Monday, August 13, 2007

The Deadheader

I had never heard of the term before Donica's mom and aunt called it that. Deadhead: transitive verb : to remove the faded flowers of (a plant) especially to keep a neat appearance and to promote reblooming by preventing seed production.

So let me start off Farm Day in Michigan with my sister Susan, the deadheader. She's 2 years my senior and is also a Gemini. Think "someone who likes to do a little bit of everything." Also, think hard worker, because that's what she is!

First, look at the context. There's Don and Ruth's farm house (100 years old) and the yard, starting to fill up with family. The big barn is behind me as I look out on the world. Even Susan is looking. And this is where she started, at the water-pump/wheelbarrow photo op!

Then she moved on to the next station at one of the sheds.

And then on to the last "station" out by the entrance to the farm!

Trivia: Susan and Rodger live in the Chicago area and drove 5 hours to get to The Farm on the east side of Michigan, arriving at noon on Saturday. Around 8 that evening, they headed back to Chicago (gaining an hour) because of church obligations on Sunday. They figured they'd be in bed by midnight, Chicago time.

Which is to say that Susan, the deadheader, took about 2 hours of her precious farm time to do this labor of love for her sister, Ruth! I think what she would say is that it was just what the doctor ordered!

Okay, now I'm back to work on my next batch of pics! I started with 500+ and am paring them down, little by little. Stay tuned.... :)


  1. very pretty and i wanna see the next batch SOON!!! this was like an appetizer ;)

  2. Cutting off the dead flowers and leaves do make plants much prettier; but I don't think I would have the patience to do that. I'd rather be out in the woods. :)

  3. wow wow wow - guess what??? Ok - you are the first to know in the blogging world...

    I got a new point and shoot... :)

    Yes yes yes... I guess I need to create a good post!

  4. great post, I think I got so excited that I forgot to talk about your post too. I loved the story and the pics that went along with it.

  5. And I thought a Deadhead was one of Jerry Garcia's big fans!
    Unusually nice planters. That Ruth has a beautiful home, that's no ordinary farmhouse!

  6. Yes, wasn't she something!

    Great pics. Such a fun day!!! It was so good to have you and Donica there.

  7. Very very pretty I am impressed.

    (hey! I see that you also have the time from Amsterdam on your blog!)

  8. I think I am one, too! (A deadheader) ... at least when referring to flowers!

  9. I have been doing my deadheading duty this week, as after foot surgery I was hobbling too much to really concentrate on the flowers, too busy keeping myself upright.

  10. Moi: Awwww. Thanks. The next batches are coming up soon!

    Tim: It does take patience, but for those who have it, I bet it's therapeutic!

    ET: Tell me!! Guess I'll have to go check out your blog. :)

    Susan: HA! You're too funny! And you are totally right about Ruth and Don's farm. Nothing ordinary about it. :)

    Ruth: It was such a delight!

    JoAnn: Thank you kindly for stopping by and yes, I will definitely check out your site!

    RRD: HA! It takes one to know one, I guess. :)

    Ex-S: Awww. I guess this was the time to do it. Glad you're doing better!

  11. Deadheading is a remarkably relaxing and satisfying activity, because you can immediately see the result of your work, and the result is usually improvement. This is Karen the gardener speaking...

  12. Hi Ginnie, It's Mary MacADNski from SC with the other alias. I am invited to my sister-in-law's several times over the summer each year for "drinks while I deadhead" her flowers. I can't help doing it - almost a compulsion.

  13. Ha, I think Cuidado, aka Mary from SC, has been bitten with the same compulsion as our Susan. :)

  14. Karen: That's exactly what I would have expected you to say!!! :)

    Cuidado: WOW! Mary from Prince Edward Island. Thanks for stopping by from Shutterchance. I'm honored! So yes, it sounds like you and Susan would really get along!! :)

    Ruth: YES! I think they would have a party. :)

  15. Ginnie - New definition of "deadhead" for you. In the airlines it's when a crew member travels as a passenger to another destination to "work" a flight from there. So that's my FIRST thought when you say deadhead as my Dad did it often. Love the Farm post, Ruth and Don's beautiful home and I am looking forward to the rest of the pictures. Reminded that last years tractor pictures brought me out of "lurking" as I mentioned to you. How can that be a year?!

  16. That's a totally new term for me in that context, Judy, but Donica says she has heard that before. That is so cool. And yes, you would know that because of your dad!

    I am SO glad you came out of lurking a year ago!!! Just think of ALL that has happened in one short year!!!

  17. I actually deadheaded all day on Tuesday! It's really very meditative once you get into and afterwards you can practically see the new buds starting to grow instead of the plant putting all its energy into making seeds. I know there has to be a life lesson in there somewhere but I'm too tired to figure it out right now. :-)

    Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful family with us. :-)