Wednesday, April 22, 2009


NO, I did not fall off the face of the earth. YES, I am alive and well. NO, the house has not yet sold. YES, I have finished scanning and listing my hundreds of sheets of USA stamps (see last post).

Now I am working on a lesser project that will go fairly quickly since I don't have to scan every sheet. I have hundreds of Souvenir Pages (SP), like this one, from 1972 - 2008...a SP for every stamp made by the USA. I will sell the pages in Lots by each year. Someone will buy them for their own collection or to sell individually on eBay. If I had the time, I'd scan and list them all myself, but that's too much effort right now. I'm not a glutton for that kind of punishment. Let someone else have the fun.

I also need to sell all my First Day Covers (FDCs) as a Lot as well. Someone will have fun selling them individually. eBay can be so much fun, if you have the time and the right material. Seriously!

Now, switch gears for a second...if you aren't faint of heart or one quick to disillusionment! A month or so ago I noticed that the shower in the master bath was not draining properly. So I went to Home Depot to get something like Draino to unplug it. But I first talked to a gentleman there who told me he prefers NOT to use chemicals on such nasty problems. He told me to start first with this nifty little gadget, called Zip-It, and see if it would do the trick (click to enlarge). And it was CHEAP. Under $2!

Do you think it did the trick???

So, now that you know I'm alive and well and basically finished with the BIG project of these days, please put out lots of Good Energy to the Universe for the sale of our house. Every day, as I finish more and more stuff, I am releasing it to whomever will buy it.

My rule of thumb: always surround any NO with as many YESes as possible.

And now in the next days I will come catch up on YOU and what's happening in YOUR life. So sorry it's been so long....