Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I know. I know. For the rest of you, the last thing you want to see right now is SNOW. BUT! We never get it in Atlanta (except maybe a few flakes once a year) and they never get it in Holland. That's one thing we both have in common.

Well, it did snow in Atlanta this winter but not while we were there. But lucky me, we made up for it here in Amsterdam this past week, while Lesley and Chris were with us.

This is looking out on our street through our apartment window. There were times when we all just stood there and watched the snow fall.

As a rule, the snow never stuck to the ground except at night. I caught this snow early in the morning before the sun had a chance to melt it.

As when it rains, people who use umbrellas (this image is why people don't!) also use them when it snows. It was wet and gloppy. But it was also beautiful!

So, Lesley and Chris are now gone (as of yesterday) and we too will leave on Friday, flying back to Atlanta. We won't be back to Amsterdam (well, Donica will but I won't) until May because of a vacation trip to Australia in April. SO, I think we can safely say we have had our snow for his winter, just on the edges of spring.

Finally. Just under the wire!


  1. I know you were happy to get snow! What a winter. Don says some flowers are starting to pop up, I haven't looked yet. There is still snow on the ground here, but the temps are rising into the 40s finally.

    Travel well, and I can't believe you will be on a vacation soon. It will be great to see your pics from that!!

    Love to you both, and thank you thank you thank you both again for doing a bangup job hosting our kids!!

  2. I recognise those view's from your window and that just made my day woman!!THANK YOU. It was raining of course not snowing...
    So pleased you got to see some snow Ginnie.
    You always capture a great atmosphere mijn vriend, I take my hat off to you, well I would if I was wearing one LOL :-)

  3. SNOW! Wow, now you're just like us!
    We han another inch or so of snow 2 days ago.... GROAN... will Spring ever come?

  4. I find it hard to believe Holland doesn't get snow! Must be that Gulf Stream influence.

    Thanks for taking good care of our baby and her pal!

  5. Ruth: We had such a great time with the kids and were glad to share the snow with them. Apparently they don't get much of it in NYC either! But I know you are ready for spring!

    Lurch: HA! I can see you tipping whatever hat you'd wear, Tracy! And I am so glad you can picture this view from when you were here!

    Ex-S: I promise you! Spring WILL come!

    Don: I know! I thought the same way about Hannover. We did get more there, however, than here in AMS. We LOVED taking care of your kiddlings! Next time it needs to be YOU.

  6. well it is always exciting to see if your don't get it, but for us that do it has been past the time for it to stop, we also had snow yesterday and more to come. UGH! Enjoy

  7. This view I have seen a few times and I just can picturit, you racing to get your camera and trying to capture all of it, you make me smile for I have the same feeling, being a kid again when I see snow, you have the same, I always have to make one snowball and throw it away....well don't tell any body who studied on behaviour of human beings (grin) ..... I am so glad that there was that only short period of snow, I don't think all the people in the traffic jam will have the same thoughts, we only had an 888 km line-up of cars on the road....
    When you return in Mai, you will be amazed by the big change in nature we will have...everything will bloom and be green..
    Thanks for sharing these great pictures again about 'normal Dutch life in the city' grin...talking about normal.....grin..grin...

  8. I would like to say we have had our last snow....but I am afraid that would so jinx me! WE had snow again last night......I love your picture of the broken umbrella!

  9. So Ginnie you are not in Amsterdam the coming time?...

    Great photography from Amsterdam 'in the snow' again and I wish you a good trip to australia, we are heading for Switserland (Swiss) in April, so we both are not in Holland than (or in other words: we are travelling both) So lets see how our pics will be for Australia when you are there, I'see and look at your blog....

    Bye have a good weekend:)

  10. You're right! :) I am ready for Spring. But I sure would have enjoyed an eight inch snow fall or more earlier in the winter. ;)

  11. L&N: I keep hearing about snow and more snow. When will it stop for y'all?!

    Astrid: HA! I can just see you throwing your one snowball every year, just to say you did it. I know that when we're back in May, everything will be different. We saw it last year and I will never forget it!

    Neva: My sister Ruth tells me about new snow every week! One of these days you will get it no more. I promise. :)

    JoAnn: No, not in AMS till May. Switzerland and Australia better watch out! :)

    Tim: I would have enjoyed 8 inches any time. :)

  12. Well that was a treat for you! After our white Easter can you believe that it was 18°C yesterday and that we were sitting outside in t-shirts? Crazy weather.

  13. It takes a brave person to blog snow images in late March. Thank you for your courage.

  14. Christina: Yes, I can believe it. This has been such a crazy winter. BUT now it's spring!!

    Ted: HA! Well, coming from the North, I just never got my fill this year, sad to say!