Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Wee Farmers

Remember the Sexy Tractor from last year's Farm Day in Michigan? Sadly, it was a bit under the weather this year and had to stay in bed for the day.

However, not to be outdone, John Deere came in just as handy and did his thing, saving the day for all the kids one year older who needed their tractor fix.

Don started it off with a bang. Or maybe I should say Eli did. He was the first to start the ball rolling, so to speak.

See how serious he is, especially as he takes on passengers!

Okay, then. I can just hear him saying, "I've got this down pat!"

Then it was Audrey's turn.

And finally, the wee-est farmer of them all! If you wear the hat, you're bona-fied, even if it still looks suspicious.

I don't know about you but it doesn't get more wonderful than this when you watch the kids having so much fun. I can't imagine what it would be like to have these memories at their age, year after year.

A HUMONGOUS thank-you to Don and Ruth for this experience at their farm! It definitely has become a tradition!



  1. That's quite a cute bunch of apprentice farmers you have there. And as they say... "nothing runs like a Deere".

  2. Cute! Hey, these might be good advertisements for John Deere. :)

    And YOU'RE WELCOME! Thank YOU for participating so well! :D

  3. Oh my! I hope the BIG tractor isn't too sick. Love those pictures! Beautiful children -amazing how they just take to this. I still have my collection of John Deere toy tractors that I got when I was about 8. Love those Deeres. Question for Ruth - the BIG tractor is a Farmal I believe - but what model? My Dad had a Cub in his collection - along with his Deeres. Thanks to all of you for sharing!

  4. Totally adorable!!

    I have similar photos of one of the nephews on our boat. hee!

    And I just realized that I've never been on a tractor before. Perhaps I should put that one my life list? :)

  5. A Frenchly pronounced "Adorable!"

    The suspicious comment was cute- reminding me of a line from a movie (spoken with a Spanish accent): "I think you underestimate the power of my sneakiness."

  6. Ex-S: Quite a bunch is right, and the bunch keeps growing. Two more are in the oven, as we speak. :)

    Ruth: HA! John Deere should be so proud!.

    Judy: The other tractor IS a Farmall tractor, yes, but I don't know what year it is. Ruth will have to answer that.

    Mad: You've never been on a tractor? OMG! You'll have to remedy that, indeed!

    RK: Awww. Thanks.

  7. Judy, the tractor is a Farmall B, and I believe it was built in 1941. I think this is a bit larger than the Cub.

    And frankly, I didn't know it was sick! Farm Day I was in one part of the world most of the time while Don was in another, strangely enough. And I didn't hear the comings and goings of why the Farmall wasn't running. Maybe the battery was dead! I'll ask Don . . .

    Ginnie/Boots, I'll have you know the verification word is:

  8. sweet!!! watching the whole bunch taking it oh-so-seriously was such fun!!! :)

  9. and A HUMONGOUS thank-you to You for taking us with! You know I love all this rural surroundings and so much remember how much fun there could be on a farm when I was young. Thanks for your great reminder!

  10. Ruth: I think it was the carburetor, if I remember correctly? And good for you on that word verification. You couldn't have done that if you had tried. :)

    Moi: Yes, they're all so precious!

    Renny: I know this was right up your alley!

  11. How sweet they all are. The expression on the littlest guy's face is priceless. They will most definitely remember the fun they had. And who knows, maybe that tractor will be around for another couple of decades!

  12. those pics are all too adorable! Every single one of them.. Yes it must have been a treat for sure.

    Great post, and please stay tuned for support as I enter a Canadian photo contest (maybe it's up tomorrow)

  13. Hello again Ginnie - here to thank you so much for Faming Me and My Blog - your such a great blog supporter! You are listed on my BTF post of course!

  14. Ha-ha, at least this part of Michigan is Green and Yellow land. I wonder what would have happend if you entered the 4th of July parade with a blue and red one? LOL.

    Again a marvellous reportage