Sunday, September 07, 2008

Australia: All 10 Albums!

THIS POST IS FOR DONICA AND ME! I have been working on these albums off and on since May, between all our other trips and activities, and I'm finally fulfilling my promise to FINISH them now and not let them fade into some distant past!

So, here they are for our own posterity and remembrance, all in one place:

1. Australia: SYDNEY

It's a city full of parks, fountains (this is the Archibald Fountain), churches/cathedrals, landmarks and history.


This is probably one of the world's most recognizable landmarks!
I took pictures of it from every which way!


I'm guessing this landmark comes in second to the Opera House in the city.

4. Australia: SYDNEY HARBOUR

Apart from the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, there's enough else to keep you busy for many days and harbour cruises! We took two harbour cruises and could have taken more!


OK, so this isn't a big album but I didn't know where else to put it!


Nephew David took us to the Blue Mountains 50 km west of Sydney for a day of ooohing and aaahing.

7. Australia: THE GOLD COAST

After a week in Sydney, we drove a rental car along the Gold Coast north to Brisbane, spending a night in Coffs Harbour along the way: 982 km/610 miles.

8. Australia: BRISBANE

Talk about another incredible city! And we even met up with 2 of my blogger friends!


After a long weekend in Brisbane, we flew to Townsville, in Queensland, and took the ferry over to Magnetic Island for a week of unbelievable R&R.

While on Magnetic Island, we were rewarded with myriad treats for the eyes. They say the island is one of Australia's best-kept secrets. It's true!

So now I can breath a sigh of relief (the photos are finally organized and published). AND I can move on to Brussels and a concert on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Miles to go before I sleep.


  1. Exquisite Ginnie, Exquisite! Those shots really captured mindfulness of beauty on your trips.
    So....I just LOVE the Golden Coast one, and gave thought about borrowing your picture to have it made into another canvas print. But instead, I'll just have to capture that type of scene on one of my own travels.

  2. PS-I wouldn't do it without your permission, but in giving it more thought, you may want to consider putting your water mark on the pics you are putting on this blog similar to your one on Shutterchance.

  3. I loved Australia when I was there! Of course I had lots of willing rellies who ferried me about to all their favourite locations. I was in Western Australia, went right to the very soutwestern tip where the Indian Ocean meets the southern Ocean, then to Melbourne, then up the east coast, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, Blue Mountains.... you beat me by going to Townsville and Magnetic Island though! Great photos. And very happy memories no doubt!
    I can't wait until my next visit!!!

  4. Ginnie, you are so amazing and talented. It boggles (bloggles) my mind to think of all you do!

  5. Thanks for posting is a very nice remembrance of our time down under! There are many shots that belong in a gallery on exhibition! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent :)

  6. Blue Mountains and the Gold Coast are my favorites on this page. I will browse tomorrow at work in the albums. I'm amazed you kept at it when it must have been so hard with other projects brewing in the mean time (Farm Day for instance). Good for you!

  7. You always capture a great atmosphere Ginnie where ever you go and this collection is just wonderful and full of great memories for you and Donica. What a great idea showing your trip this way, well done you. :)

  8. Bob: Yes, you have to get your own, unless you start paying for mine. :D HAHAHAHA! You would love it down-under! It's true about the watermark on Blogspot. Hmmm. I'll think about it

    Sham: It's great to have "rellies" there, for sure. One day you'll have to see Magnetic Island for yourself. It's well worth the trip!

    Susan: I love that new word: bloggles! Well, I have been lucky and I know it!

    Donica (aka Donna): Well, it did take me long enough, I know, but now it's done...for YOU and for me. Thank you for your kind words!

    Ruth: It took 4 months, but there WERE other trips in between that were more pressing, so I'm not being too hard on myself. I'm just glad it's all done! Thanks, Sis.

    Lurch: You are with me all the way, aren't you, Musketeer!!! Thanks.

  9. Oh wow - what memories! These are fantastic. The gold coast album is by far my fav too!

  10. What a great set of photos and a wonderful and thoughtful thing you have done to remember your travels

  11. What a lovely connection of views from Australia. I think I've told you before that I was there a bit more than 10 years ago. This really took me down the memory lane - especially those from Sidney. Our hotel was close to the harbour (right beside the communication tower - thanks for sharing!

  12. Bennett is raving!

    You've got quite the eye for the camera.

  13. Eindelijk I have time to add a few words.....I know you know Dutch, so here we go, geweldig, ontzettend mooi, vakwerk van de bovenste plank, aanbiddelijk, het oog van een vakvrouw, de liefde voor de fotografie....I can keep going, I am amazed, I know you are good, but this is more than good, I know what time it takes to go through all the pictures and deside what to show and what not to show.
    Ik ben trots op je, meer dan trots.
    Thank you for taking me on this trip with you, you have been my eyes, I enjoyed it, dank je wel.

  14. ET: You'd have a heyday in Australia with your camera, Jen!

    Lilli: It has been calling to me for too many weeks and months. I'm glad it's finally done!

    Renny: Memory Lane is a fun place to walk, isn't it! I'm glad I could take you back.

    Don: Thanks! Don't you wonder what Bennett is thinking in this day and age of digital cameras!

    Astrid: Ontzettend bedankt. You know I altijd appreciate jouw lieve woorden!

  15. Great photos! This must have taken some time to organize.

  16. You're so good! I'm so behind on my photos. I've only processed maybe 5% of my NY photos from February. I haven't even thought about Chicago or Sedona yet. Truthfully, I'm still stuck on photos from 2006 and last year. i donno how you find the time w/ all your traveling, too.

  17. Tim: Oh yes. It took a long time. :) I guess you'd know.

    Mad: You know the chore this is, after every trip when we take our cameras! The way to solve THAT problem, of course, is to just not take the camera. HA! Fat chance. It IS worth it all in the end, as we both know.