Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I think I am forever blowing bubbles! OOPS! I mean...forever processing photos!! :)

HA! But I love it! We got back on Sunday night from our July 4th reunion with my Hart Family in Michigan. You could go back into my Archives to this time of the year for the last 3 years and see a different version of the same thing! It's always the same and yet always different. We all keep growing up!

The lake, of course, is the central focus for reunioning during the day when the weather cooperates. Sun or shade, take your pick. There's something for everyone!

Nephew Paul is a graphics designer and was the one who encouraged me last year to buy the above Canon lens for my camera. So I brought it his year for him to "test" on his own camera. He loves it. If I ever find it missing, I think I'll know where to look.

In this picture there is a g'ma, g'daughter, mother, daughter, aunt and niece. That's the fun thing about reunions! Wilma is my SIL, a real Dutch lady, and we know what that means to me. She's holding her g'daughter, Clara. Niece Shari in the center is the mother of Emma on the right. Can you believe it!

For me in particular, I'm mesmerized all over again by the wee ones. Little great-nephew Aden (above) stole my heart last year. He and I are both #3 children in our nuclear families. I think I'll really be watching him like a Mother Hen.

Little great-nephew Asher (below) represents the awe I have over the simplest of things that I treasure.

This year there seemed to be more activity in the water than past years. I wonder if it's because the wee ones are getting older and are enjoying it more. So that means the g'ma/g'pa generation (mine) is more involved as well. Reunioning!

And all kinds of little conversations take place anywhere! That's what gives us so many dear memories of the cottage. Three generations are represented here.

Nephew Peter is one of the favorite cousins for the second-generation cousins. You can see why. The reunion-connections are built every year and keep getting bigger and bigger. Squirt guns help.

Then you have the reunion between sister Susan and her g'daughters who are separated throughout the year by several states...Illinois and Florida. The Michigan cottage becomes an oasis in their reunion-desert.

BIL Don (like his son, Peter) knows how to connect with the kids in a way that makes him a favorite. My g'son Nicholas and his cousin Audry know how to wiggle their way in. Uncle Don, incidentally, teaches 3rd graders...Nicholas' grade this year! Nicholas becomes google-eyed when he imagines what it'd be like to have Uncle Don as his teacher!

Sister Nancy does not know how to stop, period. But that was her heaven, to make all kinds of pillow shams and curtains for the cottage. And a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down! But she loves it and is good at it!

Some of my favorite times are the quiet times when you actually can rest, meditate and slow down. Daughter Amy with Nicholas had a few quiet moments before the Tribe arrived after we first got there. In this case, we reunion with the cottage, Hukilau, and get reacquainted!

And at the end of one day, nephew Eric rowed the boat across the lake while 3 of the cousins swan across...and then back again. This is a rite of passage as the cousins get older. It happened to all of us!

Sister Ruth and I are keen on finding those early, quiet moments when the lake is still and calm. This is what we live for...those quiet moments, after all the hubbub.

Family reunioning doesn't really get better than this. I finished my photo album yesterday and sent it out to the family. Every year we all want to "document" our time because the kids are growing up way too quickly. What will they look like next year??!!


  1. You've made me quite anxious for our 3rd annual get together at our hideaway, coming up in 11 days. Lots of time spent in the water, children laughing, pranks among brothers and sisters. Family is beautiful, isn't it!

  2. 'Family is beautiful' like Madretz said.....
    If one has a family......
    These pictures and the pictures of the photo-album are a treasure/schat to keep, a treasure for the ones that grow up, a treasure for the one who sees the kids of the kids, being the kids they deserve to be.
    I think Aden will be a Jeroen when he gets know what I mean by that...brede glimlach hier.
    Met Wilma heb je wat Nederlands kunnen praten, geweldig zo'n Nederlands sprekende schoonzus.
    You are so fortunate to have a big family that comes together once a year, cherish these very special moments, maar dat hoef ik je niet te zeggen, dat weet je zelf ook wel, meer dan je weet.
    Thanks that I was able to look over your shoulder what you were doing in the 'get-together'weekend.
    Bedankt voor de uitleg, wie wie is bij de mooie foto's en het mooie foto-album.

  3. What a beautiful family! It's been so many years since we've been a large group except for all the family we inherited when our daughter married one of five siblings. Yes, I what you mean by forever blowing bubbles. So what is that nifty long lens?

  4. Looks like a grand reunion!!! Getting together with family is so good and so important. Thanks for sharing your family time with us. And those peaceful moments that you document are so important, too.

  5. This was a relaxing post, you managed to make it feel restful, and you know, it was in a hectic way! :)

    My favorite photo (I think, it ain't easy to narrow down) is the one of Amy and Nicholas on the porch in their quiet moment. The warm tones, the looks, their body language, very SWEET.

  6. These pics are great--

    Next year...some will have more grey/white hair, some will be slimmer (Please God, me!)/chunkier as we skinny-dip, some will be potty-trained/driving-trained, while others will be present/absent for a great reunion.

    I have thought quite a few times since viewing videos and pics: "What would G'ma and G'pa have to say about their tribe?!!"

    I think they're smiling...

  7. I love all your photos, but I love, love, LOVE the one of Nicholas and Amy.

    Another reunion to add to the collection. I remember your post last year and it seems like hardly any time has passed at all.

  8. Oh Ginnie - another wonderful time for all. That looks like the best watermelon EVER! It's so much fun to see the children growing and changing. Thank you so much for sharing. Love it!!!

  9. Mad: If our time was any indication, you'll have a blast! And soon I'll read all about it. :)

    Astrid: Some of us have more family than others and need to share! I feel very lucky to have Dutch-Blood in the family, now that I have you as a friend. And yes, I cherish all the moments. I am so lucky, I know. Thanks for all your support.

    Ted: That lens is the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens and is wonderful. I love it.

    Ruth: HA! That made me laugh to hear my post was restful. Awww. Thank you, sister. That Amy-Nicholas photo is probably my favorite, too. :)

    Mrs. M: You are so right, Shari. Next year will indeed be another year and another memory. I DO wonder what Mom and Dad are thinking! :)

    Karen: I'm a bit partial to that picture, too! :) When you think of a year by the annual events, they do seem to go by faster, don't they!

    Judy: You are so welcome. Maybe some year you and Dave will join us?!

  10. How wonderful!!! I love all of the pics and know you are so lucky to have such a large family!

  11. The Family reuninions you have in Michigan is such a blast.
    I wish I could have been part of it.
    You all seems to have such fun and so much to talk about and so full of spirit and great caring for each other. That's very important.

    With your excellent photos, I must confess, It's like beeing with you and the last one: What a moment of peace of mind. Wonderful.

    btw - it's only 2 and a half week until I'm over in Michigan. I'm looking forward to visit the State with the longest coastline in the US except Alaska. (Not many people do realize this fact).


  12. I love those quiet moments, too. And what a lovely family you have. You are truly blessed!

  13. Your so right: family reunion is so wonderful, so important (the older you get I think) and so good as it takes you down the lovely old memory lanes (yea, there are a lot of them you know :-)

    Thanks for sharing all this joyful moments with us Ginny - every one of them so well documented with great pics!

    I do agree with your sister Ruth - to find quietness in the nature is a relief.

  14. Family's are awesome and you have shown so wonderful photos with yours! Love the lake picture when it is quiet! I know what you mean about the generations together. How fun it is!

  15. Priceless Ginnie memories captured forever.

  16. I'm finally getting around to reading blogs again, now that our guests have left.

    You know these picts of the lake remind me of Canada. The photos are beautiful! Ahh. Isn't it wonderful to return to a place where everyone meets up again? :)

  17. Family and friends, that's what life is all about. The picture of Nicholas and Amy is great.

  18. ET: I do know I'm lucky, indeed!

    Tor: You have a good fact about the longest coastline in the States apart from Alaska! And you would have loved being with us for a day!

    Diane: I know I am blessed! Thanks for stopping by!

    Renny: You and Diane were one right after the other! I love it. And I know that both of you know how important these family moments are.

    Neva: You are so sweet to stop by again. Thank you!

    Lurch: Yes, indeed, Tracy!!!

    CS: Oh yes. I know you understand these times of reunioning and how important they are!

    Integrity: You know, Bob. You know!

  19. Hi, Boots!

    Many, many wonderful picture memories -- thank you so much! As I was going thru them, my internal response to the last one of Ruthie sitting on the dock taking HER pics, with the quiet, still lake, the OLD rowboat, the paddle boat -- I thought: "That's my favorite!" Thank you for including that one, in particular.....and yes, there were so many really good ones!

    Loving you, as always,

  20. De volgende keer zal ik hier ook bij zijn en niemand die ons tegenhoudt.
    Ik heb hier heel goede herinneringen samen met jou alleen in dit Paradijs eiland.....

  21. G'ma Susan: This is our special point of reference, year after year, isn't it! I love it!

    Astrid: NEXT year you will be part of this Tribe...and you won't know what hit you!