Thursday, April 02, 2015

Kinderdijk at the End of March, 2015

It so happened that Astrid made an appointment to have koffie break with a previous co-worker last Thursday, a week ago, just to catch up.  And when I realized she lived in Alblasserdam, the back side of Kinderdijk, I invited myself to tag along so that I could take a walk while the ladies hobnobbed.

You know, of course, that Kinderdijk is one of my favorite spots in the whole wide world!  It's where we like to go on Christmas Day as a gift to ourselves, remember?!

But this was my first time to enter the area of the 19 windmills from the backside.  You know how they say you should always turn around when you're looking at something?  Right.

First of all, a rain storm was coming, so I really tried to hoof it with my new knee.
I wove my way around the corners of a subdivision, trying to find the bike path to the mills...

...all the while snatching pics across the fields between the houses.
There they were, far away...but how could I get to them with all the canals crisscrossing the fields!

When all else fails, ask for directions!  Which I did...
and soon I saw the bridge that would cross me over to the promised land.

Standing on that bridge I looked to the left and saw the Kinderdijk mills.
Looking to the right I saw one of Alblasserdam's 2 mills, the home of the co-worker's friend.
It's the Kortlandse Molen from 1890, dressed in white.

The date was March 26, and though cold and windy, spring had sprung.
There were even groups of tourists taking rides up and down the canals.

You know me, I had to take another '360' video of what I saw.
For one thing, the wind was ferocious and 3 of the mills were working hard.
With the rain forecast, it was important to keep the mills pumping out the water.

Each mill has a name, of course, or a number, actually.
I should probably care, but I don' least not yet.
For now, I just bask in the whole, which is more than the sum of its parts.

And guess what!  I found 3 new weathervanes on this venture.

The 2 on the left are the same vane from different directions, showing the 3D design.
The 2 on the right are the same 2D vane with a charmed visitor.
(Most of the Dutch vanes I've seen, btw, have been two-dimensional.)

By the time I was done, I had walked non-stop for 1-3/4 hours, nearly killing myself.
But was it worth it?  Oh, yeah, Baby.  Oh yeah!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

BIG NEWS:  We found out this week that my "for life" resident permit has been granted, 
effective the day I applied for it, 17 February 2015.  YAAAY!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And, today I celebrate my 12th week post-knee-replacement, progressing as best as can be expected.  The good news is that the Dutch government encourages an entire year of therapy after hip and knee replacements, requiring insurance companies to pay from the 21st session on.  Today is my 23rd session and, starting next week, I'll visit Eline only once a week, continuing throughout the rest of this year.  As Astrid says, it's a small price to pay for "getting it right."

Blessed Easter Weekend ahead, however you celebrate it.
Surely we all rejoice over Spring 'resurrecting' itself once again!


  1. It's amazing how you keep growing and learning and exploring and you are never ever stagnant. I love it! Congratulations again on the permanent status!

    1. Just when I think I have seen everything in one particular area, Ruth, I'm proved wrong by something else that shows up! It still amazes me. And considering how small this country is, I'm lucky that everything is close enough to go back to again. Thanks for the congrats, again. :

  2. That's a windmill farm :) Looks like you're mending wonderfully. Keep it up and Happy Easter to both of you.

    1. A windmill farm, indeed, Maria. It's like they GROW them there. :) Thanks.

  3. Ginnie, what a blessing to have the permanent status in such a beautiful place and with your love. I'm so very happy for you. I loved your photos and movie. That is the closest I've ever come to a windmill. Do you know I never realized what their real function was? Just never thought about it, I guess. You are doing so well, it's incredible. A walk that far, and fast! That's my buddy Ginnie-:)) Blessings for the resurrection of spring.

    1. Thank you, dear Susie. The windmills are usually pumping out water from the low-lying areas of the country. But other windmills are grinding grain for bread...and even some are used for sawing wood! It's fascinating technology when you stop to think of it!

      And when I stop to think that I'm only 3 months now with my new knee, and am now "released" to do anything I want to do, including sports, I'm quite thrilled. It's hard work to keep up with the exercises but I'm highly motivated, wanting to be back in top shape. It's been so long since I was there!

  4. I am so glad that you took the chance to enter Kinderdijk from the other side and have a different view on all of the windmills. Amazing pictures again and I never get tired of these landmarks.
    The close-up of the opening bud is wonderful, such great shapes and colours.
    1.45 hours walk.... man alive.... I know you were glad that I could pick you up at the entrance.
    The staying permit makes it definitive. Congratulations are in order, 'we; did it HA.... who would have thought.... IHVJ.

    1. I was NOT going to miss that opportunity to visit Kinderdijk again, with you being so close-by in Alblasserdam! I would have been kicking myself the entire day. So thanks for letting me tag along. And MANY THANKS for picking me up at the entrance. If I had had to walk all the way back, it's pretty safe to say I'd never have made least not in the same day. :)

      We did it, indeed! The staying permit is a god-send and takes a lot of the stress off YOU, since you're my sponsor. The Universe has been very good to us!

  5. I am in LOVE with Kinderdijk. I'm taking notes and it's at the top of my list to visit someday.So beautiful... I remember being enchanted with Windmills when I was a young girl in school. Glad to know they are still being used to move the water. That was a great deal of walking for a new knee, Glad you're feeling better!

    1. It doesn't get much better than seeing a windmill up close and personal, Carolyn, seriously. I hope your wish will come true one day! Most of the mills do pump water from the low-lying areas of the country. But some grind grain for bread and some even saw wood! It's amazing.

  6. Congratulations on all those milestones and the photos too. I think you’re ready for the marathon.

    1. Well, maybe a half-marathon, Ted?! :D Thanks. At 3 months, I've now been "released" to do anything I want to do, including sports. What's interesting about that is Eline sees how sportive I am and is doing exercises with me in house that kicking a soccer ball around, bowling, etc. Right up my alley! :)

    2. Just be sure you are not bowling with the soccer ball and kicking the bowling ball.

  7. I'm just getting a little quiet time to absorb all the goodness in your post. OMG! Permanent status! Congrats girls!!!! I just love how you've embraced your new country and are looking in every nook and cranny. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Love you both!