Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bloggers Out the Wazoo!

When it rains, it pours! And that's exactly what we all needed.

First Tracy from England flew in on Wednesday evening. Even though we had never set eyes on each other, we both KNEW we'd hit it off. We had been commenting off and on each other's photos on our Shutterchance photoblog for months. We weren't disappointed!!

Yes, every bit the hoot she appears!

Then Astrid arrived early Friday morning and the 3 of us went off to scout out the city. Astrid knows Amsterdam better than I do. But Tracy had been here only once almost 20 years ago.

And yes, Tracy is TALL. 6 feet, to be exact!

We had way too much fun playing around with our cameras and goofing off like teenagers. Hey! It was good for the soul!

In between all our goofiness, we acted like the serious photographers we all think we are!

Then we picked up Scarlet for lunch here at the apartment and did our prerequisite group photo via tripod!
Ginnie, Astrid, Tracy and Scarlet (l to r).

After at least 2 hours of yakkity-yakking while sitting at the table, we all picked up our cameras and started learning from each other! Tracy taught me about my 9-point focus system on our same Canon cameras. Astrid taught me about changing the White Balance based on the inside lighting. Scarlet was fiddling with her camera because it was acting up on her. And I don't think I taught anyone anything!

This was my collage on Shutterchance today, since all four of us are bloggers there. And because Tracy was the new gal on the block for me, she was the one I emphasized.

It still astounds me how many bloggers I have been able to meet by living here in Amsterdam half of each month. I've decided if I live long enough, I might be able to meet everyone...even the ones here on In Soul. You know who you are! And this is a new year.
Off to a good start!


  1. What a well designed post with super illustrations of all your blogger photo friends. You look like you all had a great time meeting and greeting and exchanging camera info. WOW, I wish I could join you. Unfortunately I am not planning a trip to Amsterdam in the near future, I wish I was, though!!!
    Great stuff, Ginnie!

  2. Geweldig Ginnie, I keep on saying it, beacause it is true, when I see these pictures again, I laughed out loud again and did we laugh that day....yes we acted as real kids and pro's with our camera's, showing off....these pictures show our friendship, our passion for the photography, I loved being in the Church of the Kalverstraat, yes I was glad I could show that place where I went with my dad...too long ago.
    But...but...what do you write, 'I don't think I taught anyone anything' you taught us by your comments on SC to have confidence and believe in what we are doing.
    Ginnie dit was een onvergetelijke dag, die veel te snel voorbij is gegaan, maar gelukkig hebben we de foto's als herinnering! (I know you are learning Dutch, for the last time I will give you a translation) Ginnie this was an unforgetable day, that came to an end much to fast, but we fortunately we do have the pictures as a rememberance, Thanks again, hartelijke groeten, Astrid.

  3. How fun for you! And I am SURE you taught someone something, you always do. :-) Amsterdam really does seem to be some kind of central meeting point, doesn't it? So much going on there.

  4. It looks like fun, Ginnie! Maybe we'll meet one day!

  5. Ginnie you are such a star and this lay out is fantastic, as I have already said on the other blog you have done me proud and I cannot thank you enough for your's and Donica's hospitality.

    Words cannot express what a fantastic time we all had on the Friday when Astrid arrived WOW. The whole experience will live in my heart forever. All I hear when I look at our pictures is laughter and load laughter at that.

    As for not learning anyone anything you my friend showed me how to make a border, which I am so grateful. Also more info on layers.

    It's such ashame we three live so far apart, OH MAN what a hoot we would have. Well the ball is in your court, you have to make a date to visit me now with either Donica or Astrid or even both.
    Thank you so much.:-)

  6. Blogging is fun enough, but you've taken it to a whole new level, with so many friends. Lucky, lucky you. :D

  7. It's clear you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing the fun via pictures and telling the story.

  8. Ah, I think you always have fun, Ginnie, but this looks like more than most. ;-)

  9. Oh that looks like so much fun. I'd fly over for the weekend for something like that any time.. Well if it weren't so far!

    I love it so much!

  10. Ex-S: It was a fabulous time! Since we redheads have to stick together, I'm guessing we'll meet somewhere someday! :)

    Astrid: You have said it all! What a day of so much laughter. I think we healed ourselves of any diseases we'll ever have! Laughter truly IS the best medicine. Danke je wel, mijn lieve vriend!

    Christina: You are one to always believe in me. Thank you, my friend. One of these days, YOU will come to AMS! Tell me when!!

    RRD: We WILL, dear Stacey. Trust me!

    Lurch: Yes, we will definitely come to visit you some day, dear Tracy. It's written somewhere in the stars. :) THANK YOU for coming. You were such an easy guest!

    Ruth: I do feel very lucky, dear sister!

    Ted: You are so welcome! :)

    Karen: Yes, it was definitely more than most. :) You can tell, can't you!

    ET: You'd have a ball, Jen! So would we.

  11. I love the comment about laughter on top of laughter... that is definitely an indication of great friendship. I love those moments when my face is all cramped up because it hurts to smile, but I just can't stop.

  12. I say HURRAY.
    It's so fantastic to read and even see you gals together all thanks to Internet.
    I do agree, when reading and commenting each others blogs or photos for a while, yes, it's like we have been friends for many years. Like, when we did visit Mrs Lifecruiser last Summer at Farö (Where Ingemar Bergman lived his last years).

    This post made me really happy. Life is a Gift and blogging is for Peace.

    PS. We must plan a new trip to Amsterdam. Maybe with Renny as well? (Besides we have good friends not far away)

    PS II: Tracy could have been your daughter - when looking at the pictures...

    PS III: You were fully occupied as a hostess, not as a "Camera Teacher"

  13. LOL Ginnie at Torra's comment, I think it would be more like sisters!!Not mother and daughter!!!

    Hartelijke groeten my friend

  14. so coool :) and seriously, there's this uncanny similarity in looks when it comes to you and Tracy :D

    just today, i got an interview call from Kohler ..the position is based in Atlanta.......and the first thought that went up my head was, wow! if it all works out i can meet Ginnie :DDDDDDD

  15. SHart: Those who laugh together stay together, I might add! :) I know what you mean.

    Tor: It would be wonderful if you and Renny get to AMS one day when we're here! How fun that would be! And yes, Tracy COULD be my daughter. She was born the year I graduated from high school. :)

    Lurch: But Tor is right!!! HAHAHA. Donica's mom was 18 when Donica was born. Yet, you're right. We ARE more like sisters! :) I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER! LOL.

    Moi: So, it's true then! We ARE both Gemini. :) And YES, if ever you get to Atlanta! Do let me know if/when you have an interview there!!!