Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gorinchem's 2015 Carnival Aftermath

I say "aftermath" because we didn't go out to see the parade and shenanigans this year.  We've done it once or twice since I've lived here know, when you've seen it once you've seen it all.  Did I say that?

Can you really expect it to get better than this (from 2010)?
See what I mean!

However, late afternoon (on Valentine's Day!) we did see after-the fact smatterings of the day.

 The boys and the girls...never the twain shall meet at that age.
I wonder if they were texting each other?

The remains of the day.

These fellas deserved their own notoriety, of course,
because of the Dutch Jansen and Janssen brothers in Kuifje (Tintin).
How clever!  See why Dutch Carnaval always reminds me of Halloween?

It was suppertime and we were ready to eat at our Greek restaurant across from the market square.

Before and after eating, we really got caught up in the confetti.
Not the same as beads flung far and wide in the States!
And within a couple of days, it was all cleaned up.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

And now, how 'bout an update on the knee replacement!

Last Friday, at 5 weeks post-surgery, I had a set of x-rays done plus a check-up.
There you have it...all apparently in perfect order, looking like what it's supposed to.
Most of my pain is at night in bed; almost no pain during the day.
Just stiffness, which is normal, due to fluid on the knee (for at least a year!).
That's what the exercises are keep pumping away the fluid and stiffness.

Today, at 6 weeks post-surgery, I'm done with my anti-thrombosis injections.
Am I a happy camper or what!  That was not fun, even if necessary.
See the note Astrid wrapped around my final syringe last night:
"The last one!  You're my trooper.  Love, JLJA"

And now, laugh with/at me as I share a video of this past Tuesday's PT session:

Who knew I would have to re-learn how to walk!
Eline asked Astrid:  "Does she always walk like that???"
When it started or why, who knows, but my normal walk was "incorrect."
It took several attempts but I finally got the hang of it,
swinging my arms at the right time in the right direction.
Your hips are supposed to rotate (swagger) as you walk, like a model on a catwalk.
Will I ever get that image out of my head???  HA!  Probably not.

Zo simpel is het!

I'm now halfway through my PT sessions.  Still can't cycle full rotations.
BUT...Astrid and I can now do the English Waltz again.
Now, if Eline will video that for me, I'll be a happy camper!


  1. So so great about the shot being over!!!

    And what is so funny about how you're walking?

    1. I have waited for the "shot over" day since day #1, Ruth, so, yes, GREAT!

      What's funny about how I'm walking is that none of it looks very flattering. How vane am I????

  2. It is every year the same, after the parade tons of confetti is thrown gives the cleaners something to do.
    It was nice to meet Janssen and Janssens.... Kuifje (TinTin) is one of my favorites, I grew up with them all.
    The knee; today 6 weeks, to me it is still mind blowing how fast things go.
    You ARE my trooper, never a peep out of you, sometimes a tear of disappointment. Your walk is great and this weekend we go out for a walk on the citadel, step by step things will go better.
    Tonight no more injections.....
    I am so proud of you.....

    1. You've been with me every day through thick and thin and have been ever on the ready to help out in whatever way you can. YOU, M'Lady, are the Trooper!

      I love sharing all these Dutch traditions with you, even if we don't get totally involved with them every year. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful to know that the surgery has been perfectly done. And that your recovery seems to be almost perfect as well. You should tell us all about walking the right way someday.

    1. I'm very fortunate, Marie, to have things moving along smoothly. No major glitches to speak of at all. The "walking correctly" is basically the opposite arm moving with the opposite leg and allowing the hips to relax into a fluid rotation back-n-forth. It's actually very smooth and relaxing. Why didn't I know this before???

  4. You are doing FANTASTICALLY well! Your walk is only slightly stiff, but you can hardly tell you've had something that major happen to your knee. I have to laugh at your description of walking, because I don't do the swivel my hips on-a-catwalk thing! Maybe I'll practice from now on-:) Bravissima! I'm glad no more injections! I have to give my Paddy injections every two weeks and he just grins and bears it.

    1. Well, the video isn't very flattering, Susie, and, yes, I have a feeling I'm very stiff. Eline is always telling me to relax. (sigh) No more injections! Astrid could have given me mine but I decided to just bite the bullet, attempting to commiserate with all my diabetic friends. Paddy is lucky to have you.

  5. I love your shots of the aftermath, especially the forgotten balloon. Add to that your knee milestone and I’m assured all is well. Keep it up.

    …and its snowing again.

    1. Thanks, Ted. I suppose there are some good parallels with the two: Carnival and Knee-Replacement. :D

      I wouldn't mind seeing a LOT of snow one of these years again. Seriously.

  6. Such wonderful, colorful images! So happy that you are well on your way with being done regarding the knee surgery and hopefully back to "normal" soon!

    1. Thanks, Susan. As Astrid and I keep saying, little by little, step by step, day by day. AND...yesterday (Saturday) I was able to do many backwards FULL cycles in a row on the exercise bike. THAT has been one of my biggest goals. Now, to do them forwards as well!

  7. Oh what we endure and do....glad things are starting to move back to normal for you. Without my acupuncturist I would not have healed as fast as I did...our bodies are amazing.

    1. Thank you, Donna. Our bodies really are amazing. Thanks for the reminder. As I just told Susan, yesterday I was finally able to cycle backwards on my exercise bike...after 6 weeks. It had been my biggest goal to date, so I'm a very happy camper.

  8. So much fun here! And love seeing your progress!

    1. I didn't grow up with Carnival, Robin, and since they don't have Halloween here, it makes for a happy convergence. :) Thanks.