Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cottage Sweet Cottage

It's that expectant time of the year again when the Hart Family tribe winds its way from hither-thither-and-yon to reunion at the Hart Family Cottage in Michigan. Believe it or not, we in Atlanta are not the farthest away. My niece's family from Sarasota, FL, will get the prize for that!

After work this evening, and once Donica's truck is packed with our combined stuff, we'll join Mark, Amy and Nicholas for the all-night, early-morning 13+-hour drive in 2 vehicles. With 2 drivers per car, we trade off the driving and sleeping. We've done it so many times we've got it down to a science.

The cottage, btw, is on Horseshoe Lake just north of Stanton, on the outskirts of which I always stop to buy smoked white fish. Important detail! But first, outside of Chattanooga, TN, we'll stop to purchase our Big-Bang supplies. This is a big deal each year as the families around the lake try to out-do each other with fireworks. So we get into it big-time. Big Big Big. Sometimes we even stretch out the competition over two nights, which I'm guessing we'll do on Saturday and Sunday. Most of us are traveling on the actual 4th holiday and aren't around to see what happens that Monday night.

Actually, with 2 cars this year, Donica and I will stay till Tuesday, giving us a couple more days of R&R. Nice! Until we're back again, I'll have no internet connection for posts. Just vacation! And flitting from one family conversation to another!

Traveling mercies to us all, you included, for a great holiday weekend!


  1. The family is experiencing a sudden explosion! There were so many people at The Cottage last weekend. This is of course great news and evidence of God's faithfulness, but is also a slight hindrance to the whole R&R vibe at times. Quiet, intimate conversations (with God, self, or cousin) is harder to do. All of this is to say that I wish we could have had a bit more conversation time last weekend, Aunt Bootsie :)

    As for the sea of humanity filling the rooms and lakeside... our cup runneth over.

    (Thanks for providing your url in your latest comment on my blog!)


  2. A total DITTO, Nate, on the hecticness of cottage life this time. Donica and I have talked about it much already. I think I reverted back to old, unwanted patterns! Anyway, it indeed makes it hard to find the time and space and quietness to get to know each other better. (Sigh) Guess we'll have to work on what that means for the future.

    Thanks for finding my blog and commenting! That means a lot, coming from you. I LIKE YOU! :)