Friday, October 14, 2016

ENGLAND 2016: Cornwall's Padstow

Moving right along, here's another coastal town in Cornwall!

If I started off with Astrid's panorama of "The View," wouldn't you want to see it!?!
(click to enlarge)

But first, we have to get there, approx. 15 miles from home base, but this time driving north.
Which makes me realize a map might be helpful:

In the last post, we went to Fowey to the south; this post we're in Padstow to the north,
population ca. 3,000.  (Click to enlarge.)

As you come into the town, you immediately see the town harbor.
Can you tell this is a fishing port?!

And can you tell we were there at low tide?

In fact, as we walked around the harbor towards where we would end up eating lunch,
both Astrid and I saw what we had hoped to see:  beached boats.
This is so unusual for those of us in America...and even the Netherlands.
I still just stare, knowing the tide will come back in eventually to un-beach them.

I did say lunch, didn't I!
Pauline and Chris took us to their favorite place for BLT/bacon buttie sandwiches.
And with the Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic), I was in taste-bud heaven.

After lunch we headed on the walk towards the memorial cross,
commemorating the Great War (WWI).
Europeans are the ones most affected by the two world wars, as opposed to Americans.
Almost every town/city we visit anywhere in Europe has a war memorial!

Then past the cross, after cresting the hill, there we saw it:  The View.
Padstow sits on the west bank of the River Camel estuary,
and out there is the Celtic Sea.

Across from us was this "White House" that caught my attention.
Supposedly some of the Royals spend time there (William and Harry, I think).
Apparently the north-coast surfing is ideal for aficionados. 

On our side of the inlet, even Astrid and Chris went down to the beach,
just to say they did it.

It was a hard place to leave but we did eventually walk back into town...

catching some goodies along the way.
(Maybe someone can identify the bird?  A sparrow?)

See the bottom teddy bear?
That's the Cornish tartan and flag.

We couldn't leave without a clotted ice-cream (that's one scoop!), thanks to Chris...
and pasties for our supper later on the train back to Bath.

Speaking of which, once back "home" we packed up and drove to the St. Austell train station,
where we said good-bye to our splendid hosts, Pauline and Chris.
It was now back to join Lisl and Michael, our "bookends" for our England stay.

But not to confuse anyone, I have one more Cornwall post...of St. Michael's Mount...
which we visited our second day in Cornwall....

(to be continued)


  1. Such a pretty place and with Newfoundland dogs to boot. I love those noble creatures of my birthplace.

    1. Aha! So I'm getting my education yet again, Marie. Thank you.

  2. LOVE that train station, and all those photos of the View. Reminds me of up near Traverse City.

    And clotted cream and pastie??? Yes, please!!

    1. Oh, yes, Ruth. I can see Traverse City there. Makes we want to o back to northern Michigan!

      We can never go to England without getting our fill of clotted cream in particular...and now pasties. :)

  3. Padwstow is a fabulous place. All those boats on the ground and later that view of the bay. We were so lucky with the weather. All these goodies in one day, how lucky can we get. Thank you to Pauline and Chris, thank you for showing your part of the world. And Ginnie, thank you for making these fabulous memories.. IHVJ.

    1. Ditto your thanks to Pauline and Chris and you're more than welcome. As long as we can keep traveling and I can keep making these posts, I'm a happy camper!

  4. Oh my...THE VIEW. My heart would have taken an extra beat when that was unveiled! And the food! Your postings always make me so hungry!

    1. You would absolutely love Cornwall, Robin. I want to go back and see EVERYthing. Thanks for following the journey.

  5. One simply has to love Cornish villages, they are so quaint. I love your photos and seeing you and Astrid. And oh those Cornish pasties... you're making my hungry!

    1. How nice to see you again here, Carola! Thanks for stopping by. Astrid and I now have another favorite place: Cornwall! :)