Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hot Momma On Father's Day

Yesterday and today she was waiting for me with open arms. I could feel it. She knew I couldn't attend to her the way she needed while I was far, far away. I told her a hundred times I was so sorry I had to wait. She told me a hundred times it was okay. She understood. It was our dance. I hand-plowed her richness (amazing how years of mulching can actually make something good out of Georgia "soil") and she blew her kisses across the monkey grass. I fell in love with her all over again and promised to love and care for her till death do us part.

Mother Earth! She's one Hot Momma!

Oh, and happy Father's Day, Dad! While Hot Momma cradles your shell, she beams at your spirit, I'm sure, riding a bike into some corner of the Universe. Save your map 'cause I'll want to follow you there someday.

[This photo is for you, Donica, since you like my "redneck" outfit. And yes, I wore my hat but was too vain to put it on for this shot.]

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