Thursday, May 22, 2008

Decisions, Decisions!

Yesterday was the last day of school for Nicholas. He is finished with second grade! YAY.

Now starts a new phase in his life, when Mommy will get married and life will no longer be the same. YAY.

I was the lucky g'ma who got to pick him up from daycare yesterday to start this waiting game before the June 1 Big Day.

BUT, he still has to decide what suitcase he wants for the trip to Hawaii. His old kiddie one is just not suitable anymore. So Donica said we would get him a new one as an early birthday present. AND we would let him pick.

So once we got home yesterday, I let him loose in the hallway to check out the 3 we bought. "Pick one and we'll return the other two," I said. "Open them all and check them all out," I said.

And he did. One by one. The green one was left in the dust at the very beginning and never seemed part of the discussion (even with its 4 wheels).

The blue one was very cool, inside and out.

It was cute how he opened them all while they were standing up in the hallway. I told him to feel free to lay them all down and even try pulling them. Gotta get the feel of them, you know.

But the red one seemed a bit cooler, maybe, because of all the outside pockets.

"See how many there are, G'ma!"

OK. Decisions, decisions. The blue one has 4 wheels and can move around every which way. But the red one has only 2 wheels. If it had 4, he'd choose it, hands down. BUT it doesn't come with 4 wheels...not that design.

So I told him to sleep on it! And when Donica comes home today from NYC, maybe she can help him decide. He likes that idea.

In the meantime, Donica's not thinking about suitcases! She bought us tickets to go see the Braves against the Mets tonight at our Atlanta baseball stadium. I think he'll have to sleep on the suitcase decision another night, because it'll be late when we get back home. But who cares, right?! YAY.


  1. We had to buy new luggage for our trip to Hawaii too. Nothing quite as fancy as THOSE ones, though. I certainly don't envy him trying to decide. I might be a little envious of the baseball tickets, though. ;-)

  2. 'Sleep on the desision' but G'ma, he can sleep IN the suitcase to make his desision, I know Donica will help him to make the right desision, Nicholas is very lucky to have you and Donica to do all these fun stuff with him.
    I do hope you have great seats at he ball game, like the last time...behind the catcher....the most important figure on the field....grin.....

  3. Y'all are just TOO CUTE! Buy 3 so he can pick. Now I never would have thought of that! And no pressure at home, or not the same kind anyway. D will know just the right questions to ask him to help him make that decision, she's so good at that team stuff. How cool that the coming days he will have time to consider what to put in there. And when he comes back? Seashells, stones, and who knows what else in all those pockets . . . er, in however many pockets.

  4. Hope you have fun, fun, fun at the baseball game. Pics??

  5. I love that idea of bringing 3 home to choose from...probably easier than the 50 he'd have to choose from if you went directly to the store...and he wouldn't have the time to sleep on it either. Brilliant!

    Congrats to Nicholas for graduating from 2nd grade!

  6. Karen: We had a huge sale at one of our stores that ended before Nicholas came over, so we decided to go the route of buying 3 (at the sale price) and let him decide from those. He has finally decided on the red one! :) And the baseball game was great because the Braves won, 4-2.

    Astrid: HA! You will always now be connected to Zelda! How cool is that. Our seats were great at the game, behind the catcher, yes. The best seats of them all...and the best position, yes. :) We all feel very lucky!

    Ruth: Red it is, or so it seems. And it's the best-made of the 3, so it'll last him a long time. He can get 4 wheels when he's older...his next suitcase. :) Amy had already packed another suitcase with everything, so now all we'll do is transfer from one to the other. Who knows what all he'll bring back with him!

    Susan: Lots of fun, especially since we won, 4-2. And lots of pics...which I have yet to look at!

    Mad: Exactly! Donica comes up with the best ideas! And yes, that Nicholas keeps graduating from one degree of glory into another! :)

  7. Oh how cool! My comment got lost, argh... I love that I came after the update. You two are just so spoiled by donica! ;-)

    But yes this is such a big step. I guess you guys are really getting ready for the big day now!

  8. That's a nice idea, his very own sutcase! I hope you told him that when you have your own suitcase, you have to do your own packing and you have to be in charge of the suitcase all the time!

  9. How lucky for him. I never got to choose my luggage as a kid. Way back then, however, the choice would have never been tough. lol! I hope you enjoyed the ball game.

    BTW, while you are in Hawaii, I'll be in Paris meeting up with Roxane! Two very special places on this planet. Although our meet-up isn't a romantic one, we are (re-)uniting :)

  10. YAY for Nicholas finishing second grade! Glad I read all the comments and found out that the Braves won - YIPPEE! I would have picked the RED one too - love the color! Look forward to seeing it when we all meet up. Soon....

  11. That is how children become well developed. Higher level questions and responsibilities are what make Johnny an advanced thinker. um, I mean Nicolas. Did you hear that Ian has been accepted to attend Harvard? He got to choose suitcases too.

  12. Oops! that last Ruth comment was Don.

  13. Your such a great and supportive grandma Ginne and of course you did the right thing. Hope Nicholas slept well on it :-)

    And how exiting: going to Hawaii - sounds soooo exotic to a Norwegian you know!

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

  14. It is a big decision like buying a car. Kick the tires whether 2 or 4. Check out the accessories.
    Very nice post.

  15. ET: Yes, guilty as charged. We all are spoiled by Donica.

    Ex-S: HA! Well, he's not at the packing point yet but he sure was a big guy and dragged it all around by himself!

    CS: I hope you had as good a time in Paris as we had in Hawaii. It was just wonderful. Thank you.

    Judy: Did you ever see it? :) I never remembered to show it to you. :) But we did have a great time, didn't we!!!

    Ruth/Don: NO! I did not hear about Ian. Wow! Is he gonna go there??? I do agree with how we learn...and having to make choices, starting young. Responsibility!

    Renny: It was exotic for us to go to Norway, too! :) How fun to see these things through other people's eyes! Thansk.

    Michael: HA! I like that!