Monday, May 24, 2021

Springtime in Woudrichem, NL

Every year I say that Autumn is my favorite season of the year...except THIS year, when so far it's Spring.  HA!  I suppose that after a year of some semblance of lockdown, my senses are paying better attention to what's in front of me...NOW?!

So, a morning out on Sunday, May 2 (3 weeks ago yesterday), walking around the charming city of Woudrichem across the river from us, was just what the doctor ordered.  As daughter Amy would say, "We should do it more often."

As you know, this is what we both do:  look at and grab what we can with our cameras!
(They say married couples need to keep doing what they did when they fell in love, right?)

Like Gorinchem, where we live, Woudrichem is a citadel city with dijks/walls surrounding it.
[credit:  VVV Altena Biesbosch]

While walking, you can be below looking up...

and be delighted by what you see, almost out of view.

Or you can be on top...

seeing what's happening at eye level...
or looking out/down across the rooftops of city center.

At that vantage point, you can't miss the 2 landmark churches of the city:
the St. Martin's Reformed church from the 15th century (left side),
and the Johannes Nepomuk Roman Catholic church from 1838 (right side).
They seem to coexist in perfect harmony every time I see them.

The minute I saw this horse transfixed (for as long as I watched), I laughed at the "nitpickers."
At first I thought they really were eating bugs in the hair, but once blown up,
I saw the hairs/fur being warm their nests, I suppose?
Imagine how good that felt to the horse!

As you'd guess, there are harbors everywhere in this citadel city.
It's one of the things I love about Dutch cities, with ever-present water from rivers and canals.

To be honest, here's my favorite view in the entire city, no matter the season.

Though from a different angle, it's the same view from 2013 on a foggy, autumn day.
See what I mean?!

And with all that water, what would you expect, even on a cold (but sunny) day!
Fishermen of all ages headed out as though on cue.  It's a Dutch way of life...

as are the windmills, which you know by now.
This is Woudrichem's Nooit Gedagt (Never Thought Of) windmill from 1995.
(The original mill from 1662 was destroyed during WWII.)

That day we got to see it's many faces because of the lowering skies.

And then, just as we were leaving, I was reminded again of what we love to do:
point and shoot.  No matter the weather!

And because it's our 2nd Pentecost Day today (Whit Monday), a national holiday,
I leave you with the pinksterbloem/Pentecost Flower that we saw that day.

Astrid almost always has to point it out to me because its dainty bloom is easy to miss in the grass.
It comes and goes so quickly at this time of though also on cue.

In a few days June will arrive...and, with it, Summer.
But for now, I really am still enjoying Spring, like never before.
We really should do it more often!

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Hats Hats Hats and More Hats

In case you wondered if Astrid was still knitting her bottle-top mutsjes/little hats for charity, wonder no more because...VOILA.  She is!

When last I posted, back on December 17, Astrid had already knitted 37 mutsjes.  Here are her next 9 ending out the year 2020:

Don't you love how she can be so creative with these little hats?
The sky is actually the limit.

Some have wondered what people do with these mutsjes after the drink is gone.
Besides collecting them...did someone say EGG WARMERS!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And now it's 2021, with 1/3 of the year already under our belts!  

Don't you love the effect of the fuzzy-wuzzy wool!

Do you have any favorites??
To be honest, I have a special spot for these with the tassels.
Of course, I recognize some of my sock-wool leftovers, which may explain why?!

When Astrid made her first rainbow mutsje, I told her she needed to make a lot more,
because I know a lot of people will grab them when they see them at the store.
[She has made 11 of them thus far, but one is not here because I grabbed one for us.  HA!]

To add a bit of flavor, here's a gift set, commissioned by a dear friend here for Easter.
Liesbeth wanted two mutsjes for her and Harry and even supplied the blue and green wool on the left.
 I love how Astrid matched the pair alternately, to tell them apart.
Aa a surprise, Astrid added the two Rasta hats, since Liesbeth loved them.

But here's the topper thus far:  4 more sheep to add to last year's 3, making a herd.

Add a sheepdog, of course (which obviously isn't a mutsje)...

and another big VOILA.

56 mutsjes since the last post...and a dog!
93 mutsjes total thus far (but who's counting, right?!).
Don't you love it!