Saturday, May 10, 2008

BRIZ-bun = Brisbane

If you go there, yes, you have to pronounce it correctly!

Next to Sydney, it was our favorite city to see in Australia...even though it was our only other big city to see. HA! It was well worth the drive from Sydney to Brisbane in two days, with an overnight in Coffs Harbour along Australia's southeastern shore. For one thing, the farther we got north out of Sydney, the more the sun began to shine.

Every city has to have its Town Hall and Brisbane was no exception. They even let you go to the top for free, which I did.

But the main building I just had to see was Brisbane's and Queensland's oldest structure, The Windmill. YES, folks. That's a windmill without sails. It was brought over to Australia by a British soldier who could not maintain the operation of the sails. He was a soldier, not an engineer! So he ended up using convicts to tread the grain mill for him by hand.

An elderly man, who saw me taking lots of pictures, stopped to tell me some of the history. Apparently said soldier really mistreated the convicts and was despised by them. When his body was later found in the river, it was assumed the convicts did him in, even though it was never proven!

One fun way to see a city, we have discovered, is to take a city sightseeing bus tour (those hop-on-and-off buses) OR, if there is a river, a river cruise. We opted for the latter and had a heyday with pictures. Well, I did, that is.

See the itty-bitty people climbing up to the top (just like on the Harbour Bridge in Sydney!)?

I think you could safely say I'm almost as mesmerized by bridges as I am windmills. Almost.

It so happens that three of my Shutterchance blogger friends live in Brisbane! You know me: I had to meet them. One of them was out of the country but the two remaining guys were game for a meet-up. First we had lunch with Neal (bottom left) and then supper with Adrian (upper right). Even Donica enjoyed herself, so it was a great time for all.

We were there from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning before flying to Townsville and taking the ferry to Magnetic Island. That Friday was a public holiday, Anzac Day, second to Christmas in importance. I would compare it to our Memorial Day in the States. But that will be my next post....


  1. These pictures are brilliant again, windmills and bridges are fascinating, I love to look at those very well constructed bridges.
    The picturs of the bidges are very well composed, the elegance of those structures are striking, you have captured their beauty so well, I am still on you tour through Australia, thanks for sharing this great trip with me/us.

  2. Lovely pictures, they remind me of my time in Brisy. I stayed with a friend who I had known for many years and he showed me all around the city, we had a great time! What fun to meet blogger pals, rather like meeting a distant penfriend I should imagine.

  3. You are such a great explorer Ginnie and I feel so lucky to have met you in Blogsphere so that I can read about your adventure and see this wonderful pics. Your very social too: no wonder you met up with this guy and got to talk to him - interesting information.

    Talking about socializing: How great to meet other blog friends too - Blogging connecting people you know!

    Have a great trip - still!

  4. The blue sky, the FABULOUS clouds, the beautiful cityscapes, and your expert photography make Brisbane a work of art.

  5. Astrid: I am glad you're on this tour with me because it was just phenomenal. I wish I could have shown you every little thing!

    Ex-S: So you know why we fell in love with this city! If we had both been there at the same time, I would have tried to meet up with you as well! :)

    Renny: I love exploring, just like you! And I love the bloggers-meeting-bloggers world that you also are a part of!

    Ruth: You would absolutely love the place!

  6. These images are great!
    The bridges are amazing. Love the way you've framed and captured them.
    And - have you ever seen a sky so blue???
    Thanks for sharing Australia...

  7. I love these pictures Ginnie, the town hall looks amazing and I love the blue sky with pure white clouds too.:)
    The bridges look great from the groun where you took the shots from, not sure I would be climbing up there. HA HA LOL

  8. I love traveling along with you, Ginnie! Seeing the world through your eyes. And wow, i can only echo the comments about the blue blue skies and clouds that pop! gorgeous.

  9. Marcie: You are so welcome! It was a trip of a lifetime!

    Lurch: All those bridges were actually taken from the water, Tracy, believe it or not! And I do know you love the water, even if you're afraid of heights. :)

    Mad: I love having you along for the ride! :)

  10. Ahh, I'm enjoying your beautiful pictures so much, Ginnie. And they show up so well against the yellow background.

  11. Christina: Always one of my greatest fans! Thank you.