Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Just Like Frodo

Remember in the LOTR, the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, when the movie opens and Frodo is leaning up against a tree, reading? It's when Gandalf rides into town for Bilbo's birthday (image from Google Images).

G'son Nicholas was with me over this past weekend and when we watched the movie, he immediately said, "G'ma, I want to read in the woods, just like Frodo!"

No sooner said than done, as far as this g'ma is concerned! All we had to figure out was when we would do it. That was Friday night and the when ended up being Saturday, late afternoon. Thank God, because by Sunday it was raining!

We even had LOTR books to choose from for reading. How 'bout that!

As an interesting aside, we went out into the woods after we came home from seeing the last Harry Potter movie at the theater (the second time for each of us). We started talking about all the similarities between the HP movies and the LOTR movies. Then we added other good-vs-evil movie sets, like Star Wars and X-Men.

Don't you just love how those little minds work?!!!!


  1. I love that you two have these times together, Mom! Great photos!

  2. I think that sitting out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, is a great way to relax into reading a book. I do it all the time in the back yard. Perhaps I'll have to try reading in the forest, like Nicholas.
    BTW, my YoungerSon has the middle name Nicholas.

  3. Oh wow, just love those photos... I swear I would have the most awesome G'ma around if I got to do all of that stuff together AND get my photo taken! ;-)

  4. These are the times you cherish, these are the times Nicholas will remember, tonight at the dinner table, Jeroen (my 21 year old son) told things he did with his grandmother (my mother) she was naughty, we had great laughs.
    MLS, this again is a wonderful post of a wonderful grandson.

  5. Amy: He totally steals my heart, every time! I love these times, too!

    Sham: We weren't able to stay out long this time because the 'squitoes were out-n-about after all our rain. But we were there long enough to get some good pics! :) Nicholas is a great name. I'm glad Amy has been firm on not shortening it to Nick.

    ET: HA! You just made my day. :)

    Astrid: When you tell me stories about Jeroen and your mom, I have faith to believe Nicholas will remember me when I am long gone. But I don't think he will ever see me as being "naughty." :D

  6. Georgeous Photos - taken there and then.
    You are an impressive storyteller.

    btw. we had a wonderful weekend with friends in Holland.

    Look at this:

  7. Beautiful on so many levels. Love that boy.

    You can tell Nicholas his aunt ruth used to have similar fantasies. There are certain woods around the cottage where I used to go sit and dream of hobbits, especially over by where the horses are - which has changed a lot in recent years and isn't so quiet now.

    Beautiful photos.

  8. Such a beautiful little boy, such peaceful, soulful photos. And yes, he will have these memories forever.

  9. The processing of these photos is so evocative of your lumberjack series there's only one thing for this half-crazed mind to think:

    Now, we need photos of the lumberjack reading in the woods!
    I have a photo in my current entry of a boatyard worker on break, bent over with pencil and paper. The juxtaposition of manual labor and intellectual attentiveness is a great one. I suspect those photos "catch" us because they're visual oxymorons - we don't expect laborers to be thinking. There are all kinds of prejudices abroad in this land, and that's one of them ;-)

  10. I love these shots! and I love reading outdoors....not in the woods if there are a lot of bugs but still it can be done!!!

  11. Yes I love minds work and also your pics with this lively and personal Ginnie touch!

    Good to know you've had a great time with G'son :-)

  12. Tor: You're a real sweetheart! I do love to tell certain stories, especially when they involve Nicholas! And yes, I already saw your post on Holland. Soon I'll be there!!

    Ruth: Thanks for this memory, sister. I had no idea you used to do this at the cottage!!!

    Christina: Just wait till you have your own g'children!!!

    SA: HA! I like how your mind works, Linda! :D You are so right about the prejudices we have about laborers. If more of us did what we wanted to do instead of what was expected of us, we'd probably see a better mix of thinkers midst the laborers...and perhaps even laborers midst the thinking jobs!

    Neva: We were starting to get mosquitoes that afternoon after the rain, so we didn't stay long. But we have been there other times when we could have read for a long time.

    Renny: It is so wonderful to have a g'child. I love him to death. Every year is like a new stage of growth and joy to be a part of. Thanks.

  13. Dear Ginnie,
    Just looking at this great pho's and the film I do not know, but I can imagine.... Your photo's are filmisch too ( I love the portrait photo's because: the boys face-expression shows his mood and nterest in the book very well. the photo's itself are sharp, GOOD! good shots) , when are you where in Holland? The weather is soon changing here,

    Take care dear,
    Greetings from JoAnn/Holland