Thursday, January 08, 2009

Settling Into the New Year

Yes, I DID go to The Farm in Michigan, and yes, I DID come back safe-n-sound (in spite of a breath-stopping spin-around on the ice going back to the airport this past Sunday)! How long ago was that?!

There was no snow on the ground when I landed in Detroit on December 30, but by the next day there was. So I was a happy camper. The wind-chill factor, however, was so strong every day that I only went outside once (except for two nights in the hot tub, one with the snow falling on our heads).

What I captured with the camera was little and wasn't in the cold outside but in the cold inside the barn.

Don't ask me why I was so fascinated with these kerosene lanterns. I had to use one years ago as my source of light while in Jungle Camp in Mexico. Maybe that's why. Maybe they have a story waiting to be so many of us do.

Actually, that door latch and handle also intrigued me. Another story, for sure. But I wasn't even curious enough to find out what was inside. That's kinda like not asking questions to pull out the stories inside each other, I guess.

I did visit the coop and chatted up a storm with the best of them. They tickle me to death! Inside the house with sister Ruth, Don and Peter, we, too, chatted up a storm, but other times we nested and brooded, reflecting on the moment.

Sister Ruth did a post on the board game we played almost non-stop, morning, noon and night: The Settlers of Catan. I'm not what you'd call a board game lady BUT this game sure is addicting. I think I became a Settler of Catan overnight!

Now that I'm back home...and Donica is in Amsterdam...I'm working on our basement, trying to unclutter and clean it. Did 2008 really come and go just like that? Has 2009 already seen a week pass by? Will I really have to take down the Christmas tree eventually?

So many questions, so little time. That's like looking at the syllabus on the first day of class and being overwhelmed by everything that has to be done by the end of the semester. Remind me that it's doesn't all have to be done TODAY. Settle down, Ginnie. The year has just begun!


  1. I'm so glad you did get some snow after all, but I could have done without the ice! It did make for a good story to tell, since it turned out just fine. :|

    We've packed Catan away, but Don and Peter and Josh played one more time.

    I loved having you here. Your photos are wonderful.

  2. I love your photos too! And yes the year is flying.. My birthday comes on Monday already...

    And make sure you make a list so it doesn't seem as overwhelming, which I'm sure you've done...

    Ah the cold weather, sounds like my trip to north van!

    I got addicted to a fish selling game, and I must check out your new game too.

  3. Ginnie, Glad you're home safe and had such a nice visit - but then I knew you would. How fun to be in the hot tub with the snow coming down! I should be working on my tree instead of reading your post - but it will your pics as always.

    Birthday wishes to you Expat - the 12th was my Mother's birthday as well. Enjoy!

  4. There is such detail on that door and the rooster....hard to believe a week has already gone by. I too will have to think about taking the Christmas tree down soon!!

  5. Ruth: Yes, I could have done without the ice, too. We at least lived to tell about it. :) So the game is packed away! I guess there is life after Catan, especially once the holidays are over. I'll never forget it.

    ET: Happy Birthday in advance! And yes, I do make lists here and there, which help...but mostly with the things I need to remember to write or tell people!

    Judy: My tree will wait till after Donica comes home from AMS! So I have a few more days of reprieve. :) I know you're excited about the big 99 birthday party coming up. WOW! What a feat!

    Neva: Time marches on! Remember when we wondered what would happen in the new year at the end of 1999?!

  6. Yes. it's already 11 days into 2009 and I haven't started my uncluttering mission in earnest... but I did clean out the Tupperware drawer and throw away the damaged containers... plus I've been working at completing some unfinished knitting.... gotta finish what I've started before I begin something new.
    Love those barn pictures, lovely textures and details.

  7. Just came back from A'dam. The pictures are very soulfull. But how could they not be? They're from you, aren't they? :) Beautiful details and light.

  8. The colors of your photos make them look like the age of the barn.

    The hens are still talking about you and wonder when you will tell them the rest of your story.

    I built that mystery door last summer out of scraps of old wood stacked in a corner of the barn. If you open that door, you will see a triangular shaped cubby that has...

  9. I found your photos very roustique and fascinating.
    I'm sure they have more than one story to tell.

    And so have the hens.

    Take care of the Kerosene lamps. You never know...

  10. .... that has what, Don?????
    do i have to come all the way to Michigan to find out?

  11. Sham: You have to finish what you started??? Ahh, so THAT'S your secret. :) Congratulations.

    CS: You sure know how to make my day! :)

    Don: Maybe I'll be able to tell the rest of my story the next time! HA! That would be nice. Or maybe the story never ends? Next time I will also open all the doors that are in my pictures of your barn!

    Tor: Rustic is definitely what this barn is! I love it all.

    Sham: Exactly!

  12. I am pleased you got what you wanted and that was snow. Sorry this comment is late but I have a few things going on at the moment, and finding it hard to look after my own blog.
    My head is all over the place, with one thing and another so please be patient with me Musketeer:)
    Love the pics btw sorry going off on another tangent:)