Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Auntie Sue

Susan Elizabeth Hart Moore
June 28, 1910 - March 15, 2008

She was my only living relative in the generation above me, but she was 97 years old, the only sister of my dad!

How can you weep after all those years!
Her funeral service is today in Bridgewater, Virginia, USA.

(You may remember that I went to see her last September and wrote all about her here.)


Interestingly, today sister Ruth's daughter and boyfriend arrive here in Amsterdam from NYC for a week's vacation. A day of three generations!


  1. Auntie Sue, She is a classic. There will be no replacement for her. "My Lands!"

  2. I remember your September post about her very well, Ginnie. Sorry to hear about her passing away, but I'm sure she had a very fulfilled life.

  3. I think it was "high time" she went to her rest. (Can you hear her saying that?) I loved her wry sense of humor, her deep voice with beautiful Virginian accent, and I loved her waffles made right at the breakfast table. She is our treasure.

    And Lesley and Chris must be there!!!

  4. Oooh oh my dear,
    My condoleances for your aunties Sus Elizabeth...
    You have a hard time with your family's ,passing away, may they rest in peace. For now your aunty, I hope she is in heaven with your mom now, take care my dear Ginnie,

    Dear thoughts from JoAnn

  5. Don: A classic she was, Don. They don't come like her any more!

    CS: It was time for her to go because she was so ready and wanted it. So I have to be happy for her. She lived a looooong, fulfilled life, indeed.

    Ruth: High time is right! And yes, she was our family treasure!

    JoAnn: She is now with her 2 brothers, who loved her dearly! And now she has met Donica's mom, yes! Thanks.

  6. I remember that post well. Letting go is always sad, but hers was a long life, well lived.

  7. My condolences.
    Those who where borne around your auntis, they lived long. My aunt as well died last weekend. 92 years old. My mother is now the oldest (88) from my parents generation. They did know something about life most have forgotten or neglected.

    PS. I'll arrive Chicago and Michigan very early in August.

  8. My condolences to you and your family on your loss.
    I remember your post about Auntie Sue, what a grand old lady!
    I have one "Auntie" left in the generation above mine. All my close aunties and uncles have died, the only one left is Auntie Phyl, my mother's cousin, who will be 99 this year, living in New Zealand. A family party is planned in NZ for 2009 when Phyl will be 100.... and I know she's going to make it, she's so lively!
    Once she is gone, my own generation will be the elders of the family... what a scary thought!

  9. I remember your earlier post about it - fascinated Lady - my condolences. Don't forget all the lovely memories.

    Wishing you and your visitors a lovely weekend and hope they will have a lovely Easter Holiday in Amsterdam!

  10. Hello Ginnie,
    it's been a while since I last visited your blog and was shocked to see that you and your family have to go through these hard times. My condolences to you, Donica and your family.

  11. Karen: A long life, for sure! I have no desire to live THAT long! But it maybe is easier to let go by then?

    Tor: This was the time of death and dying, I guess. I have heard of so many! Even 92 and 88 is a long life! Wow. But will we miss you again in Michigan?? We are usually there over the July 4th weekend...but also in August for Farm Day the second weekend. Maybe?

    Ex-S: 99 and 100. Wow. Auntie Sue had a friend who died the day after she turned 104! Unbelievable! You are right about the scary feeling when YOUR generation is at the top!

    Renny: We will NOT forget the memories! From then and from now, with the family that remains!

    Julia: You are such a sweetheart. Thank you. I have not forgotten you!

  12. My condolences to you and the family. 97 is definitely a long life.I too remember reading about her back then

  13. It sounds like she was a very special person and will continue to be in your memories. Hopefully that will be the way people think of me when my time comes.

  14. Bless Auntie Sue! She will never be forgotten, that's for sure!

  15. As my grandfather used to say "she really was in her 98th year"....I do remember reading about her before....I am sorry for your loss but you are right....a good long life and she seemed to get a lot out of it.