Monday, August 13, 2012

On Time, Clocks and Gearing Up

As we speak, Astrid and I are gearing up for our annual trip to America next week.
And that's what my post is about at Vision and Verb today.

It so happens the above image is from the Broekhuis Klokken store in Steenbergen, Netherlands, from our day trip back in April when we also visited the Moses Bridge.  As often happens, we kill several birds with one stone!

I'll get to the rest of Steenbergen later but as we were walking around the city center, we came upon the Broekhuis store and were immediately drawn in by the clocks in the window.  Once we entered, we were gobsmacked!  I have never seen so many clocks and different varieties in one place ever.  
The showrooms are endless.  To work there you'd have to memorize the maze.

 Old clocks. New clocks.  Antique and Modern.
Dr. Seuss would have a heyday there, coming up with a jingle.

A face for any personality or mood.
Guess how much these clocks cost?
The top middle clock will set you back only €72K ($89K).

Are you as fascinated with clockworks as I am?
With all those gears, aren't your surprised they don't break more often!
Oh, but if they do, this is the place to get them fixed.

All these clocks are made at Erwin Sattler in Germany.
Dick Broekhuis happens to be the only Dutch retailer and with the largest shop in Europe, if not the world.
He graciously gave us free rein in his store.  We were like kids in a candy shop.
And we didn't even visit the watch store next door!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

As I mentioned earlier, we were in the city of Steenbergen in the North Brabant province of the Netherlands:  pop. c. 23,000.  We weren't there for long...just a wee pass-through....

 ...but had plenty of time to see the Catholic St. Gummaruskerk, with history back to the 13th century.
Too bad it wasn't open!

 Impressions.  Always time for impressions...

...all making up the Steenbergen we saw that day.
No weathervanes or gevelstenen...but we did see the water tower from 1950 (top left).
And the Reformed Protestantkerk is in the bottom-right corner.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here's another reminder about my Vision and Verb post today.  We really are geared up for next week's trip to America!  But more on that next week, just before we leave.


  1. The clock store is amazing. Truly beautiful artwork. And i adore the wheelbarrow impression. Just stunning! Enjoy your trip and I can't wait to see your photos of my beloved MI.

  2. That shop is someting else. Just amazing. Also the barometers in that shop were fabulous. I never saw such a huge collection together in one shop. Mr. Broekhuis was so kind allowing us to, just walk around and that you took pictures.
    Steenbergen is a nice town, both churches are landmarks.
    I am looking forward to the trip. I know it will be great again.

  3. Margaret: Whoever would have thought a clock store could be so much fun! Thanks! I don't know how much time I'll have in Michigan for pictures, since we'll be helping out for the wedding. But I'm sure I'll have something. :)

    Astrid: The store was a real treat, wasn't it! And Mr. Broekhuis was so nice to let us wander around. These are such wonderful memories for us!

  4. The nooks and crannies of towns and clocks, all fascinating. The clocks are incredible. I think you know that Don's dad had a collection of about 70 over the years, and for a while he wound them all. Then later on, after retirement, he worked a few hours a week in a clock shop and learned to repair them. When we stayed over, we usually had to stop the clocks so we could sleep. :-)

    Wonderful photos!

    1. I just discovered, Ruth, from your new blog, that I can now use this "embedded" format for comments. YAY. Thanks to you, I have just figured it out.

  5. Ruth: I do remember that about Don's dad, now that you've mentioned it. I suppose if you hear them all day long you get used to them, even at night?! WOW. Astrid has to close our kitchen door at night because of the battery clock there, so I do understand. Tick-tock. SOON we'll be there with you!

  6. That's even more clocks than I have in my house!! Actually I only have 5 that have to be wound up on a regular basis, but most people think that's far to many.
    You can blame the Olympics for me not blogging much over the past 2 weeks.... I love watching all those athletes competing against each other, There were so many memorable achievements... can't possibly list them all. Canada didn't get as many medals as they wanted, but who cares about medals? Not me. I just think all the athletes are winners just be being there.
    Still haven't watched the closing ceremonies, have it saved on my PVR, will watch it tonight.
    Are you going to be anywhere near me when you are in USA next week?

  7. How funny, I didn't realise that you had posted that RONA cross country relay commercial too, until I was browsing through your recent posts. It's a winner isn't it???
    Just shows that great minds think alike.

  8. Sham: Clocks coming out of our ears almost everywhere we go. I love it! And the Olympics were just wonderful, weren't they! We didn't see the closing ceremonies because they started at 10 p.m., our bedtime, especially before a work-day for Astrid. But I've seen bits-n-pieces today.

    Yes, great minds think alike. I didn't realize you hadn't seen my same video but it makes sense now that you didn't.

    We will be in Dansville, MI, flying into Detroit next week but almosy every minute of our time will be helping Don and Ruth with wedding preparations. And then first thing on Sunday morning, after Saturday's wedding, we fly to Atlanta. Bummer.

    But one or there...we'll meet. I know we will!

  9. so tired today.. but came by to view and drool... Oh you have gotten to see so much of the NL! :)

  10. ET: Wake up, Jen! You poor thinhg! :( But yes, I feel so lucky. And there's still so much more to see....miles to go before I sleep.

  11. Email me your phone number and a time to call and we could have a chat on that newfangled invention, er... what's it called? Oh yes... the telephone.

  12. These clocks were great – what an interesting shop. I used to collect clocks. My friend, a retired colonel, repaired clocks, so we went to antique shops, auctions and flea markets and bought not running clocks and he would fix them. I have at least 8 in the den, 9 in the parlor, 3 in the kitchen, 4 in the dining room and I don’t know how many more in each room. But he passed away so I don’t buy them anymore, but I still like them. My father also loved clocks – real antique ones and I had 3 of the best shipped from Paris including an antique grandfather clock. They used to ring at different times… I like the house in the middle of your last collage.

    1. Clocks make a GREAT collection, Vagabonde, so I can just imagine what yours are like. Ruth's FIL also collects clocks. There really is something about them...all with their own personalities!

      I liked that house in the middle, too. I LOVE architecture! :)

  13. Oh my... clocks! I'm so happy for the digital age, though. Because ticking of the old fashioned clocks is something that I find irritating and my hearing is still quite good so if there is one anywhere in the house, I will hear it! Chiming of grandfather clocks MAY keep me awake at night.. but once asleep... I can sleep through just about anything. As for the watch store... that would have been where I started... still looking for the perfect watch for myself!

    I love all the clock collages and the "impressions" and now I'm off to V&V because I'm overdue for a visit there too! (back later to continue catching up)

    1. You and Astrid are very much on the same page about the ticking of clocks, especially at night, Victoria. She has to close the kitchen and living room doors so she doesn't hear the battery-operated ones! I'd have issues with chiming clocks, too, so I'll join the crowd.

      I always appreciate your praise of my collages. Actually, it's the part of my posts I most love doing, after all the images are processed! :)