Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Steady As She Goes

I've been trying to mind my own business while waiting these days. Waiting for house-hunters. Waiting for someone to be interested enough to make an offer. Waiting for a contract. Waiting for a sale.

The other day, when I bounded from the front door to go get the mail, I almost tripped over this steady-as-she-goes box turtle on the sidewalk just a step or two away from the porch. Needless to say, I immediately went back inside for the camera!

Believe it or not, I actually lay down on the sidewalk and looked this incredible creature in the eye! The entire time she sat motionless while I clicked away. I have no idea if she was frozen with fear or was just letting me do my thing, posing.

What I neglected to tell you was that there was a blob of something in front of her that seemed to be her goal and destination. Was she as curious of it as I was of her?

Finally I walked up our long drive to get the mail, pulling a few weeds along the way (as I am wont to do!). But as I walked back to the porch, I wondered if I'd still see Ms. Turtle. And had she investigated her prize?

Well, she was NOT there but I did see her hiding under the hosta leaves next to the porch and chuckled. I'll never know if she took the time to investigate the blob, but she clearly knew how to high-tail it out of there.

All I could think of is a turtle may not be the fastest vehicle in the world but she sure can get from A to Z if she sets her mind to it. I'm guessing the same thing will happen to the selling of this house! It may not be the fastest time in our economy right now to sell a house, but steady as she goes...it's just a matter of time.

Speaking of which...a gentleman spent an hour looking at the house 2 weeks ago and supposedly will be bringing his wife by to see it this weekend. They're relocating here from Iowa, with 3 little boys. Like the turtle, will they find their prize here? You'll be the first to know, trust me! If you think of it, please say a little prayer....


  1. What beautiful photos! What a dream to step out to... And such great shots... Great analogy too! Miss seeing you blogging! :)

  2. How wonderful! I "met" a red-eared slider in Mississippi on top of the levee at Doro Plantation. His pic's not nearly as charming as yours because Mr. Red-Eared Slider "turtled" on me and pulled in his head and feet.

    When I finally backed off and went to stand at the car, he took off in a relative flash - faster than I thought he could. I hope that's how it is with your house - that once things start to move, they go in a flash!

    Rather off-topic but quite interesting - there's a woman here in the neighborhood who does turtle rescue and repair. They're often hit by cars as they try to cross roads, and when they tumble, shells get chipped and cracked. She's very good at putting them back together. Betadine and fiberglass are the tools of choice!

  3. Lieve schat van me, dit is een prachtige set foto's, je keek de schild-pad in de ogen, soms kijk je de tijger in de ogen.
    Ik had graag samen met je op de grond gelegen en foto's gemaakt, heel gauw gaat dat gebeuren als het huis verkocht is.
    Het gaat misschien sneller dan je denkt....ook schild-padden kunnen rennen......HA.

  4. She's gorgeous! amazing eyes and shell. She could be your model salesturtle.
    A friend of mine is trying to sell her condo in Anchorage, too. She wants to move to Spokane near family. So I'll definitely be saying prayers for the both of you.

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful turtle! And you captured her so well. We had a turtle (Ichabod) and a larger tortoise (Tortuga) when I was a child and I was very fond of them. Such fascinating creatures

    I AM saying a prayer and thinking of you. Yes, when the time is right, the house will sell. And I think that time will be soon.

  6. ET: Thanks! The only blog I'm really keeping up on is the other one, I know. But at least this one isn't dead and buried. :)

    Linda: Most interesting about your turtle friend...a Medicine Woman. I like that. And yes, on one of my walks recently I grieved over the remains of a turtle hit by a car. It broke my heart!

    Astrid: HA, indeed. I bet those turtles could surprise the heck outta us for how fast they could run if they had to. I'm guessing most of the time they just don't have to. Think about what all they do NOT miss because they know how to move slowly! A good lesson for all of us. :) Ontzettend bedankt.

    Mad: All the prayers you say on our behalf will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Christina: I have a sense it will be soon, too, and hope we're both right! :)

  7. It does give one hope, thinking that some things just take time. I hope that gentleman will make an offer with his wife, after she falls in love with the house.

    It would be so grand if you could have it in hand before coming to MI!

  8. Ginnie, what a splendid way of describing the present finacial situation and yours in patricular.
    The Turtels allway moves - mostly forward - then they stop to reflect - sometimes they even went back, when needed. But at the end, they have come forward in their lifes.

    btw. Our leg one on our Europe by Car is posted.

  9. Ruth: Isn't that the truth! Today is Thursday, so maybe tomorrow or over the weekend they will come? I do hope she has a chance to give her own "verdict." You can be sure I'll let you know!

    Tor: I think we have a lot to learn from the turtles of this world! They often win the race. And BTW, I love your Google map of your trip to France from Oslo. I have even bookmarked it.

  10. Is consiguido a tonality and approach prefecta.
    Congratulations for the photo.


  11. Did you hear about the turtles at JFK airport? Quite a few (hundreds?) crossing the runway delayed flights for 90 minutes.

  12. Bernardo: Ohhhh, muchas gracias por sus palabras!

    Ruth: OMG, NO. I wonder if it will be on the evening news?! That’s amazing.

  13. That turtle is truly gorgeous. I love the detailed scales on the legs and the long black claws look as though they could be lethal.
    I hope the family from Iowa like the house. I think the housing market is looking up a bit here in Canada, but it's still a buyer's market.

  14. nice to see u back, Ginnie....hope the house sells soon and your new friend sure is a good lookin' one! :)

    I haven't seen the movie Iris but I sure can imagine Judi Dench saying that :)

  15. Must be hard when you have to be that patient!

    What wonderful photo - but then again, I recognize you as a great photographer Ginnie!

    I'll cross my fingers and toes and all I have for you - keep us posted!

  16. someone said you only need one person to buy your house and I hope this is the one for you.....great shots of the turtle......

  17. Sham: The family from Iowa never came! So I'm having my realtor check to see if the wife ever made it here over the weekend. Just curious to know. She said house-hunting has ground to a halt the past couple of weeks. Hmmm. Wonder what THAT'S about!!

    Moi: I see why patience is a virtue! No one came to see the house this past weekend. Sigh. But I'll keep our turtle friend in mind....

    Renny: You are so kind...thank you, dear friend. The wife didn't come by with her husband...not yet....

    Neva: I have said that many times...we only need one person to buy the house! It'll happen, I'm sure of it. I just don't know when!