Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Double Tenth

The Double Tenth (October 10) is to Taiwan what July 4th is to America. SO LET'S CELEBRATE! (Don't worry, I'm not crazy. I know it's not October 10 yet!)

This little fella sat in Mom's front yard!

Remember when I told you a couple posts ago that we thought we had a buyer for Mom's house (from after her death on February 25th!)? That buyer, a friend of the family, IS buying the house and the closing will be on The Double Tenth!

Donica will fly home from Europe for the closing, after which we'll all want to Go Fishing Resting!!!

Thank you one and all for your good wishes for this to come to pass. Continue to pray with us that there will be no glitches in getting the transaction completed! YAAAAAAY!


  1. Wonderful!!!!!!! We'll have a drink when we get together this week.
    I just love that lawn statute.

  2. Congrats - I'll cross my fingers and toes for you for a complete transaction.

    Btw: Did you know my wife Diane was born in Taiwan :-)

  3. Wow, such good news! I'm so glad that happened.

  4. Oh well I think some of the closure has happened and it must feel a lot better! That statue is so adorable and looks so lifesize! So I guess the tenth is one important day!

  5. p.s. - I'm so curious to know how the school year has started off for Nicolas!

  6. Love that little fella, and i do hope all goes well

  7. Ginnie my heart is with you as always, and I hope all goes well.
    BTW the photo is great, I just love the image:)

  8. Bob: We'll definitely have a drink whenever it is we get together. Thanks. :)

    Renny: No, I did NOT know that about Diane! So that means she should know all about the double tenth. I had the good pleasure of visiting Taiwan many years ago. It's a beautiful country.

    Karen: Me, too! Thanks. :)

    ET: The tenth will hopefully be a BIG day of celebration! Nicholas' school year seems to be going great so far. 3rd grade is getting closer to the grades that start making a big difference, I guess!

    Lilli: Thanks a million. I'll let you know.

    Lurch: You are a true friend, Tracy. Thank you!

  9. Hey! third grade is the last of the great years! After that, it is all sex ed, grades on the report cards, hormones, competition for school sports teams, etc.

    i love that statue dude. What is he made out of?

  10. That was one classic photo of a statue:D

  11. Ginnie, excuse papa, can you, for beeing so selfish thinking about Saturdays 3x20 event for so long?

    You know I read your blog - from which I have learned more than from any other blogs ---

    btw. Saturday I don't think I'll be available for posting. BUT, some pictures from the event will be taken. And posted later;))

    Viking Tor

  12. I like that little fella! Hope all goes well and by all means go resting. You all deserve it!

  13. That's good news, I hope the transaction goes smoothly with no last minute snags.
    I rather like the little chap with his umbrella in the front yard, does he go with the house?

  14. Excellent news, Ginnie! Good luck with the closing. I'll be thinking of you :)

  15. Fantastic! There are lots of fingers crossed that all transactions go smoothly.

  16. Ginnie and Donica - We will continue to keep good thoughts and prayers for all to go smoothly to conclusion. Hope this little fellow might be sitting in your front yard now.

  17. Don: That little bloke is forgetting to turn in his homework and is getting zeros right now. It's driving Amy crazy! (sigh)

    Christy: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Tor: I am eager to see your celebration and will look! It was a big milestone for Anna!

    Tim: Thank you much!

    Sham: No, he was either taken by a family member or sold at the estate sale. Can't remember which.

    CS: Thank you, dear Sandra!

    Mad: Thank you!

    Judy: He's not in our yard but in somebody's but I don't remember if a relative took him or he was sold at the estate sale! I wish now that WE had taken him! I have always loved him to death. What was I thinking to not just snatch him up!