Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Stuyvenbergh Stop

First of all, I had the good luck and pleasure of being in Brussels the last two days! Donica had to be there for business meetings and since she finds it easier to get there by train than plane (seriously!), this time she asked if I'd like to join her. Are you kidding me??!!

And because Dutch-friend Astrid loves to do photo-hunts with me, we asked her to join me for the day on Tuesday, which she did! Two crazy women with their cameras!

Okay! That's the introduction.

As we were going from here to there on the Metro, we passed through the Stuyvenbergh station and noticed several "statues" lining the metro/underground walls on either side of the tracks. We didn't have time to stop but both of us mentioned that we wanted to, to see them better and take pictures.

So I took the mental note and went back on my own the next day (yesterday) to see them for myself...all 7 of them, as follows:

While on the train back to Amsterdam, as I PhotoShopped the images, Donica tried to find info about them on the Internet. You can read more about them here, but basically they are life-sized terracotta statues "which refer to Queen Elisabeth's last residence, the Stuyvenbergh castle" and are an "homage to the queen's love of art but also to the royal family." The artist is Yves Bosquet.

In the process of discovering this art at this station, Donica found out that there is art at ALL the Metro stations, making the Brussels Metro its own underground art gallery. In fact, you can take your own tour and buy the book and/or download this file to see it all for yourself.

So, Donica, when did you say you have to go back to Brussels again??!! I know two crazy women who have another photo-hunt in mind!


  1. Wow! That is MEGA-cool! Who would have ever thought of finding an underground art gallery! I'm sure you and Astrid will have a ball next time you're in Brussels :)

  2. Next time I do hope it rains that it poors and that we can stay 'underground' the whole day, to see all the art in the metro.
    Going by 'the other train' to Brussels was so much fun, thank you for asking me.
    Ginnie, I knew you were going back the next day, but that it would be so fabulous, I would have never known, this is a reason to just go back.
    Thank you for the links, thank you for the laughter, thank you for the talks, thank you for a wonderful day.
    We are both lucky that we can visit these places when others has a job to do.
    ...erm....erm....I think I just heard Donica say that she has to be in Brussels very soon again....grin...

  3. Ginnie, You do indeed have a blessed retirement!! It is just so extraordinary with all your travels, sights and experiences you are taking in by having the whole days available to you. ps:Donica, she really owes you when you retire!
    Namaste, Bob

  4. Yes, Bob is right! I wish I could come spend some time with you in Europe!!! Someday:D

  5. Oh Dear, you are the perfect guide. Even the Metro in Bruxelles you introduce as a Museum.

    By the Way - did you know how I did arrive in Bruxelles first time?

    By a 20 feet Daycruiser - all the way from Norway.

    Have a good time.

    btw. We do have

  6. You know I go to Brussels quite often, but have never seen this - thanks for the tip and what great pictures. You've captured those statues sooooo well Ginnie!

    Keep me posted about Donica's schedule - it might be two crazy woman and an even more crazy man hunting you know :lol:

  7. I am so glad you went back and got photos!!! What interesting statues.......

  8. CS: I have never seen anything like it! Now I can hardly wait to go back!

    Astrid: HA! If we had only known! OK. Next time we'll see it all! :)

    Integrity: I owe Donica BIG TIME and we both know it! :) I am definitely very blessed, Bob.

    SHart: Maybe someday, Rachel! That would be fun.

    Tor: Let us know when you'll go back and we'll meet you there. :)

    Renny: Now THAT would be the day! I will definitely let you know when we go back!!

    Neva: I'm so glad, too! :)

  9. My first visit to your blog and I am treated to these beautiful statues. It's enough to make you book a flight right this minute. I enjoyed looking at your other photographs. You do get around! Great photos to prove it.

  10. You crazy women finding crazy wonderful things, I'm fine with that, and Donica, who is not crazy, helps with the craziness, which I guess makes her crazy too! Whew!

    It's a brilliant idea to have a gallery like this so people can be uplifted down under in the metro.

  11. These are wonderful works of art, and congratulations to you in having the desire to go back and photograph them. I love it when I find someting beautiful in an unexpected place.... and down in the subway is definitely unexpected!
    BTW if you have time, I just posted pics of Callum... yes I know... all new Nanas do that... and it can get tedious admiring other people's children, but he's such a sweetie, I just have to show you how lovely he is!!!! :-)

  12. Ginnie - how wonderful!!! I've enjoyed a few of my own photo hunts in my new city of visiting Victoria. I haven't had the time to process, but I adore what you have done and think about you on all of my hunts. "what would Ginnie take a photo of"...

    So with that in mind, I've finally got 2 visitors in town. Let's hope I can see Christina before she goes back to Germany! And pflight who is a personal friend/photographer turned blogger..

    I just had to check in. :) You always inspire me to push more to get in something when I'm so beat and ready to pass out..

  13. Ginnie, you do live an adventurous life with all your travels. Thanks again for sharing them with us all.

  14. so cool!!!! we were in Brussels last year and i loved the come I missed this one!!!!! :O

    Ginnie, i know it's been a's been busy in these parts.......i am trying to catch up now! Hope it' all been great in your part of the world.

  15. This must ahve been amazing Ginnie. The art work is just stunning and I can see why you went back there.:-)
    Most of all I want to thank you both for the card it ment alot to me mijn vriend.
    See you soon

  16. I love crazy women, let that be said.

    This metro station with it's sculptures in one way reminds me of the famous salt mines outside Krakow in Poland. They were on the very first World Heritage list.

  17. Virginia: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! That means the world to me!

    Ruth: HA! Let's just face it--we're all crazy women! :) And I agree about how "brilliant" this gallery is!

    Ex-S: I will NEVER tire of seeing your g'son! I guess it's because I KNOW what it feels like. I just happen to be 7+ years ahead of you in enjoying it.

    ET: Awww. You are so sweet to think of me like that! Thank you.

    Tim: I feel so full of adventure at this time in my life, Tim! I am so fortunate, and I know it.

    L&N: I know! :)

    Moi: You would have had to go to Mini-Europe and the Atonium to see this. I know you are busy...but sometimes busy is good?

    Lurch: We had so much fun thinking about you, Musketeer!

    Tor: LOL! I KNOW you love crazy women! You would fit right in!!!