Friday, March 20, 2009

It's HERE!

After several consecutive days of rain and very cold weather, SPRING has finally hit us here in Atlanta!

So I have started to take walks again around the neighborhood and am seeing things again as though for the first time. For some reason, this past winter was a lot harder than usual...maybe for everyone around the country?

With camera in hand, I am enthralled by what happens at this time of the year. It's a sermon unfolding before our very eyes...that as surely as the night comes, it will pass and daylight will arrive. As surely as Winter's breath clutches us, Spring's freshness will release us and set us free.

Let's go fly a kite! This kite has been in this tree for years, weathered by everything that comes its way. I can't help but think it'd much rather be flying!!! I know I would...right this very minute!

On a house-selling note, activity has been very slim, but I've actually been glad because I'm working hard every day to get stuff listed and sold on eBay,, and Craigslist. So far so good, especially on eBay. Who knew that all those duplicate sheets of stamps I bought years ago would be sold now! Once everything is listed, and relisted (you get two times for the price of one, you know), I'll breathe easier and then will start paying attention to the house selling. Ultimately I am confident the timing will be perfect for all concerned!

In the meantime, I will NOT forget that SPRING IS HERE!


  1. Don't forget Craigslist for ads too, if there is one near you! And they are free...

    Lovely spring into action Ginnie! I keep waiting for some sunshine as we have had rain daily, but not GREY all day long, which is fine with me! At least that is not like grey Vancouver...

    You are ahead of us but last night (p's bday) it was warm for the first time to me...


  2. Hooray for spring. Yes, It's been a long cold winter. Today I'm looking out of the window at SUNSHINE and BLUE SKY! :-)
    And a few remaining lumps of grey snow. :-(
    But they'll soon be gone!
    Cleared all the remaining ice and dead leaves off my patio yesterday. Saw my first robin. Bought a pot of baby daffodils to put in my bathroom window so every time i have a pee I know that spring is coming!!

  3. ET: I have already sold my treadmill on Craigslist, Jen, so I have NOT forgotten it. Before too long, I will probably list a few other things. Thanks for the reminder.

    Sham: Don't we love this time of the year. The promise of Resurrection is everywhere!

  4. I am hoping that spring will mosey on our is pretty chilly here today for it being the first day of spring.....(27*)

  5. Absolutely goegeous picts, Ginnie! The Spring is coming our way here, too. We're enjoying beautiful sunshine here!

    Tomorrow, we're off to Austria for a week of snowbaording and sledging. Saying goodbye to winter, I guess?? :)

  6. Your photos are starting to look like paintings!

  7. It's good to see your advanced spring from ours here, and the blue sky, which we've also had for days on end. It's wonderful you have that little wilderness there to explore between your tasks. Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale to just the right buyer.

  8. Neva: Spring WILL mosey on your way, for sure, hopefully sooner than later!

    CS: I know you love that snowboarding! Let this be a good "last" hoorah till next winter.

    RD: Awww. Thank you, Stacey!

    Ruth: Our neighborhood is full of things to see, so I feel lucky, especially at this time of the year. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for us on the house!

  9. Your spring gives me hope that ours will come soon. This winter was better than last year's, so I'm grateful for that. Good luck with your selling!

  10. How wonderful! I can feel it, smell it, almost taste it and defiantly see it, thanks to your wonderful pics.

    You are some weeks ahead of us as you might have seen from our spring in Oslo post :-)

  11. Excellent post of the joy of spring.
    fantastic captures.
    my blood is running uncontrolled.
    It's Spring - Früling - Printemps - verano

    But we got a real backlash here in the south east Norway Friday morning:
    Up to 30 cm - 10 inches of snow.

    Luckely, I did work from my home office.

    btw. My big right toe is not healed. 4 different doctors do not know the reason why.
    New tests have been taken. Results next week.
    I take it with stoïc patience. Allways optimistic.

  12. it does seem like spring has been a long time in coming. we're supposed to get snow today here in Michigan. ugh, i love it in november, but not in late march.

    what is that pinkish flower? it is beautiful

  13. Breathtaking photos Ginnie! The pink/peach (?) dogwood (?) w/ the blurred twinkles in the background is my fav...I've been having fun taking/trying to take photos like this, too. Love the others with that fantastic bokeh effect, too!! :D