Monday, June 27, 2011

A Stitch in Time

A stitch in time saves nine.

That's what my post at Vision and Verb is about today, just two days before I fly from Amsterdam to Atlanta. It's a long story but it's spontaneous and alone, without Astrid. The short version is that my kids became free for the July 4th holiday and decided to drive from Atlanta to our Michigan family cottage, just like we always did.
And I wanted to be with them.

The rest of the story you can read at V&V....

In the meantime, I'm finishing a Shutterfly photo book that I've worked on non-stop for a week. I received a gift certificate from TripAdvisor after writing a review for them but it expires tomorrow. No way do I want to lose it. I'm titling it "Holland: Through My Lens" (101 pages, the limit) unless one of you comes up with something a bit more exciting. Remember helping us name our Granny Towanda car?!

I return to Holland (and Astrid!) on Friday morning, 8 July, and plan to post again here the following Monday. Till then, enjoy your 4th of July holiday if you celebrate it!



  1. The book sounds great! I should be doing one too!!! I think there is a better title. I'll think about it for a few hrs here and share my thoughts for now...

    I like something has to do with Opening my eyes or discovering Holland... What about something the projects what you did for those photos? Photo Hunting is more like it...

    "Photo Hunting Through Holland?"
    "Holland: Images through my lens"
    "Holland: A Year Through My Eyes"

    Not sure I'll get anymore out today, but that's where I was headed... :)

    I'm going to keep my mouth shut about let freedom ring, but you found in Holland!

    Safe travels!

  2. dogs, ribs, corn, apple pie, lemonade await you and more :)

    i had been unsuccessful leaving comments in your photoblog :(

    safe trip.

  3. I think I left my thinking head somewhere else, I cannot think of another title.
    I saw some of the pages you make, it will be a fabulous, delightful book of out memeories, I am looking forward to holding it and flipping the pages, one by one.
    Save travels and come back home in one piece..... Dikke Kus.

  4. ET: Please let me know ASAP because I will have to hit the button by tomorrow. :) The thing is, the pictures go all the way back to 2007, so it's more than one year's worth.

    I couldn't resist the LET FREEDOM RING. Sigh.

    PC: If I get even one of those...corn on the cob...I'll be a happy camper, Maria. :) Thanks.

    Hmmm. I wonder what the problem was with leaving comments??

    Astrid: You've been so supportive of this book, which means the world to me, of course. I hope it will be something we can treasure for years to come.

    Next year, you'll go with me to the family cottage! God willing and the creek don't rise....

  5. Travel, travel... lol... Michigan? My best friend lives there (Jackson) now and we haven't been able to visit her yet... Well, one day :-)

    I'm sure the photo book will be super!!!

  6. LC: You and Tor are similar, in that you both have family or friends in Michigan. It would be funny if that's where I finally meet you one day. HA!

  7. How about 'appletarts and cathedrals' ? ;-) (I can't remember how to spell appletart in Dutch.)

    It will be a wonderful treasury, wow.

    And I get to see you in a few days!!! Let's talk about our solo campouts . . .

  8. Ruth: HA! I can always tell what's on your mind, sister. :) The book is jam-packed full, including a mix of collages and single images, the normal and the textured 'arty' ones. It will be a treasure for us, for sure, and it sure was soulful to do. One day I'll show you. Thanks. I'll see you soon....

  9. I’ll be waiting for the report on the reunion and all the pictures. The landscape there must be very nice. Enjoy yourself.

  10. Enjoy your little trip back to the US. I'm sure you'll have a great time with your family! Take care and safe journey.

  11. Vagabonde: Thank you! I'm actually going with great expectations...but hope to never go again without Astrid!

    Martie: Thanks, Lady. I'm wishing and hoping for the best. But I sure will miss Astrid!

  12. You wouldn't be going without Astrid unless you were convinced that it is the right thing to do this time.... so good luck, have a wonderfdul time with your family, and give your Nicholas lots of hugs.
    Sorry that you can't spare a few days in Canada.... but next time? Would love to show you both a little corner of where I live.

  13. Great Singer sewing machine photo! And enjoy your time with family back here in the USA.

  14. Sham: Thank you, Lady. Astrid and I have already said it's the last time I'll go alone, except in an emergency. So that's already a break-through for me.

    Yes, it would have been nice to stop by. Maybe next year when Astrid and I are together in that neck of the woods for a coupke of weeks?! :)

    Tim: Gotta love the universality of that machine...recognized all over the world! Thanks. We'll start our long drive tonight, Thursday! :)

  15. check your email dear Ginnie
    Bob K, Atlanta

  16. Oh! Good to know we're on the same side of the pond for a bit. Great photograph.

  17. Bob: I did check my e-mail and will get back to you via the phone/e-mail after things settle down. We just arr'd back in Atlanta after the 13-hour drive from the cottage. We're all tired! But I'll get back to you today or tomorrow....

    Ted: Same side of the pond, indeed! Until Thursday, that is. :) We just got back from the cottage trip and will try to catch up on some sleep and settling back in. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Oh my... I peeked ahead to see what was next in store for me (could not help myself before REALLY going to bed as mentioned in the previous comment) and realized that I will be able to catch up on your family trip tomorrow or the next day for sure! And I've already visited your Stitch in Time V&V post while I was away... catching up more quickly! :-)

    I would LOVE to see the book in its finished form... I can well imagine it will have given you and Astrid hours and hours of pleasure once printed. :-)

  19. Victoria: You are really such a sweetheart to be going through these back posts...something I would not have expected you to do, but am greatly honored that you've done. I know what it feels like to get behind. Get your sleep. Get caught up with everything else that's important to you. I'll still be here...and the good news is that my V&V will now be every 3rd week, because we have grown in our number of collaborators! :)