Friday, October 12, 2007

Amy & Angie in Amsterdam

It doesn't get much better than this! We're the 3rd day into the long weekend with the girls and have had nothing but wonderful weather and great memories, packing a lot into the minutes we have and yet taking time to eat on the cafe terraces and people watch.

Amy said she wanted photos of the two of them together because their company will want to have an article on this trip, since the girls used their bonus money for this.

You don't have to ask me twice, Amy!

When we went to the Van Gogh Museum yesterday, we had to take photos in front of the "I amsterdam" logo, in front of the Rijksmuseum nearby. Talk about a photo op!

Here's Amy...

...and with Angie.

They both brought their own cameras, of course, and clicked away everywhere we walked. Speaking of which, we DID walk. Everywhere.

At the nearby Leidseplein, we had more fun people watching and looking at the street art.

The artist had a great time explaining the different pieces he painted.

And yes, he gave them a good deal on the pieces they settled on.

All of that was yesterday! The day before, soon after we arrived and they had a 2-hour nap, we went to the Anne Frank House and then walked to various places of interest, like Dam Square, the Red Light District...and to Amsterdam's only windmill, which even I had not yet seen. Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow is our boat ride along the canals of Amsterdam with James and Matt. If the day is as glorious as today, we'll all be in heaven.

So, in case you wondered, we're having a fabulous time!!


  1. Those gorgeous babes might be looking at Amsterdam, but I'm thinking Amsterdam's looking at them!! Oo lala. :D

    So glad you're having a blast. I'm WAAAAAYYYYYY jealous, but I've had the benefit of joining you in Europe before a few times, so I won't complain.


    Hehe. Enjoy every minute of the rest of the weekend. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. And we didn't think Amsterdam COULD be more beautiful. Well it is until Sunday for sure. I knew you'd all have a great time but it's wonderful to SEE it through your great pics Ginnie. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!

  3. The picts are beautiful, Ginnie. The girls look totally happy. So glad to hear/read that you ALL are enjoying this time together so much. A'dam is a fantastic city!

  4. Lucky you Ginnie, I was thinking of you, Amy and Angie today, again nice weather, I am curious about your pictures, I hope to see them one time, I noticed that you still see the beauty of our country some people here are forgotten (hope you understand what I mean) thats why I love your pictures, you make us look 'again' have a great time!!
    take care, Astrid.

  5. What fabulous adventures! I've been out of the loop- I had no idea you'd all be in Amsterdam together!

  6. Ruth: HA! I have thought the same thing every day as we've been out and about! You would be having a blast with us if you were here. Wouldn't that have been fun!

    Judy: Awww. What a delightful thing to say! Glad you can see what's happening through my eyes.

    CS: What a great city to share with those we love. You are so right!

    Astrid: Your country is one of the greatest on earth, and if my photos can show that, I'm so glad! Thank you.

    RK: It's a gift we will treasure for a long time! Our very first house guests here in A'dam. So when are YOU coming? :)

  7. Are you serious, you really wouldn't mind? I would love to visit. Hmmm... maybe in the spring- when is the best time to visit- before tourist season starts?

  8. Yes, RK. Before or after the tourist season, since the tickets will be cheaper. We will be on a trip to Australia April 14 - May 5th! And then we'll be going to Amy's wedding in Hawaii at the end of May. So there would have to be some finagling if we're talking about spring. But stay in touch and surely something can work out. Start saving your nickels and dimes.

  9. I'm sooo happy for you and thanks for sharing all these wonderful clicking!

    Good to know they've been able to see all this places you talk about and have posted about too (I do remember Anne Frank House, but not the Red Light District LoL).

  10. How much fun! I remember what you did the weekend before the year early.. It's so hard to believe how much you have traveled!

  11. i just love how your photos always capture the emotions. Totally love how they are engaging with the artist, he looks so passionate about his work, i love how he talks with his hands. And can i just say that amy and angie are just so beautiful and (this is a bit silly but I can't help but notice and admire) they both have the best hair! :)

  12. Renny: HA! The RLD is something almost everyone wants to see just to say they've seen it. It's quite shocking for most of us. Everything else seems tame by comparison. :)

    ET: Has the year really gone by so quickly?!

    Mad: I totally agree about Amy and Angie, but then I'm prejudiced. :) Thanks.