Thursday, June 23, 2005

Introducing Roth Photos

I've wanted to do this for several weeks now--introduce you to Ted Roth. He and his wife, Jane (a bagpiper!), were on our Prague dinner cruise back in May, during which time we struck up a lovely conversation. You know how that is.

He was carrying around a highfalutin digital camera (like Mark's) that uses extra lenses, etc., which got us talking. He's a teacher in CT but does photography as a hobby. And what a hobby (thus this post)! He wants people to see his work, of course, so I told him I'd like to put him out there, so to speak, for any of you who might enjoy his verbal and visual art. He totally agreed.

It wasn't easy to pick from his photos (I originally picked a couple from Prague) but decided on two from nature that I really like. His section on The Gates (yes, THE The Gates!) made me feel I actually had gone to Central Park in February after all. He has assured me that my digital camera is just fine, even if it can't get the close-ups or the zoomed-in details of his better lenses. I guess the main thing is composition, which is part of why I enjoy photography to begin with.

BTW, my brother Bennett ("may he rest in peace") would really dig Ted. Maybe someday they'll have a real go at it. Mark, too!

Be forewarned: even with a DSL connection, it takes time for his photos to pop up. So if you're on dial-up, might as well forget it (except for thumbnails on "Little Pond" and "The Gates"). For the rest of you, here's a chance to see what has become an inspiration to me. I learn by observing, so his site has been valuable to me.

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