Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hamburg Waterboys and...THE OREGON DUCK

Okay, follow me with this.  It's kinda like a "back to the future," once you get to the end.

First, let's go back.  On Monday a dear Shutterchancer (photo-blogger) from Germany, Philine, posted a photo of a waterboy statue in Hamburg:

Yup, that's the waterboy on the left.
[Philine's image]

That took me way back to memories from 2005 (13 years ago!) when my ex-partner, Donica, and I took a trip to Hamburg, Germany.  I did a post on it then, talking about the origin of the 100 statues,  painted by different artists, auctioned off to benefit the homeless.  Back in 2005 I was making photo albums (instead of collages) whose links no longer work.  So....

I really got motivated to bring those waterboys back to life, to not lose them forever!

That's Donica, giving scale to the size of these Johann Wilhelm Bentz (1787-1854) waterboys.
Johann was an ill-tempered bloke the kids made fun of by calling "Hummel, Hummel" (bumble bee).
Because he was carrying water, he couldn't catch them but would yell after them, "Mors, Mors,"
a Low German word translated as "Arses, Arses."

We walked around the city in 6 hours to find as many as we could.

Who knew we'd have to also look up!

We even found a modified one inside.

In those 6 hours, we found 67 of the 100 statues.
Yes, I was "collecting" even back then!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Now, zoom from 2005 to the present...and then into the future.

This past weekend we got the BIG NEWS that grandson Nicholas was accepted to Oregon.
As daughter Amy said (The Mom!), "You gotta hand it to Nicholas.  One application
to only one school, the only one that mattered to him.
And (drum roll), he was accepted!
A strange mixture of pure joy, pride and panic just set in.
For now I choose pride."

Me, too!

Back last September Amy and Dennis flew Nicholas out to Oregon (from Atlanta!) to check out the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, attend a football game...and to see if Nicholas really DID still want to attend university there.  

He had the chance to tour campus with an orientation group...

and immerse himself in the GO DUCKS team spirit.

Even with a bit of rain, his spirits were not dampened.
He wanted to be a student there EVEN MORE than ever.

Now we'll all be saying "GO DUCKS" forever and ever, amen.

Okay.  Waterboys and Ducks.  You know there's got to be a connection there water, of course.  But wouldn't it be fun to suggest to someone that "they" come up with 100 ducks for artists to paint and auction off for something concussion injuries?!

You're welcome!

Thursday, February 08, 2018


A benefit of buying the annual Museum Card here in the Netherlands is getting to pop into museums anywhere almost any time we want...including our museum where we live here in Gorinchem.

What I love most about our museum is what they call it:  Gorcums Museum.  In other words:  Gorinchem's Museum.  And now you know how to pronounce it, except with an 'h' sound for the 'g' (HOR-cums).  Easy-peasy, right?

So, right now we're in the middle of a 5-month exhibition on glass called Glass 4 Ever.  And as we have done a couple times before, we invited Margreeth to join well as her daughter, Natascha (a co-worker of Astrid's).

We begin in the lobby of the old city hall on our main square.
This is the appetizer, which everyone can get for free...before going upstairs into the exhibit.

Would this be enough to whet your appetite for more?
I hope so.

Glass is a wonderful, useful material, like window glass, drinking glass or vase.  But there is another application:  art.  In the Glass 4 Ever exhibition, the Gorcums Museum shows what glass looks like when it has no other use than as the creativity of the maker.  With the work of 30 predominantly Dutch artists, the Gorcums Museum versatile the material can be glass:  
fragile or strong, transparent or opaque, flat or baroque.

Once you're upstairs, you're immediately presented with a few objects in the lobby.

But the real show begins as you enter the adjoining rooms.
Look and be amazed.

You can get a feel for what amazed ME.
All glass!

Wouldn't you love to read a book about women who only wear red gloves and red stockings?!

Did Darth Vader have children????
A Mickey Mouse Darth Vader?

Notice how the erotica and macabre themes are mixed in with the fun and games....

....the elegance....

...the opulence.

Then there's the "disturbing" Facebook addiction.  YUP.

Look at Astrid's fabulous take on it for our Shutterchance blog.
(Did you find her signature??)

Or what about the...???...from here to there...addiction pathway?

In case you look away too quickly from addiction, you can enjoy the seaweed?
Who thinks up these things!

Let your imagination soar, right?

 If you can imagine it, you can make it.

Why not.

But would you want to dust it?

Just laugh and drink a toast to it.

Which is what we all did!
Well, what we then did is go outside and eat an ice cream, thanks to Margreeth.

In case you want to see it all again but with Dutch subtitles.  HA!
And the things I missed in my own show, of course!
(The exhibitions always start out with an overview in the Grote Kerk on the square.)