Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Someone on my other blog just "accused" me of being "all over the place," and since that's true to my Gemininity, I'll be the same here. HA!

Donica keeps reminding me that I'm not yet done with all my Australian pictures from April/May, so my goal this Amsterdam trip (we arrived yesterday!) is to finish them. I just PhotoShopped this little series of shots from when we went out on a boat to see Magnetic Island from the water. We got to snorkel...

...and something I had never heard of: boomnetting! I didn't do it because I wanted to take these pictures, but it looked like a blast!

This is a step-mother (right) and daughter who were the only ones on our ride who did it. The mother is smiling at her two little sons who were scared to death about what they were seeing.

It took a long time before they both figured out where they needed to be on the net without being dragged out to sea!

What a blast! I totally got my education that day. I had no clue there was such a thing as boomnetting. Where have I been all my life??!!

Okay, back to photoshopping Australia!


  1. ....erm....erm...I have never heard of it either, BUT I know for sure I would have had a blast too and you know me, I would have been in that net, great set of pictures and yes Ginnie, it is so true, your are all over the globe...what a treat it must be, to see all the different things and we have no clue that it excisted.
    BTW you look very smart in that new outfit...brede glimlach hier.
    Snorkel must be nice too in that clear water, it shows you had the time of your life.
    Bedankt dat je deze foto's aan ons heb laten zien.

  2. I would so totally do this!! Looks like so much fun and a lot easier than water skiing! hummm...i wonder if there's a way to rig something like this onto a 15 foot boston whaler? Our annual Camp Retzlaff is next week and we spend a lot of time in the water...you've got me thinking Ms. Ginnie!!

  3. PS: I just did a google search on boomnetting and this post is #4 from the top!

  4. I guess I learned something new also..

    And by the way, get to work doing your job, your slipping!!! hehe...

    And yes Victoria was a paradise for photography. I'll be back again soon for more. I haven't figured out the computer but haven't had much time..

    I hope to catch up in the mean time, I've always thankfully have my mac.

  5. The Movie "Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World" is based on a series of books about the British Navy of the 18th and 19th century and they often did this during hot weather so the sailors could get cooled off without getting eaten by sharks. They would dip a sail into the water and basically do the same thing. How cool (literally) that you got to see this in action!

  6. Wow this looks amazing,I for sure would have been in that net. The snorkelling would have been a must and as Astrid has said you look swell in your new outfit!!! almost as good as me in mine LOL.
    Great pics as always.

  7. I never heard of boomnetting before but it looks interesting! :)

  8. I guess I have been in the same place you have been....Never heard of boom netting!!Looks like it was fun!

  9. Astrid: Can't you just see The Three Musketeers doing this together! :) I really was torn between taking the pictures and doing it. I still did have the time of my life, yes. :)

    Mad: Easier than water skiing, I'm sure. But they really were scared about letting go and losing their grasp! Not like the boat wouldn't stop and go back to get them, however! Let me know if you end up doing this. :)

    ET: We're never too old/young to learn something new!

    Don: Sounds like this idea has been around for quite some time!

    Ex-S: I looked that up and I think you're right!

    Lurch: The Three Musketeers in that net! We would have a blast!! (I think you're skinnier than I am, Tracy! :)

    Tim: It looks like a hoot!

    Neva: It definitely looked like fun!

  10. awesome... i never doing snorkling anyway

  11. Glad Donica reminded you - great pics, you know I love nature and being out in the ocean.

    I was also snorkelling when I was in Perth, Australia - so many lovely collars and beautiful fish to see - thanks for sharing!

  12. Woah! Boomnetting sure looks like my kind of fun :)
    I'll be doing some snorkeling of my own in a few weeks from now in the red sea. I can hardly wait!

  13. This does look like a total blast! My kind of fun, without much danger.

    You do look cute!

  14. wow i have never seen anything like this before, nope i would never do this but looks like everyone had a good time