Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adventures or Not!

Awhile back, g'son Nicholas told me that what he likes about his other grammy is that they go on adventures. So when Nicholas was with me this past Thursday through Saturday, I asked him about two of the things we did...if they were adventures.

First, we went to the Cumming Fair on Thursday, which was the opening night this year. We have done it every year in October since he was 2 years old, so this was his 8th time in his 9 years (you have to use your fingers for the math, trust me). Because it was opening night, they had "specials" -- like no entrance fee and only $18/person for unlimited rides. We saved a bundle!

AND Nicholas had no school on Friday (or Monday) because of the Columbus Day holiday. So, we had a blast. All 6 hours worth! We were there by 4:15 and left at 10:15. Talk about tired puppies. Was it an adventure? "Sort of."

Believe it or not, this was the only picture I took of him on a ride because, well, because I rode all the rides with him! I rode the above ride with him (the "airplane" ride) but he wanted to ride it again and I told him this time I would take a picture of him.

We always go to the big barn to see the animals, year after year. The billy goats are the ones who eat up the attention!

We even saw a totally new clown/circus show with pigs and dogs .

And then we ate up the homemade ice cream. It went back-n-forth between vanilla, chocolate and strawberry...until we got to the head of the line and he decided on chocolate. Good choice! One bowl is really plenty to share amongst THREE people, but we managed to finish it just fine.

We had earlier eaten our prerequisite turkey leg (this was the second year in a row that we were able to finish one between us) and corn on the cob. But my hands were way too messy for that photo op.

Okay. That was Thursday night.

Now segue to Friday afternoon when we went on a 2-mile-each-way trail walk in the neighborhood that was just finished a few months ago. Was it an adventure? "Not really."

So, when I asked him why it wasn't exactly an adventure, he said because it wasn't exactly in the woods. We had a defined boardwalk or biking trail the entire way. IT told us where to go, instead of us telling it where we wanted to go. I asked him if our woods here at the house is an adventure, and he said "YES!"
Okay, I'm getting it. Made sense to me.

I think I learned something from Nicholas this weekend about what adventures are! They are NOT clearly defined events or places that are straight-forward or predictable. They are "off the beaten path" and a bit of a surprise as you make your own on-the-go choices.

I've decided that means I can safely describe my life at this point in time as an Adventure!


  1. Good morning Ginnie! Beautiful scenery even if it is not an adventure. I try to stay on the path and enjoy that, but I've had some adventures this fall, too!!

  2. OK. Stay with me here, because we're going to do a little Latin and a little theology. It is Sunday morning, after all!

    There are two Latin words that describe two kinds of future. One is futurum. This is the future that extends out from the present. For example, we know a boy will become a man, a girl will become a woman. We know a human child won't grow up to be a lion or tiger. That kind of future is predictable, ordered, capable of being planned for.

    On the other hand, adventus, which literally means "arrival", implies a quite different future - one that comes TO us in the present. It's unpredictable, unique, unexpected and often so different from our past and present we hardly can believe it.

    You can see where I'm headed, I'm sure. Adventus is the root for our words advent and, yes, adventure. What Nicholas was telling you is that he prefers adventus to futurum.
    He's more interested in what's going to arrive from the future than in determining the future before he sets out.

    Phew. But I couldn't help myself. It's not often you get such a beautiful contrast served up on a platter ;-) Guess it might be time to make a few notes for an Advent post!

  3. How great to read about your traditions together for so many years. Both you and Nicholas are lucky to have each other!

    I do agree with him! That's why I always loved to play out in the forests and up in the mountains when I was a kid - and still do, as you can see from my posts from Norway :-)

  4. But would you want it any other way? I can't imagine you without a little adventure in your life. Can't wait to hear all about where the unmarked path will take you next!

  5. Here's to adventures! (Or should I say, "Adventures with a capital A"?)

  6. I like how Nicholas educates his grandma. ;-)

    It's a woo tay street.

    Sorry, I just posted some spoonerisms and have been thinking about Bill for about 24 hours. Now there is an adventure: the mugly other and the prandsom hince and the shoe that fidn't dit. :)

  7. Oh what a great post. I guess I do remember past visits to this fair. And yes it is Columbus Day weekend or Thanksgiving here in Canada. We ate a bit too and I went on my own adventure... :) the RVM photo hunt.

  8. whatever the definition, it sounds like it was fun!

    That last photo of Nicholas, wow! After watching your adventures (or not) with him for the past few years, it's very cool seeing him grow up.

  9. Susan: You and I are in the same boat right now, making our own way. I guess we're proving we're never too old for an Adventure! Congratulations to us both. :)

    SA: By now you know I LOVED reading your treatise on futurum and adventus, Linda. I am such a lover of word studies like this and thank you for the little sermonette on Sunday morning. It made my day.

    Renny: I can just picture what you must have been like at Nicholas' age! Yes, I knew you'd concur with him! :)

    Christina: You know me well, M'Lady! What is Life without Adventure!

    Karen: YES! The ones with the capital A are the ones on which we hang our lives.

    Ruth: I had to start laughing...remembering how much fun we have had over the years with spoonerisms. I think Mom first instilled them into us! Nothing like the cig bity, you know!

    ET: One day I'll remember that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving now. I knew it was earlier than ours but didn't remember when exactly. Thanks for the reminder.

    Mad: He really IS growing up. You could go to October each year on my site here and see how much he has indeed grown up. One year I'll have to do a post of that!

  10. I think Nicholas has a strong point here.
    Like when my Son Niklas brings his Son Sebastian to an Adventure, well it had to be something really "scary" in an Adventure Park or into the real nature, where you more or less had to make your own path.

    Thanks for your nice comments regarding my Mothers "first" 90, as we told her.
    Her Grandma became 99 and so did her cousin Marie, which Ingelin and I did visit in Portland, OR- in -95. And she did her return visit to Oslo the year after!!!.'

    btw. Reserve August 11-15 next year for Oslo. RennyBA will post something during this Week, I expect.

  11. Oh, dear! Didn't mean to sermonize. I just love thinking about the varieties of time, and the way we experience past, present and future.

    I get to use Faulkner's great line about the past all the time, but the future? Not as often.

    Our language just doesn't make some of the fine distinctions I think it should. Kairos and chronos is another wonderful pair - but we have to work to make the distinctions in English.

    This is a wonderful entry. I've re-read it several times and have a whole pad of scribbled notes, but if I don't get to bed I won't be ready for any of tomorrow's adventures!

  12. Tor: Out of the mouths of babes! We always have something to learn from our kids, don't we! And yes, I have August 11-15 on the calendar for next year. Let's see what's happening by then. :)

    SA: Oh, but sermonettes are NOT the same thing as sermonizing, Linda...not by a long shot! Sermonettes are like those pithy quotes you never want to forget. Kairos and chronos is definitely another great pair. I love word studies like that. So soulful! Thanks for the reminder.