Dennis moves to Atlanta, they will make sure there are lots of blending times together.

The world keeps getting smaller and smaller, doesn't it! I find it quite amazing and...thrilling!

On Monday afternoon, Donica and I both fly back to Amsterdam for a short stint until the 31st. I'll go back to Farm Day pics once over the pond!


  1. Seems you really have agreat time there..

    :) JoAnn

  2. Awwwww Ginnnie - love you - taking us along for this special time!! You're the best. Just as we watched them getting to know each other here - you've seen it now. The three of them have such a good/nice time together. We are all so blessed!!!!

  3. JoAnn: Yes, it was very special for me. It was more about the kids and less about the aquarium this time!

    Judy: I was very pleasantly pleased on all levels! I think it's a match made in heaven even for the kids! :)

  4. Awesome post! You know, there is definitely some resemblance between all of them. I truly believe we are attracted to that which we identify in ourselves. It is clear that this family is going to blend together very well! And so there is a date! Exciting times! Let the planning begin!

  5. H Ginnie,
    Thanks for your comment
    Today Itries several time to upload the same and to other "scary sky's" but they all cannot enlarge.. :( I do NOT understand why...You? Its sometimes a problm with blogspot, I do not understand. So stupid...

    Anyway I posted 2 more DUTCH SUMMERS sky's.. Hmm perhaps a better impression even when they looks small? :) I'm sorry it did not work out.

    Uhh better bring your embrella and a raincoat or 2 , for your stay in Holland Next week :)

    Greetings from JoAnn

  6. The girls are so beautiful, and it's COOL and STRANGE and EXCITING to see the three kids together! Here's to blending, and I look forward to meeting them myself one of these days.

    Judy, did you get your pecan bar container back?? (yum. but I still haven't made 'em.)

  7. What a great blend family joy story - good to see you had such a great time and yea: the world getting smaller and smaller but also you have to be there and appreciate the good moments like you did!

  8. Awwww. That's so great that the kids are getting along well, Ginnie. I loved all the picts and the story behind it. :)

  9. Wow, look at those California tans they all have. What a lovely bunch of kids they all are! (And what a great bunch of photos you have taken.)

  10. I think the cutest part was what Nicolas had to say! School is for me...

    What a great story as always.

  11. Hi Ginnie,
    Have a good trip !

    See you (in Holland) whenever its the right time...

    Bye greetings from JoAnn:)

  12. Mom, as always, GREAT captures of what I heard to be a wonderful time for all. I sure wish I could have joined you, and I'm so glad that Nicholas made the choice to go. I loved the way you presented all the photos and the story you told. I know Dennis will be anxious to see this when he makes it back home tomorrow!

  13. R: Yes, there is a date...and place! It'll be on the beach in Hawaii, which is a very special place for them. BTW, who are you??? :)

    JoAnn: We always have our umbrellas and raincoats in Amsterdam, but thanks for the reminder. :)

    Ruth: The blending seems to be going very well. We're all very pleased!! Judy will get the container back when Dennis returns tomorrow, btw. :)

    Renny: Yes, you are so right. You have to make the moments happen!

    CS: Thanks so much for sharing our joy!

    Karen: You are such a sweetheart for sharing our joy. Thank you.

    Susan: Thank you kindly. :)

    JoAnn: Thanks for your good-trip wishes. I'll be near you in a few short hours. :)

    Amy: You always make the pleasure so much better. Thank you!

  14. Oops. I forgot you, ET! Thank YOU, as always, for your comment. I thought that was a cute Nicholas story as well. :)

  15. Love the photos, thanks for sharing this story with us.

  16. Awww, now Nicholas has two big sisters to spoil him rotten and I'm sure they're thrilled to have him as a little brother.

    Enjoy your trip over! We're slowly getting into the "things we need to do before school starts up again" mode.

  17. Actually I think that orange fish is named "Deepo", and not Nemo.

    If you follow the themes of the aquarium you'll soon notice a lot of orange throughout the place. This is mostly due to the fact that the primary benefactor of the aquarium is Bernie Marcus, the founder of The Home Depot store chain.

    So that fish is really named Deepo and if you go see the short 3D movie you'll hear quite a few puns about that name ("welcome home Deepo").

    --Mark T.

  18. I think the two sisters will find it quite a novely to suddenly have a ready made "baby brother", although young Nicholas is far from being a baby! Good for them.... they look like two sweet girls. How does Nicholas feel about having two big sisters to boss him about?

  19. It's me, niece Rachel, the R you responded to. I couldn't remember my login after getting back from vacation- and I have been playing around, making some modifications, so now I'm Raw Kale:)

  20. L&N: Thank YOU for commenting!

    Christina: So far so good. Noelle is old enough to be on her own some of the time, leaving the 2 younger kids to play. But Amy says there are times when Nicholas is alone and they all seem to be okay with those times. I think that's pretty cool.

    Mark: You are so right about Deepo and I have edited the text accordingly. Thanks for pointing out my oversight. It was fun to see your comment! :)

    Ex-S: So far I think everyone has their two thumbs up! :)

    RK: You clever lady! I later figured out it was you from Ruth's blog. I love it! :)

  21. Ginnie, the girls and I arrived back in California this afternoon and I could hardly wait to take a look, as I had heard wonderful things about your post. As is always the case, you have done an amazing job of memorializing these very special moments from our first "blended" family visit in Atlanta. It was such a special time for all of us and I am very happy that you and Donica were able to be a part of the celebration. Thank you for capturing our time at the aquarium so beautifully! Safe travels and much love, Dennis

  22. So glad to hear you all made it back safely yesterday, Dennis. I was thinking of you a lot. We always love to see you, of course, and this time with the girls was extra special. I think it all came off splendidly!! Thank YOU!

  23. Beautiful family. I love all the smiles. :)