Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's a Wrap

Years ago, when I'd watch Donica take change out of her pocket every day and put it in a dish on her dresser, I started looking for the perfect piggy-bank for her. I found it in this parking-meter bank!

Then, once Nicholas was born (five years ago!), I envisioned him putting her change in the bank, which he's done now for the past two years, sitting on the bed to reach it. That means Donica is back to putting her pocket change into the dish for the next time Nicholas comes over.

Now I'm getting to the point. Nicholas was here for a sleepover last night (the day after I returned from Germany--couldn't wait!) and because his birthday is coming up in July, we decided it was high time to count the change, wrap it up and put it in a bank account for him. The look on his face at "all that money" was worth every nickle, dime and quarter ("Pennies go in the jar," G'ma).

First of all, "we" figured out which coins were what and how many pennies each coin is worth, which, of course, "we" promptly forgot. At one point he started counting the entire pile and when he got to 24 said, "Wow, there's 24 money!"

Ah yes. The mind of an almost-5-year-old boy! The "24 money" ended up being $280 wrapped. A nice way to start a pocket-change account for the BLB (Big Little Boy). Thanks to Donica (who is still in Germany watching this from afar)!

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