Monday, August 01, 2011

More New Tricks

Did you just happen to notice that I didn't have a Vision and Verb post last week? If, so, you're very observant. It so happens we have expanded to not only a new site, thanks to administrator Marcie, but to enough new collaborators to make every third Monday my new posting schedule. This is that third Monday.

My V&V post today is on Lady Justice in today's world. She holds scales in her left hand, carries a double-edged sword, and is blindfolded. Why? And why is she a lady? If we had more of her in today's world, would there be a difference? I sure would like to think so.

Now, on a different note, Astrid and I took our first photo-hunt car trip on Saturday in over a month. Boy, did that ever feel good. We went to Apeldoorn, approximately 60 miles NE of us. That's what I'll be working on for next week's post.

Today, here's some more finagling with my macro lens from walks around the citadel last week. It's getting easier to figure things out but I still have much to learn. Those of you who can give me tips, please do!

My guess is the macro lens is used more for flowers and insects than any other thing.

In the case of this clover, I was especially happy to get that little red spider (?) bug in the bottom image.
He was running all around the floret and wouldn't stand still. At one point I just closed my eyes and shot.
HA! Gotcha, you bugger!

Thankfully, I do not have arachnophobia!
But do they really look like that up close and personal?

Truth be told, these slugs creep me out more!
I literally lay down on the walkway to take some of these images...and didn't care if I'd ever get back up.
The things we photographers are willing to do, right?
BTW, Astrid says these slugs are called naaktslakken = naked snails.
Snails without houses. Makes sense to me!

Speaking of which, I found another snail (with house) that's like the seashell from my last post but the garden variety, stuck to the side of a wall. It stared right back!
The upper-left squiggly ball is the casing of a chestnut-in-progress I'm not sure what.
Hmmm. I'll have to do some more research on that.
Addendum: it's from a platan or plane tree!
Dew drops in the images below are like diamonds in the rough.

And so it goes. My macro lens is light enough to carry on my citadel walks going forward, which I'll surely do...just in case something catches my eye. It's definitely a whole new way of seeing things and good for this 'old dog.'

Now, to the Apeldoorn pics for next week, but in the meantime, don't forget Lady Justice over at Vision and Verb. Thanks.


  1. pictures of the snail I was really impressed, you were very good!!

  2. You are definitely getting the hang of shooting with your macro lens... I don't think I have anything left to teach you!

    The yellow flowers floating on the dark bokeh are marvelous... the spiders wonderful. (I don't fear them either but do not want one on me and AM afraid of the jumping kind!)

    I cannot stand slugs for what they do to one's garden but your images are GREAT! And now that I see the snail and have scrolled down to the previous post), I do see that there is a difference between it and the seashells which so closely resemble a snail. Love the dewdrop jewels!

  3. See, you get the hang of it and I think you are GOOD... punt uit, I don't care what other people say.
    I love the picture with the droplet of water.
    The naaktslakken are beautiful....
    The flowers are just great.
    I am so proud of you and happy for you that you are able to figure it out.
    I know it will take time, but as long as it is fun, just go for it.
    Great post, now I hop over to V&V..... and after that koffie en CSI... ;)

  4. Victoria; Thank you for your vote of confidence! I'm still remembering what you said about needing to figure out what it is I want to accomplish. Still working on that one!

    Astrid: You're my biggest fan club, of course, and what you think means the world to me. Bedankt. Thanks for your undying encouragement!

  5. Just lovely! Yup you are getting the hang of it.. I should try finding some of my fav macros and post them for you!

    Oh and that certainly does look like a chestnut in progress to me. I stepped on way too many! I'll see if they are out here and then I really can verify!

    Now I gotta get back to VV soon!

  6. ET: You're a sweetheart, Jen. Thank you. I'd love to see your macros!

    Astrid helped me to find the tree with the squiggly fruit: it's a platan tree or a plane tree. I'll add that to my text above.

  7. How nice that you got back out for a photo trip. You must have dearly missed that.

    You are doing so beautifully well with your macro shots, they're brilliant. I think you are the one who should be giving tips.

    The yellow-golden snail is so beautiful. I love the texture, pattern and glow of his shell. Really love it.

  8. Ruth: It was very satisfying to get out again for a day's car-trip, yes. The break was good but I loved getting back in the saddle.

    Thank you for your generous vote of confidence in my macro shots. It's a whole new world out there, now that I'm using the lens. Unbelievable!

  9. Very cool!!! I especially like the spiders. :)

  10. Ginnie, you are doing great macro shots. Some day I'll have to get a macro lens.

  11. The name Apeldoorn rings a bell. I think that Apeldoorn was one of the Dutch towns that were liberated by Canadian forces at the end of WW2. I remember that a number of WW2 veterans went over to Holland a few years ago.... could it have been to commemmorate 50 years after the end of the war? I can't remember. But a gentleman living on my street went with the group and said they got a very warm welcome from the Dutch people in Apeldoorn. Parades on the main street and people cheering etc... reliving the liberation. Unfortunately, that lovely old gentleman is gone now, so I can't ask him about it.

  12. Karen: HA! I'm really having fun photographing them, so that tells me everything. :) Thanks.

    Tim: Thank you kindly. I bought it in November of 2009 and am just now starting to use it. If you get one, I'm sure you'll start using it right away...and will have a heyday with it because of all your nature hikes!

    Sham: You are good! WOW! I'll make sure I include in my post the two images I have that connect Canada with Apeldoorn, so you're very right. How fun is that!

  13. Ha ha, only Ginnie can turn a homely slug into art! They're called naked snails in German too - Nacktschnecken. Brrr. I think I like the ones with the shells better!

    Beautiful photos once again.

  14. Christina: You're a sweetheart, friend. Thank you. :) I like the ones with shells better, too!!!

  15. You are well on your way to mastering this new lens. Your pink clover shot with the red spider is impressive. Did I see a second spider in there?

    Are you using any image stabilizing devices like a tripod or monopod? I find it impossible to get a good sharp macro without it. Then of course there's that pesky wind...

  16. DB: Thank you, Diana. You're very generous. And on the second spider, it may be a dead one because it wasn't moving. But who knows. :)

    The lens does have an image stabilizer which I use. At first, inside the house, I used a tripod, but now, since going outside, everything is handheld. The wind is so pesky that I try to find something to rest my hand/arm on, which helps.

    Little by little I'm figuring out what works and what doesn't!

  17. HI Ginnie: Latest news flash: Twins have arrived.... doubled my grandchild count in one fell swoop! WOOHOO!!!!! I'm a happy Nana.

  18. Just love the image of "the old dog" closing her eyes and just shooting. LOL! You are great at the macro shots and I look forward to seeing more. I love the "naked" snail lifting his body up... never thought of them as beautiful before.

  19. Sham: OMG. You have got to be one proud grandma! GEFELICITEERD!

    Margaret: HA! Sometimes the beat things happen when we just close our eyes and go for it! Thank you.

  20. These pics are so beautiful! I see you've been having a lot of fun playing with your new lens and the results are amazing! Don't you love bokeh? one of my favorite things. And I must agree about carrying a smaller lens is so much easier. Since we moved to the city, i really haven't been carrying my big camera, but now with my fixed lens, i've been carrying it with me a lot more often, letting my creative photographer out to play again.

  21. Mad: I love the size and weight of my new lens, for sure! However, when I use it, I miss the ability to zoom in and out with a wider range (28-300). So both have their pros and cons. I have learned to hold the bigger lens like a baby, which helps. :) Thanks for your comment, Mad!