Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking Ahead

When we left Phoenix, Arizona, for Sedona, the day after Thanksgiving, we decided to drive the long way via Prescott and Jerome. That's also when we saw Tuzigoot (from my last post).

I told Donica I couldn't imagine being that close to Prescott and not at least driving through it. When I think of Arizona, I think of the biggies: Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott....

So, we drove to Prescott's Courthouse Plaza, got out, took pictures and...basically decided not to waste any more time. It wasn't what we expected.

However, besides the few moments of sun shining on the courthouse (above), I loved this bronze statue that stood in its wings: "Cowboy at Rest." It's a replica of a miniature done by Solon Borglum in 1903 and was so soulful to me as I stared at his face.

As we look ahead to this New Year, 2009, I wish for us all to be "at rest," regardless of what happens. My own personal mantra will be:

"In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength."
(Isaiah 30:15)

(from Ruth and Don's farm)


  1. I Love sculptures and this one is stunning. Have a very Happy New Year, Ginnie to you and your loved ones. I certainly have enjoyed your travels and have learned lots from you !

  2. Yes, I'll definitely join you at being (or at least trying to be) "at rest" this year, my friend.

    Happy New Year to all of you!

  3. Ginnie, I am sure we are all ready fo some "rest" in whatever way that may manifest itself. Thinking of you and wishing you a very happy 2009!

  4. Wishing you a soulful New Year, Ginnie.

  5. I have never heard of Prescott, where have I been?

    We sure are obeying the mantra this week, eh? Nothing but Catan, Catan, Catan, hahaha. Well that and talking. Should we do something else today? No?

    I love having you here.

  6. Hi Ginnie,
    Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy New Year! Let's resign to make it better and brighter than 2008!
    Love from afar,

  7. Strange.... The comment I left yesterday is gone :(

    I wish you a wonderful 2009 filled with good health and happiness! BTW, I might use that mantra for myself, too ;)

  8. Neva: You're a sweetheart and I have loved getting to know you! Thanks for enriching my 2008.

    Christina: No one else will do it for us, so we don't have much of a choice, do we! Thanks, dear friend.

    Judy: Is this what happens when we get old??? Yes, let's hope this is a new year of rest and great expectations for all of us!

    Karen: Thank you, dear Lady. I trust it will be a year of health for you, as well as rest!

    Ruth: I have no idea why Prescott was always in my consciousness, even though it disappointed! But since it was on the way to Jerome, it was a means to a wonderful end. Wait till I show you JEROME!

    T1: I'm totally resigned with you, Kim! Trust me.

    CS: I hate when that happens! :( And I will gladly share "my" mantra! Let's hear it for 2009!

  9. Dearest friend Ginnie,
    For a change I visit this blog and wow you a still a traveller, not to name the photography from all your travels, muyst I say "lucky you?"I hope so for you ( I like travelling myself a lot, that why haa)

    We are back from holidays...I always enjoyed visiting you blog in 2008, you were a reall inspiration to me.
    I wish you many Happy and Creative wishes for 2009! I hope to watch your beautiful photogaphic blog many, many, times in 2009 with also much joy. Please feel/be welcome to follow my blog also,

    Friendly greetings from:
    JoAnn's D Eyes

  10. Happt times to you and your family Ginnie!
    Love that cowboy face.

  11. Ginnie I am with you all the way as you know Musketeer:)