Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Many Women Does it Take... change a light bulb in Amsterdam! That would be THREE, if you count the photographer!

First of all, our Dutch friend, Astrid, was with us here in Amsterdam yesterday to attend a k. d. lang concert...our birthday gift to her for her birthday.

In the meantime, the hallway light bulb outside our apartment door was out and we decided to have her help us change it (in case it would be different than the States, of course, and she would know!).

LET THERE BE LIGHT! Now we can see the keyhole on our door instead of having to read it like braille. HA! Will wonders never cease!


  1. LOL! Who ever thought that changing a light bulb could be so much fun ;)

  2. ....and fun we had and I had almost curly hair...;).
    Yes in Holland it sure takes some smart women to do the job right.
    Ginnie and Donica, thank you both for your great hospitality, for all the laughter, for all the fun, for all the talks we have.
    I always love to come at your place, by the end of the day my head might be spinning of all the English I speak/talk, however I am able to throw in a lot of Dutch words already....maybe one day your head might be spinning of all the Dutch you will be able to speak with me....what fun that might be.
    Heel erg bedankt voor het ontzettend leuke weekend....
    Hartelijke groeten en gauw tot ziens ;)

  3. Haha, am I allowed to laugh at this post? Was it any different than changing a light bulb in the States?

  4. I'm laughing too. I don't think I've ever seen a blog post about changing a light bulb! But what a perfect light moment.

    You guys sound like you had a great time. How was the concert?

  5. Lol - love how much laughter was involved... And by the way, now that I work for a lighting company, there are lots of differences...

  6. LOL I can SEE you all in the hallway, how cramped was that!!!
    It's a good job you could use the stairs to get to the bulb too...
    Only clever women can change light bulbs according to men;-)
    I bet the girl on the next floor is also happy the bulb has been changed too!!
    Great fun Ginnie:-)
    Today I am so HAPPY!!!!!

  7. k.d.lang????
    She's CANADIAN y'know!
    Wish I could have gone to the concert too, she's awesome.
    Looks like quite a feat of engineering to change that light bulb.... but why aren't you using one of those twisty ones that are supposed to use less power????

  8. That made me laugh out loud. Thinking about Donica installing ceiling fans at the cottage and then this major project...

  9. i feel like i have to defend myself a little after don's comment...there is something about changing a plastic light fixture that is hanging from the ceiling by just a small wire...i thought i was going to totally disconnect it from the ceiling when i started to unscrew the light cover. thus, astrid came to my rescue to hold the base while i removed the cover and old light bulb....since i am completely under-tall and could not reach the base from my perch on the chair.

    By the way, ceiling fans are more fun :)

  10. LOL, with the joy you captured in the moment with such a common thing most people would approach as a chore. I just LOVE your blog!!

  11. CS: HA! Well, it had been out this entire trip and we were getting tired of finding our way in the dark. Having a guest/friend visit us made us take action, finally, even though it was probably the landlord's "duty."

    Astrid: You are so funny! It was so much fun to have you share the concert with us AND to get your expertise in changing the light bulb...especially since everything seemed to be hanging by a thread. Ontzettend bedankt!

    Karen: Well, yes, you can laugh, but it is different...the different current, etc. Who knows what could happen. I laugh at how long it took us to figure out the windows...and they don't deal with electricity! :)

    Ruth: Astrid is always making us laugh so there's never a dull moment when she's around. The concert was k.d. lang at her best. We LOVE her as a of my favorites ever!

    ET: I would love to know all the differences but I'll take your word for it! :)

    Lurch: Yes, you can picture this, Tracy, and you would have been laughing, too. What a ball. I KNOW the gal next floor up is a happy chappy! Now we are waiting for when we'll see YOU in England. Figure out now if there are chores you need help with and we'll be there. The Three Musketeers to the rescue. :)

    Ex-S: YES. WE KNOW she's Canadian! Her "Hymns from the 49th Parallel" is my favorite album of all time! We should have used an energy-saving bulb, for sure, but slap my hand because I didn't want to spend the extra money since it was the landlord's "issue." How bad was that of me!! :(

    Don: Now we're even for all the laughing I've done at your site with your chickens!! :)

    Donica: I'm really glad Astrid was there!!

    Integrity: You know how to make my day, Bob! :)

  12. I love K.D.'s soundtrack to Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. I bet that was a beautiful show. I haven't heard much else of her music. Do you recommend a song or two that I can look up? You girls know how to party! I Can imagine myself having that much fun changing a light bulb. That's part of what makes us unique- we can turn any clowdy day sunny!

  13. Donica, you NEVER need to defend yourself, (it still is funny to picture this, however!)