Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Resolution: To Give Back

Last post I left you hanging about my New Year's resolution to give back to Wiki after all they have given to me:

There she is: my first (and so far only) submission to Wikimedia Commons.
Without going into the beginning, middle, and end of it again,
you can read all about it at my Vision and Verb post today.
(You can also click here to see the submission at Wiki Commons.)

My goal now, going forward, is to start submitting relevant images to pages where there is minimal info, even at Wikipedia. Wikimedia Commons is a repository of free images/videos for anyone to use (albeit with license restrictions). Wikipedia is another option for where to "put" the images, where none exist. Astrid and I often visit small villiages here in the Netherlands where there is no Wiki info or images. Maybe that's where I can also give back! So, wish me luck.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Switch gears, now, back again to my last post when I told you about the famous Dutch jigsaw-puzzle artist, Jan van Haasteren. We are totally addicted!

This past Friday was the 13th, right, so how coincidental that we just happened to finish van Haasteren's Friday the 13th puzzle the same day:

This is very typical...and great fun as a 1500-pc. puzzle.
(image from van Haasteren's site)

Here's what part of the fun is: to find his "signatures" all over the place....
(Thanks to Astrid for all the following images which I processed and "collaged.")

...Like his actual signature and his every puzzle.

And always, no matter what the puzzle theme, there's a shark's tail, snail, Native American indian with arrows stuck here-n-there, cat, dog, snail, periscope, Sinterklaas and Black Peter, bikes, snake, crazy legs...

...umbrella, Wanted poster, white or black birds...
and stand-alone hands and popping-out eyes in every nook or cranny.

He's wonderfully crazy, with 97 puzzles in his repertoire.
You can understand why we're collecting as many of them as possible
(so far we have 14).

Now, look at this:

It so happens we borrowed the above puzzle from one of Astrid's co-workers.
Remember that I told you van Haasteren will replace a missing piece if he can?
Astrid has contacted him to see if he can replace this one.
If so, it's another way to give back!

Don't ask me why but these are the small pleasures of my life thus far in 2012. We're halfway through the month and I feel like dancing:

I have watched this YouTube over and over again, loving everything about it:
the smiles, passion, swinging hips, gum-chewing, yellow pumps.
Life is Good
(even when your laptop breaks, which mine just has at the lid's hinges,
so we're off to hopefully get it fixed today).

One last reminder to visit my Vision and Verb, if you can take the time....


  1. I have NO patience for puzzles, but I did once help a piano teacher with a huge puzzle. I would work on it while my kids took lessons. I was excited when I found three pieces once.... JUST THREE!

    John and I used to swing dance once a month at a community college. All age groups and it was FUN. We miss doing that. We need to find a dance group and join up again... I'm off to V&V!

  2. I can't wait to see Astrid blowing glass!! I didn't see where to leave a comment on V&V so I am doing that here. You are certainly starting your year out with a bang! :)

  3. Margaret: It appears people do or don't have patience for puzzles, which I find most interesting. Not many in-betweeners. :) I can imagine how it must have felt to fin your THREE pieces.

    I would love to be part of a dance group. Maybe we can look into that!

  4. Margaret: I just left your comment for you at V&V. I hope you don't mind!

  5. Absolute wonderful that you share you fabulous pictures, what a way to give (and receive in the end)
    There is almost no bigger fun than the Jigsaw Puzzles from Jan.
    We keep dancing no matter what, we almost danced our way back knowing that the laptop can be repaired.
    I am just smiling we are two weeks into Januari and we only have 50 to go.... that will be a lot of adventures again.

  6. That puzzle and the artist are so funny! I've never heard of anyone replacing a missing piece either, that's very kind of him. I love the random hands.

  7. Astrid: I love that I can work on Wiki pics now. Let's see where this takes back, especially if someone else can benefit from all our wonderful photo hunts!

    And yes, my laptop will be fixed gratis, under warranty, with annual maintenance thrown in for free. The Universe sure knows how to take care of us! Thank you.

  8. I haven't done a puzzle since I was a child. It's a pity children nowadays don't like puzzles for christmas :)

  9. I have no real patience with jigsaw puzzles though my wife likes them. Interesting post though.

  10. I love puzzles that show beautiful views or a scene like your ranch house with the family.

    I also think that's an awesome idea for the cities/villages you visit for wiki...

    My heart brakes today but I have so much to be happy about!

  11. Mad: You'd love these puzzles. We can look at them a hundred times and still see something new that we missed. It amazes me.

    It so happens that van Haasteren does NOT have the missing piece for this puzzle. We heard back from him and apparently there are only some puzzles they can complete. Too bad. But the idea is still a great one.

  12. PC: I have a feeling you either do or don't like jigsaw puzzles, with no middle ground, Maria. If a child got introduced to a puzzle and discovered (s)he liked it, it'd probably stay for life, don't you think?

    Tim: You make my point about people who either do or don't like jigsaw puzzles! But you make up for it in other ways, I'm sure., :)

    ET: My thing with jigsaw puzzles is I like them better if the pieces match and don't overlap. Other than that, I don't care what the view is. :)

    I'm delighted I was able to get started with Wiki submissions. I'll see what it's like to submit indivual images now. I guess I started with something more difficult first?

    Stay happy, Jen. It's so much better than the alternative!

  13. What do you do with the puzzles when you are finished? Do you glue them to keep them rigid?

    I love that video – the dancers are so different – some in rhythm, some so stern, some very slow. I wonder where this dance took place.

  14. Vagabonde: We break the puzzles apart when we're done, because we have no room for them otherwise. We have so many puzzles, also ones not from van Haasteren, that we can always have fun putting them together more than once. The ones we borrow from Astrid's co-worker, of course, we give back to her as soon as we're done.

    I love that video, too. It really does something to me. My guess is it's in Mexico.

  15. A few months ago we started doing crossword puzzles together, and it's such fun. I showed MFB your puzzles and said we should do that next! They look terrific.

    Your contribution to Wiki sites is a perfect example of how just one person can make a contribution - a difference - and have it matter. It's an excellent idea, Ginnie.
    And that video? I stole it to put on my group blog. So good!

  16. Ah Ginnie, one more thing we have in common... a love of doing jigsaw puzzles! Our family did them as a family fun thing to do when I was still living at home. One puzzle that I remember well is one that, when finished, could be picked up because the pieces were about 1/4" thick and all interlocking. We must have done that one about once a year and were all upset when we couldn't find it while packing up the house before my mother moved to assisted living.

    I love the notion of being able to give back to Wiki and if I ever catch up with things in other areas, I hope to do that also. Will definitely keep it in mind for the next time I come across a page where I COULD contribute if I took the time to do so. Meantime, I gave them a rather generous donation this year (more than twice what I gave last year) so am already giving back in that regard.

    As always, the images are such fun! My compliments to you both... Astrid for taking them and you for collaging them! And now I'm off to V&V. :-)

  17. Deborah: These puzzles are better than terrific! I kid you not. Let me know if you and your FB do in fact get one...and which one.

    Thanks for your support of Wiki for me. I do hope to make a difference in my own small way!

    Victoria: I think we are probably sisters! :)

    If you get around to sharing on Wiki, let's swap stories. I love to know of someone else who donated to them. Thank you. I believe we all make a difference, one person at a time!

  18. Do I detect a puppy dog tail in the puzzle? ;-)

    How fun, TOTALLY FUN, that you are submitting photos to wiki! I love seeing that first one, just brilliant! I have no doubt that yours will be among the very best images posted there. This makes me so happy!

  19. Ruth: There's always a tiger's tail, so I wonder if that's what you saw??? So cute, right!

    Once I get my own laptop back, I'm eager to get started uploading again. I'd like to get into a rhythm for the many images/week, perhaps? Thanks for your enthusuasm, which is lovely.